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You know what struck me about the Styne kid?  What a huge Sam parallel he was.

Didn’t want to take part in the family business.

Wanted to run away to California.

Was forced to go on a hunt/mission.

His look, with his slightly longish, boyish hair, was similar to teenage Sam’s.

Even his backpack.  When he first comes out of school, the first thing I thought was how similar it was to Sam’s Army surplus backpack from “After-School Special.”  That’s not strange when one considers Sam’s background and social class and status, but it’s odd and noticeable when the kid comes from a rich, upper-class, privileged background.

He even verbally eviscerates his bully, just as young Sam did to Dirk.

So if the young boy is a Sam parallel, and Dean killed him, claiming that the evil is in the Styne boy’s blood (just as Azazel’s evil was/is in Sam’s), it may be too late for Dean to be saved.  He’s already symbolically murdered his brother, in fact, already murdered a more innocent “brother” than his brother actually is.  Dean is Cain now, whether he kills Sam or not.

Supernatural Season 11 Spoiler Sheet

Though premiere may seem a ways off, but production for Season 11 is already underway! And that means the real spoiler sheet is finally here! Here’s how it works.

  • Rumors/unconfirmed spoilers/guesses are in italics.
  • Filming dates are my best guesses based on Supernatural’s eight day filming schedule. The same goes for airdates based on previous year’s patterns.
  • My general tag for all season eleven spoilers is “s11 spoilers.”
  • If you happen across a spoiler that’s not on here, please feel free to tag me or send me an ask! I update the sheet with new spoilers as I find them. 
  • I’ll be reblogging every Monday, highlighting the new info.
  • There will be 23 Episodes in the season, I’ll have them all on here eventually.

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General stuff (newest to oldest): 

  • Sam and Dean may have visions/residual powers from being vessels.
  • The darkness will be portrayed as a female human - it’s not clear yet if this is the same characters as “Amara.”Emily Swallow has been cast as the recurring character of “Amara” (who might also be the Darkness).(x)
  • Kathryn Love Newton has confirmed she’s back in season 11,(x) as has Ruth Connell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a series regular gig for the fall TV season and so is likely NOT going to be appearing (x). 
  • Jeremy Carver has said the theme of the season is “you can’t out run your past. (x)
  • Info from Comic Con: The boys will be much more united than in previous seasons. Cas will be an important ally against the darkness. Cas will remain under Rowena’s spell for a while (at least until episode 3). Fan Favorites, including some we haven’t seen for a while, will return in unexpected ways. Sam and Dean may be having visions regarding the darkness and how to defeat it? The darkness was a bedtime story/myth known by few - even Castiel doesn’t know much about it, but he apparently knows something. The death of Death will have consequences.
  • There will be an episode where it it revealed that Sam had an imaginary - and it will be revealed that imaginary friends are real.
  • Richard Speight Jr. will be directing an episode this season - episode 8!
  • There will be something close to a two-part episode in the first half of the season where the boys will remain in the same location (that I;m gussing is Not the bunker) for two episodes in a row.
  • Jerry Wanek will direct episode 15.

Episode 11x01 

Title: Into Darkness (the only word we know for sure is ‘Into”)

Written by: Jeremy Carver

Director: Robert Singer

Filming Dates: July 17 - July 28 (filmed second, out of order after 11x03)

Airdate: October 7

Castiel? Probably. Crowley? Unknown.

Guest stars: Ruth Connell (Rowena).

Other Spoilers/info: The episode picks up directly where the season 10 finale ended (photos show Jared with the same injury make up and the boys in the same outfits.) We will find out the nature of the darkness within the first 20 seconds of the episode. Cas remains under Rowena’s control for a while. Filming was done outdoors near a road  maybe a field. Sam will be injured and bloody at some point in the episode. Sam will be shirtless at some point - or at least his anti-possession tattoo will be visible. There may be a flash back to a younger Sam.

My episode 11x01 tag.

Episode 11x02  

Title: Unknown

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Director:  Phil Sgriccia

Filming Dates: July 29 - August 10 (no filming August 3rd - holiday)

Airdate: October 14

Castiel? Yes.Crowley? Yes.

Guest stars:  Ruth Connell (Rowena). Kristine Robek (”Marnie”)

Other Spoilers/info: Crowley will be introduce in a way we’ve never seen him before. Jared was seen filming - Sam with fight with and subdue a man with black veins on him, he will use a weapon of some sort we haven’t seen before. Filming was also done at a hardware store. Jared tweeted to ask about if Sam still has demon blood in him…so that may play a part in the plot. Castiel will be beaten and bloodied, and maybe stabbed.

My episode 11x02 tag.

Episode 11x03 

Title: The Bad Seed

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Lemming

Director: Jensen Ackles

Filming Dates: July 7 - July 16 (filmed out of order, first to film of the season).

Airdate: October 21

Castiel? Yes. Crowley? Yes.

Guest stars: Ruth Connell (Rowena). Mitch Pileggi, who played Samuel Campbell in season 4 and  6 was seen on set, but may vave just been visiting as he is also a regular on the new X-Files, which is also shooting in Vancouver Lane Edwards (Angel). Lee Shorten (Minion) Chantal Bui Vet (Magda) Courtney Richter (Claudette) Joel Montgrand (Rabid #3).

Other Spoilers/info: A new character named “Amara” will be introduced in this episode. Described as a femme fatale. Scene were shot with all of team free will in the bunker. Scene were shot out door in an alley with a taxi with Sam, Dean and Rowena - Rowena was wearing a blonde wig and Dean was wearing a Hawaiian shirt (?!). The boys appear to confront Rowena at one point, and to have her prisoner at another, We will apparently have some scenes with Crowley’s minions and an angel. Dean and Cas will have a physical altercation; Cas will at least punch Dean. A six year old girl will play a role. Some bit parts are listed as “rabid” so the darkness may be making people crazy.

My episode 11x03 tag.

Episode 11x04

Title: Baby

Written by: Robbie Thompson 

Director: Thomas Wright

Filming Dates: August 11 - August 20

Airdate: October 28

Castiel? No. Crowley? No.

Guest stars:

Other Spoilers/info: The entire episode with be filmed in the Impala and will essentially be from the Impala’s POV.  There will be a fight between Dean and someone two people in the back of the Impala. Dean may growl “get out of my car.” At some point the Impala will be stolen and the rear window shot out. There will be another vintage chevy in the episode. There was a lot of blood on the front passenger window - Sam may be injured. Some of the old, battered impalas that are kept around may be visible. Other important impala elements - the cassettes, the cooler, the army man - will be visible. 

My episode 11x04 tag.

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