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Just some heads up so you guys can continue scrolling happily with me on your dash:

  • My main fandom is Supernatural for the most part. I love Dean Winchester, but I can also be critical of him so if you have a hard time seeing stuff like that blacklist: “fuck off not moose.” (I also tag some especially negative posts with “wank” just to be safe.)
  • I’m pretty much dying over Hamilton lately, so blacklist “hamilton” and “hamiltunes” if you aren’t here for that. Also “lin manuel miranda” to escape seeing the writer/star of the musical.
  • Another of my main fandoms is Broadway and things related. If you are interested in knowing other things I’m interested in besides Spn and Sam Winchester and Broadway, here are my tags (which may also help you blacklist what you need :D).
  • Oh and I am in love with Darren Criss so if you’re not here for that, blacklist “butterscotch.” That is my tag for every Darren post (for the most part), aside from “darren crisis” which will just be text posts of me melting down about him being perfect. :D
  • I live blog things sometimes so “spoilers” will help you to avoid getting current-show spoilers from my blog.
  • I generally melt down over Jared Padalecki’s existence at least once a day, so if you aren’t here for that you may be in the wrong place blacklist “jared crisis” and you should be cool.
  • I’m a MOD at a few blogs, but my most active sideblog is bittersamgirlclub, so check it out if you’re interested.
  • I write from time to time, so if you wanna see some fics, here’s a link (it can also be found in the Supernatural link on my sidebar).
  • I am always up for discussions and anon asks even if you disagree with my opinions, so bring it on. I prefer if you stay polite, and I am always open for discussion if you are. Check out my ask box policy here. :D

Me hugging all of you: