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Supernatural Activity?

   I don’t personally believe in ghosts, but I’m not completely apposed to the idea, just because I like to keep an open mind. There are so many things in the world that we as humans don’t understand or even know about. Its hard to completely say anything doesn’t exist. I’m going to tell you a few stories about my brother and a few of my friends and relatives and one of my own.

   Now, I’m not going to say that what happened is the result of ghosts or supernatural activity. I am just going to state the facts about what happened and let you decide what you believe. 

   Here’s what what my brother told me that happened to him:

   "So, I generally stay up late, and I’ll go out to the kitchen at around four or five AM to get food after everyone’s gone to sleep, and there’s this gaping, black void of a window with no blinds that stares me in the face every time I do. We also have  a motion censor light that’s placed on the wall next to the window, and a rectangle wood porch with a roof. Multiple times, I’ve heard a sound like heavy feet walking down the porch; the squeak of the boards bending under weight and the rattle of the things on the porch vibrating.The motion censor light went off to illuminate a porch empty of any visible life force. There’s also been times the motion censor light hasn’t gone off but I heard the noise, and vise versa. This has also happened once in the day. Mind you, I hear things sometimes, things in my own head, but my step-mother has also experienced this. And I’ve never seen things, like the motion censor light.
   "The kitchen also opens out to a living room with a glass sliding door, and one time when I was out there, and I heard a loud spray of water spraying against the door, but it wasn’t raining and no one was out there. Again, everyone was asleep. 
   "But, thinking back, I’ve noticed with the sound of footsteps on the porch, didn’t really alarm me; I wasn’t scared, like it wasn’t an evil presence, but with the sound of water spraying on the glass door, panic instantly filled me, and I had the strongest instinct to run and, so, I did. That felt more like a negative presence.“

   And here’s my own experience:

   I was at some sort of church event, playing behind the church in a playground, which is there because it used to be a school; I was about seven, and I was playing with my friends. It was starting to get darker, so the other kids left, but I didn’t notice and kept playing. And then I noticed I was alone, and started walking back to the front of the church. The memories really fuzzy but, as I was walking, in the small line of woods surrounding the playground, I saw this, shadow, run across… But it wasn’t really a shadow, it was slightly darker than a shadow, and felt like it had more substance, it may have been kind of crouched, but the figure had the base outline of a person. I also was scared of the movie signs at the time, and was constantly having nightmares of it and seeing the aliens from the movie chasing me every time I closed my eyes, so it could have just been my imagination playing up.

   Here’s also something that happened to my step-mother:

   She went on a business trip to New Orleans, and she was staying the night in a hotel. She may have said it wasn’t a very nice hotel so it might have been kind of grungy. She was in her room, alone, on her bed, when her bed started to shake. She looked around, and nothing else around her was shaking, nothing on the nightstand next to her, either. There was no reason for the bed to be shaking.

   And this is something my brother told me that had happened to his Aunt:

   "I was talking to her one time when I was at her house, and she was telling me about how her TV would turn on in the night while she was asleep, and that she had also tried completely unplugging it, yet, it still turned on, to static. I don’t remember very well, but I believe she said she woke up to feeling the presence, or possibly seeing or hearing, some dead relative, and that they were turning the TV on to try to get her attention or communicate with her.”

   And finally, this is what my friend told me that happened to him:

   So, he has this room in his house, and stuff would move in that room, especially this one white chair. Things also possibly flew? Both him and his friend saw this stuff, but when me and my brother went in there, besides the paranoia of the story, we felt nothing, while they were totally terrified.

Thanks to my brother for typing this post out for me – yes, I’m still writing, hi, hello. 

   I will now sales pitch to you my Tumblr; my URL is heliumboob.

if you havent seen supernatural activity then i feel glad and sad for you

its a terrible movie

but it’s funny

like seriously 

“I now have in my possession, a baby. And I am in a corner. I’m going to put the baby in the corner. Does Patrick have anything to say to me now?”

“You’re a dick.”

i was a lil bit drunk on saturday night and i remember talking about how much i loved stick-and-poke tattoos

then on sunday morning bam i have poke-shaped scars on my upper thigh and they’re in a form of a word….

what i remember everything that night, no matter what state i was in how did that happen ((theres no ink only pokes but still wtf)))