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Jensen confirmed that he kicked down his hotel room door last night. And that since he went to bed with a huge hole in the door, anyone could have spied on him while he was sleeping. 😂

After getting back to the hotel pretty late after supper, Jensen noticed his room key wasn’t working. He went down to the lobby, got another one but it didn’t work either. After talking to maintenance and finding out that a locksmith wouldn’t be able to come until the morning, he proceeded to kick down the door. He said something along the lines of “Dean just came out.”



(Note: while the CW doesn’t do multiple season renewals, the fact that J2 are willing to do it makes renewal more possible)

The most hardcore dance-off Heaven’s ever witnessed

Please forgive me I just couldn’t help myself after finding this pictures of Rich…

 @damnitfandom enjoy the beauty

[Part 2]