supernatural season8

you know when i watched this episode and saw this scene what came to my mind was that crowley was just acting like a human with feeling and needs but now after watching s10 i know that human child crowley was talking here aka Fergus, the child who was abandoned and abused by his mother. the child who believed he had no self-worth that it made him make a decision like selling his soul. so yea

  • Me: (just watch Supernatural episode7,season8) mom did you know that Noemi made Cas kill 1,000 Deans.
  • Mom: um no why
  • Me: because Dean is Cas' only weakness
  • Mom: um yea okay?
  • Me: did you know that a fReAkInG Cupid hUgGeD Dean aNd Cas bUt nOt SAM!
  • Mom: okay I think you need to calm down
  • Me: wHeN a CuPiD hUgS tWo pEoPlE tHeY aRe mEaNt tO bE tOgEtHeR!!
  • Mom: okay I really think you need to calm down
  • Me: *sobbing loudly*
  • I had a OTP moment in front of my mom! I think she's going to send me to a therapist!! What is wrong with me!?!