Dean Winchester x reader

Day 15 prompt:”I thought you had forgotten”

October 15, your birthday. Sam was away and dean hadn’t said anything about it all day.

Mumbling to yourself about everyone always forgetting you wondered into the library to find something to read. What you didn’t think you’d see was balloons, streamers and a cake. Dan was stood under on of the streamers holding his hands behind his back.

“Dean…?” You whispered tears in your eyes.

“Happy birthday (Y/N)!” He smiled softly.

You walked over and pulled the oldest Winchester in for a hug which he returned softly.

“I thought you had forgotten…” you sniffed.

“I would never forget.” He kissed your cheek and handed you a wrapped box.

When you opened it you were speechless, tears fell from your eyes and you looked up at Dean.

“Will you marry me please?” He asked.

You couldn’t do anything but nod, dean took the ring from the box and placed it on your finger before pulling you in for a kiss.

When you broke apart people started to cheer and you spun around seeing all your friends there. Sammy, Cas, Balth, Luci, Chuck, Charlie, Bobby, jack, Crowley, Jody and Gabe all with a present each.

You looked back up into those green eyes you loved so much

“Best day ever..” you whispered softly
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Last Hope - Chapter Seven

It’s here! Tags are below the cut!

A/N: Happy Monday!!!! Here’s the new chapter of Last Hope! There’s a llllooooot that we’re preparing for here. Think of this chapter (and probably the next) as the calm before the storm. Because it’s gonna get CRAZY!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Chapter summary: When you finally start to let Cas in, things start to fall into place. With you, with him, and even some light is shed on how you, Castiel, Sam, and Dean could kill Lamina. But is it all to risky? Is it even worth it?

Warnings are listed on Ao3.

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Ps, Many of the tags aren’t working. I haven’t cleaned up my taglists in awhile so I don’t know what’s up. But if you still want to be tagged and your tag isn’t working, just let me know!

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Ext. to “Nightmare”

Characters: Dean x reader, Cas

Word Count: 829

Summary: Epilogue-type thing to my previous fic, Nightmare.

Warnings: blood, angst

A/N: For @electraphyng, who keeps “reading this hoping Cas will show up.”

Dean stares at your lifeless hand in his, even as tears blur his vision. In the dark, he almost can’t tell that the color has drained from your face.


He needs to leave. Anyone can walk through the open door and witness the bloody scene. He needs to clean the blood, wrap you in a tarp, build a pyre—

He closes his eyes against the image, tears spilling over his cheeks. He can’t even bear the thought.

He couldn’t say how long it takes for another thought to cross his mind, but when it does, it’s enough to raise his head, eyes wide.

Midnight Motel, he thinks. I need you.

Before long, a fluttering sounds over his shoulder, and he whips around to find his last hope.

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So im convinced Tom hiddleston is either a vampire or time traveler. Or god made a very good choice of human vessels throughout history

To all the writers out there that write imagines,reader inserts ,or just write stories in general ; I️ want to thank all of you for letting me leave this world and join another even if it’s only for a brief amount of time.Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Imagine being an Omega and during a night out in a bar you meet your true Alpha mate, demon Dean.

“This is such a terrible idea.” you groaned as you followed after your friends.

“Will you stop being such a cock-block already?” one of your friends asked and you rolled your eyes.

“If a cock-block to you means having some actual sense in me, then no. What we’re doing is simply reckless, don’t you see that!?” you tried to keep yourself from raising your voice.

“Oh come (Y/n/n) just live a little! It’s not the first time we’re going to a bar after sneaking out in the middle of the night!”

“She’s right, stop complaining and relax! Just enjoy this!” she threw an arm over your shoulders and you shook your head in disbelief.

“Sure and then as a ghost I’ll say to my parents, mom, dad, don’t cry that I died just know I enjoyed it!” you said full of sarcasm, glaring at your friend.

“Geez (Y/n) you’re not gonna die tonight, relax! It’s just a bar like any other.” she shrugged.

“Do you need me to point out for like the millionth time that there was dead body found here just last night?!” you looked at them with wide eyes “It was all over the news!”

“Really? Cause I don’t see one here.” she giggled and you glared at her.

“I’m serious about this! That place in there is full off not just asshole Betas. There are killers in there and there are Alphas that I- I don’t wanna think what they’re capable of.” you shuddered but they just brushed it off “There is no place for Omegas in there, the second they catch smell of us we’re screwed! Come on, let’s just go back.”

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At family gatherings

Me: *reads fanfic on phone*

Relative: what are you reading?

Me: *Nervous laughter*


Me: ohhh just a story about to people who fall in love….. *more nervous laughter*

Interviewer: Most men start losing hair at the age of around 30 but Sam’s hair is just full and luxurious. Sam tell us what is your secret


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Take Care of You

Title: Take Care of You

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 3,531

Warnings: Sick!Reader, So much Sickness,  Fluff

Square Filled: Playing with their Hair

Summary: The reader has come down with a summer cold on the way back from a hunt. Dean is kind enough to take care of her. 

A/N: For @spnfluffbingo. Thank you for all the get well wishes this past week. Y’all are the best family. Here’s what my sick brain created! I hope you enjoy this fluffball of a fic! Happy reading! Feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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 The impala drove down the dark, wet road. The rain pelting against the roof of the car. The windshield wipers were going fast as they could so Dean could see the road ahead. Sam was sitting shotgun, his laptop on his lap as he searched for yet another case. Thankfully you were headed back to the bunker to sleep in your own bed for the first time in almost a month. It had been a rough hunt. A werewolf pack and one got out before you could clear them all out. You had tracked it through three states, following the bodies. It was a tough hunt and it had been hot as hell.

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When She Came Back

Originally posted by artemiskitsune

Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader

Summary: At the end of season 11, it’s not Mary who’s brought back, but the Winchester’s six year old sister.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Nothing I can think of, little angsty maybe

A/N: This is the first part of a series I have in mind. It’s my first one, so I’m super excited and please let me know if you would want to read more parts of this.

Beta’d by the wonderful @nickiwinchester97 . Y’all are lucky she puts up with me and my shitty writing because you don’t know what crap you’d get to see if it wasn’t for her.

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Suddenly, it was cold again. Too cold actually, but it would have been just right if you’d been wearing anything else than your pajamas. Disoriented, you sat up and shivered as another breeze got the better of you.

“Mom?” you shouted, looking around and trying to remember what happened. Everything that came to your mind was an all-consuming heat, a pain you’d never felt before. “Dad?”

You got up, a little light headed but otherwise okay. You knew you’d get in trouble with your parents when they saw how dirty your pajamas were, but you wiped your hands on them anyway.

Instead of getting a response, you saw a figure emerging from the shadows. With every step he came closer you were more convinced that this wasn’t your father, but a tall and muscular stranger, coming towards you in the middle of the night.  

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Imagine being transported in the Supernatural universe, with no memory of your life, where you become a hunter and fall in love with Dean. Only for a very important person from your past to come looking for you and change it all.

“And who’s our lead?” you placed the mug on the table, a small giggle slipped past your lips when Dean held your sides the moment you reached out for one of the books out of the pile to support you. What none of you noticed was that it just happened to be the journal Jack was holding in his hands minutes ago.

“Ticklish much?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow and you hit his chest giving him a look.

“Don’t you even think about it.” you warned, although you knew very well he already had and would gladly use it to his advantage. And would you both love the hell out of it, even if you wouldn’t admit it.

“What.” Sam corrected, gaining your attention “Uh a stone, a gem of sorts. Orange, glowing, great power although we don’t know about what exactly. They used it to gather all those souls from heaven which Cas said went missing two days ago. My best guess is that it could be something similar to the seal of Solomon that we have, but we’re jut looking.”

“Orange glowing stones huh? What’s next, men flying in suits of armor?” you scoffed, shaking your head with a smile as you skipped through the pages without reading a word, only paying attention to the drawings or designs here and there “So, what do we have so far? Anything on what it could be or at least where from?”

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Me: It’s three a.m. I have 3 assignments due tomorrow. We should work on that

Brain: But what i-

Me: Noo we have to work on this

Brain: Just one more fanfic

Me: I said no we have t-

Two seconds later

*reads my 7th fanfic in a row*

Me: Damn it

SPN Dom, Sub, or Switch?

If you guys want to see any other characters, feel free to inbox me or comment!

Sam: 80% Dom/20% Sub

Dean: 50% Sub/50% Dom

Castiel: 80% Sub/20% Dom

Jack: 90% Sub/10% Dom

Crowley: 95% Dom/5% Sub

Lucifer: 99% Dom/1% Sub

Gabriel: 65% Dom/35% Sub

I’m Here

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tw: Mental Breakdown. Fluff. Anxiety. Depression.

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H/C: Dating Jack Kline

A/n: so I’ve only watched a few episodes of season 13 so that’s what I’m going off of!

  • He’s a total sweetheart
  • Blushing when he kisses you or even grabs your hand
  • He loves physical affection
  • Sweet kisses
  • He’s always gentle with you
  • Showers you with love
  • Head over heels for you
  • He’s very protective
  • He gets worried he’ll hurt you with his powers
  • You reassure him that it’s alright and he won’t
  • “Even if you were to, jack, I’ll still love you”
  • When dean always says he’ll turn out like lucifer you get angry and defend him
  • “Don’t take your anger and grief out on him! You can’t blame him for who made him! Maybe you should get to know him first before you judge like he did for you!”
  • He found you in your room where you were calming down
  • “You really think that?”
  • “Of course jack, you aren’t Lucifer you’re you”
  • He knew he loved you then and there
  • He’s always confused about everything
  • You have to explain to him but you don’t mind
  • You find it cute how he tilts his head like Castiel when he’s confused
  • His eyes light up when he sees you
  • “I think I love you y/n”
  • “No wait, I know I love you”
  • “I love you too jack”
  • He’s always worried when you go on hunts
  • He’s always there if you need him
  • He heals you when you need it
  • Sam and dean groaning when you two show affection in front of them
  • They secretly think it’s cute
  • Castiel thinks you two are perfect for each other
  • He knows you really love him and care for him
  • Castiel approves
  • He knows you’re perfect for jack
Cambion - Jack Kline

Request: Jack x reader where the reader is a Cambion and Crowley’s daughter and no one except Jack trusts the reader when she says she loves him because Cas and the Winchesters think she is trying to use Jack to get the throne back and she says that she’s not like them and lists off all of the things they used her father for without thanking him. (Jack and refer fluff with BAMF reader to everyone else)



Along with Lucifer’s son, another monstrosity had come into creation just a month before. A baby girl named Y/N, with the genes from a waitress at a diner, and the King of Hell himself, Crowley. A Cambion. A cross between a Demon and a human.

The King of Hell had brought a daughter into existence, meant to be the heir to the throne when he was long gone. But he had developed a connection with his daughter, caring for her more than he thought he could ever care for anyone.

He protected her from the angels who wanted her dead, and he told her stories of the Winchesters. Telling her that if anything ever happened to him, to find the brothers, saying that they would protect her.

No matter how rapidly she grew, she was still his baby girl. And when the day did come that Crowley met his end, his last words to the Winchetser’s were: “Keep my little girl safe.”

She had felt it, felt her father’s heart stop beating, and she knew it was time to find the brothers her father had told her so much about.

The Winchesters, of course, did not trust the Cambion, instantly assuming her as evil and manipulative. They had tried to keep her in a devils trap, but she easily walked right out of it.

The boys had even discussed killing her multiple times, only to be stopped by the fact that Y/N could easily take them and defend herself.

Upon finding the Winchesters, Y/N also found Jack, a Nephlim, and the son of Lucifer himself. The two bonded quickly, and even developed feelings for one another, and no matter how many times Sam and Dean warned Jack about Y/N, claiming her true intentions were to use him to get back to the Throne of Hell, he never once believed them.

When Cas had come back from the dead, he instantly rejected Y/N, and the idea of his son being involved with Crowley’s daughter. He shared the same view as the Winchesters about the situation, yet still, this did not affect Jack or Y/N one bit.

Y/N and Jack. Both beings of extrodinary power, destined for evil. They were inseparable since they met.

That was until Jack ran away, leaving the brothers and Y/N chasing wild leads to track him down.


“Aren’t you good for something? I mean you’re seriously telling me you can’t track him?” Dean said, frustration dripping from his words.

“You don’t think I’ve tried that about a hundred times, he won’t let me through, if I knew where he was, we’d be there right now?” I shot back.

“You know what, I bet you know exactly where he is, but you’re keeping it from us so you can use him as a bargaining chip to get back to the Throne of Hell.” Dean spat, standing up and walking over to me, getting a little too close in an attempt to intimidate me.

I pushed him back, strong enough to make him stumble, but I held back to keep from throwing him across the room. “I care about Jack, more than either of you will ever know, there is no way I’d ever do anything to hurt him.”

“Oh please, you’re just like your father, cold, incapable of love, evil-” before he could say anything else I had him pinned against the wall, Sam had his gin trained on me in an instant. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK OF MY FATHER THAT WAY!”

“You don’t love Jack, he doesn’t even love you, he’s just a confused boy who is looking for a friend, your little "relationship” is just a phase.“

I could feel my body quaking with rage as I held out my hand and made Sam’s gun fly across the room and into my hand. I pressed the tip into the skin under Dean’s jaw.

"Dean!” Sam yelled out, grabbing a Demon knife and readying himself, though both knew the knife wouldn’t work on me.

“Should I remind you do the countless times you lied to my father and used him for your own personal gain, not once thinking of how it would affect him. He had lost his spot on the Throne and the respect of all who reside in Hell because he chose to help you. He is dead, because of you!” I yelled the last part.

I dropped the gun and backed away from Dean, giving Sam a look, telling him he can put away the knife.

“Do not, tell me what my intentions are when you don’t even know the first thing about me. I love Jack, and nothing you say will ever change that.”

That was the first time I had ever admitted that I loved Jack, stunning both me and the Winchesters. We all stood there staring at each other for a good minute or two, “Can we just focus on finding this dream walker so we can find Jack?” I said, breaking the silence.

Same cleared his throat, “I actually, um, found something, it’s a rehab center, I think a Jack may be there looking for her.”

“Then let’s get off our asses,” I said, grabbing my jacket and walking out the door, the boys following.


Dean, Sam, and I made out way through the rehab center, asking people if they had seen Jack, which lead us to the back door, and sure enough there he was, trying to talk to the dream walker.

“Jack!” I yelled, getting his attention, his face seemed to light up for a second, before he was knocked to the ground by the dream walker.

Sam helped Jack up from the ground, who looked at me immediately, smiling.

His smile held as I walked to him. “You idiot!” I yelled at him, “Do you have any idea how worries I was!” Jack was still smiling despite my yelling.

“Do you think this is funny? You could have been killed! Have you any idea how many angels and demons are after you!? I mean how could one be so stu-”

Jack cut my rant short by placing his lips on mine for a short and sweet kiss. “I missed you too,” he said, that stupid smile still on his face.

“You’re such a beautiful idiot,” I said, before wrapping my arms around him and burrying my head in his chest. Jack wrapped his arms around my waist, and whispered into my hair, “I love you too.”

I looked up at him, confused, “But I never-”

“You didn’t have to,” He responded.

“Well I’m going to anyways,” I said, smiling, “I love you.”


“Maybe they’re more human than we thought,” I said, looking at Dean.

“I still don’t like it, and I know Cas sure as hell wont either.” He replied. “I don’t either, but they’re two of the most power beings to exist, I doubt we have a choice.”

I cast my gaze back at the young couple, still in a tight embrace, a thought crossing my mind. Maybe they really did love each other.

More Than a Fling - Masterlist

After spending the summer in Lawrence for a so called “change of scenery”. Y/N has found herself in a healthy, loving relationship with Dean Winchester. Her rocky relationship with her father, Bobby Singer has just started to blossom. But leaving one life and starting to build another isn’t as easy as it seems. Everyone has a past and secrets they don’t want others to know.
One chapter ends. Another begins.

Please Read Summer Fling before reading this series.

Part 1- Fresh Start

Part 2 - What Happens in Vegas

Part 3 - Stays in Vegas

Part 4 - LA

Part 5 - San Diego  

Part 6 - The Zoo — Comic by @iliketowrite02 for this part.

Part 7 - Distant Memories

Part 8 - The Walls Came Crashing Down

Part 9 - Home at Last

Part 10 - Fear

Part 11 - Revenge is the Best Dish Served Cold

Part 12 - Recovering

Part 13 - A Walk the Pumpkin Patch

Part 14 - Halloween

Part 15 - Testing the Limits

Series on temporary hiatus. Will return in time. 

The Rose Masterlist


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Imagine Jack confessing he’s missed you deeply while he was gone, just like you missed him, which makes Dean slightly jealous.

“You mean Lucifer?” Jack asked with a small frown and tilt of his head and Dean hummed, nodding his head as he glanced at the nephilim.

“Yeah” Sam breathed out and Jack shook his head slightly.

“Yeah, I was scared. I was upset. But why would I look for him? He’s no-one to me.” he shrugged just barely “You-” he looked between them “You are my family.” he said, although still unsure, his brows furrowed in a small frown.

“Yes.” Dean said in a husky voice, nodding his head “Yes, we are.” he nodded his head, making Jack’s eyes widen softly and Sam to raise an eyebrow at him “Finding mom-” Dean took a small breath in “You did a good thing, kid. You did a real good thing.” he nodded his head at his words and Jack’s eyes casted down as a soft smile started gracing his lips.

Sam smiled to himself for a second before speaking “Thank you, Jack. We really owe you this one.”

“You don’t… You don’t have to owe me anything, I wanted to do this.” the younger man said softly, eyebrows just slightly raised as he tried to emphasize on his words “That’s what family does, help out each other, right?” he asked with a smile and Sam chuckled, Dean smiling himself, as they both gave him a nod.

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