supernatural season 9


Happy 32nd birthday Sammy!! (Seasons 1-10)


And when you finally turn,
and you will turn.
and everyone you know,
everyone you love,
they could be long dead.
Everyone except me.

~Castiel (10x22)

(9x11 “First Born” 10x22 “The Prisoner”)


Yeah but Dean isn’t into men right? (especially Cas)


You Guys I Did a thing…

Sam and Dean • I Don’t Want To Do It Without My Brother 

Saturn: Sleeping at last | Supernatural

This video is everything to me. I feel like i’ve been waiting ten years to make it. Watch it and bask in the emotional rollercoaster that Is Sam and Dean. I apologize for nothing.

Can we talk about how the fb gif extension has a gif of Dean Winchester when you search bisexuality?