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The City of Love


PAIRING: John x Reader
THEME: Wanderlust
PARTNERS: @faegal04, @ruuuuuskimychica, @waywardlullabies
WARNINGS: AU, FLUFF (seriously, might go into a sugar coma after this one), smut, tiny bit of angst there at the end.
WORD COUNT: 6180 (WOW, this one got away from me.)
SUMMARY: You’ve been with John for a while now, but he’s still able to show you that he is full of surprises. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: First off, let me apologize for posting this late. It’s because of who I am as a person. Second, I have not been to Paris (yet) but it’s on the list. Anything here has been fact-checked by Google, and seriously, thank God for the Google Translate app. Like the reader, I do not speak French, so if you do, I apologize for butchering your language. Like I said, I’ve never been to Paris, so just pretend all these things are in walking distance from each other, okay? :)

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“Just give me a hint.”

A low chuckle was the only answer you received. You glanced over your shoulder, eyes narrowing as you took in the tall, dark, and handsome man across the room. He lifted his eyes to you and gave you a wink, and you rolled your eyes. You climbed onto the bed, sitting on your knees, and when he walked over, you laid your hands on his shoulders. His hands went to your waist, and he lifted his head, already anticipating what you were going to say.

“I’m not telling you where we’re going.”

He laughed, kissing your forehead, then walking back to his closet. You crossed your arms over your chest.

“How am I supposed to know what to pack if you don’t tell me where we’re going?”
“I’ve told you what to pack.”

You rolled your eyes.

“You said, ‘it’s cool there.’ That could mean a multitude of places, John. And just in case you haven’t noticed, your definition of ‘cool’ is a lot different than mine, you human space heater.”

John threw his head back and laughed, then walked back to the bed and took your face in his hands, kissing your lips. You gave a soft whimper, arms wrapping around him, and when he leaned back, you looked up into his dark eyes. He smiled, moving one hand to brush the hair off your forehead.

“Trust me?”
“You know I do.”
“Then know I wouldn’t do you wrong. I’m not going to let you freeze. Think autumn, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

He kissed your forehead, then walked away, back to his closet. You let out a sigh, then moved to stretch out on the bed.

“Is it New England? Are you finally taking me to see the leaves change?”
“Pack, woman. Flight leaves early in the morning.”

You grumbled nonsense words under your breath, then sat up, shaking your hair over your shoulders.

“At least I know to dress for an airplane ride.”

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Mom: You look like a train wreck.

Me: I look like a Winchester, THAT’s what I look like.

Mom: Same thing.

I’m crying omfg



Theme: Wanderlust Pairing: Dean x Reader

Photo Prompts 

Partners: @poemwriter98 & @hideyourdemoneyes

Warnings: Angst (it’s me…come on.), Major Character Death 

Word Count: 583 (Short I’m sorry) 

Thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for beta-ing this for me! 

“I always wanted to go to Australia.” She said, breaking Dean from his thoughts.


“What?” He questioned, resting a hand on her knee.


“I always wanted to go to Australia.” She repeated, the smile on her face taking Dean’s breath away like it always did. “There’s the Bondi to Bronte walk, all the beautiful scenery, angel place, and this cute little café that serves like the best fruit and whipped cream breakfasts.”


“You can still do that, ya know.” He moved closer to her, caressing her face. “We can still do that.”


“No.” She shook her head and put her hand on his cheek. “There’s not enough time.


“Ok, maybe not for Australia…but we can do those things here.”


He took her to a beautiful beach where they spent days just walking by the water and laying in the sand. He held her under the stars as she slept, curled up against him. They ran in the surf, laughing when the waves knocked them down. Splashing each other playfully. He loved hearing her squeal and laugh. He could never get enough.


He took her to beautiful cities where they sat at the highest points and looked down, seeing the skyline. They walked together, hand in hand, through the streets, basking in the various cultures around them. He stood back, finding himself lost in the way her hair blew around her face in the breeze and the way she smiled. The way she giggled. He wanted to memorize every single thing. He never wanted to lose it.


They laid together in the bed of a 5 star hotel overlooking the beach, just the two of them. He fed her strawberries and whipped cream, giggling when he ‘accidentally’ got it on her nose or the side of her lips and kissed it off for her, watching her scrunch her face in a giggle.


Tonight, they laid on a blanket in the sand underneath the stars. The sound of the waves the only thing around for miles. “Dean.” She muttered, curling up into him as tight as she could. “It’s time.”

“No.” He choked out, the tears falling from his eyes. “Please…it doesn’t have to be like this…”

“You heard the doctors.” She whispered. “Hearts aren’t meant to withstand that much electricity. You know that.”

“We found a faith healer for me, we can find one for you.” He tried one last time to bargain with her, to get her to hold on until they found a cure. She shook her head with a smile on her face.

“Dean…it’s my time to go.” She smiled up at him, cupping his face in her hands. “Promise me you won’t do something stupid to bring me back.”


“Promise me. Please.” A tear slid down her face and Dean nodded his head, utterly defeated.

“I promise.” He whispered and pulled her against his chest, laying back down and running his hands over every inch of skin. He had to memorize her now. He could hear how shallow her breaths were, each breath more shallow than the last.

“I love you.” He pulled her into a kiss and crushed her against his chest.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

It was quiet after that, the two of them cuddled together against the world. “Y/N?” Dean whispered into her ear. When he got no response he swallowed thickly and looked down. Her eyes were closed and a small smile was on her face, but she was pale. She was gone.

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