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What Is Supernatural?

What is Supernatural

What is Supernatural? They ask.

Supernatural? You want to know? I asked.

Yes. They told me.

It’s not just monsters. I told them.

It’s not just gank the thing that’s going around biting people’s heads off for fun.

No it’s not just about that.

It’s two brothers.

Sam and Dean Winchester.

Four years apart.

It’s about the loss of their mother. Where Sam can’t even remember her face.

It’s about the 67 Chevy Impala that rolled off the maintenance line that no one gave two craps about.

It’s about how dad went on a hunting trip, and hasn’t been home in a few days.

It’s two brothers. An a fallen angel.

It’s not just a show. I told them.

How so? They ask.

We are considered family. The members of the show consider us family. What TV show does that? Some have been there throughout 2005. Some come in at the middle. We’ve watched our boys fall in love. Get married. Have children of their own. So don’t tell me it’s just a show.

To the campaign’s I’ve seen to The Always Keep Fighting, Love Yourself First and You’re Not Alone.

Supernatural isn’t just a show, the actors aren’t just actors. They are us. They are humans as well. They have had depression. They have had their hearts broken. They have cried themselves to sleep. Supernatural isn’t just a show. So don’t tell me that.

A wise man once said, “Family don’t end in blood,” An older brother held his younger brother dying in his arms and said. “It’s my job to take care of you.” A broken angel walked threw the barn doors and spread his wings and said. “I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” A man who lost his wife, saw her again. He smiled and said to his sons. “I love you.”

We had God, who sang.  

“Fare Thee Well.”

Supernatural is ending, but does it truly end? No. We’ll remember it. We’ll remember the legacy.



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My horrible writing about a feeling I needed to get out (triggering)

Do you ever have the urge to take a few more pills then your supposed to

Do you ever have the urge to cut just a little deeper

Maybe the urge to not eat for weeks at a time

Or do nothing but eat

Do you lie awake more than you dream

Has your world become dull and colorless

You always have the willpower to keep doing anything and everything that is horrible but feeds into your mental disorder

But never have the willpower to do something that would help

Because you’re scared

And hopeless

And you hear this voice telling you that it will fail

That the only way to make it better

Is too take a couple extra pills

And cut just a little deeper

Then you let your tears wash away your blood

Stand up and put on a face that sorta resembles when you where happy

And tell everyone

“I’m fine, there is no need to worry”


This is a poem, inspired by many things. It begins somehow with Cockles, blurs to Destiel and ends up in sadness about saying goodbye to SPN…. I don’t know how I should describe it otherwise. I began to write after these Cockles-gifs from SDCC 2019 showed up on my dash. ;)

Dedicated to the SPN Fam. 💕

Heartstrings - AO3

Damn, you mentally force me to my knees
Everytime you dare to look at me
And I accidentally look back into your eyes
While you nail me hard against the wall
All the world can see

I’m not ready for this farewell
But honestly I’ll never be
What if this is our last possibility
To give in to our feelings

In the chaos of my bleeding out emotions
Your presence pushes me to the limit
And I can’t control the reactions of my body
Trying hard to stand upright
All the world can see it

I’m drowning in a sea of lost desires
That never ending yearning
For you, knocking on my door again
One last time, giving in to our feelings

Your body, pining for me
It’s like a primeval instinct
And without ever knowing why
I don’t care who’s watching us

In the mists of my illuminated mind
Hovering between the clouds
There’s always a vision of your soul
And how it reaches out to mine

I picture us together
Underneath the stars
That lake in the moonlight
As you laid your hand on mine
Leaning in to kiss me

Do you remember
As the universe vanished suddenly
Sparkling dots only seen inside our eyes
Endlessly caressing every part of us
Inside out, covetously

Damn, I remember everything
How you looked like on that night
Tempting, red kissed, swollen lips
A mess of concentrated passion

Entirely surrendered to me
You laid your existence in my hands
And I never will recover
From the burning marks you left
Here on my precious heart field
How you ripped the strings apart
Which held the last pieces of my sanity together

That hold you have on me
Erratic like the elements
These moments come and go like waves
Steadily elapsing, like sand between our fingers

So if we shall take a leave now
Once and for all
I’m convinced the light you gave remains forever
Shining endlessly, even after every death
So I never feel that lonely

Because behind the pitch black night
Our stories are carved in every star
So the universe will not forget
The essence of your soul
Colliding with my heartstrings
As we flew on black and golden wings

Eternally together.


Thank you for reading this guys! Well, I hope you liked my little – quite sad – piece of trashy poetry… I love you guys!

PS: If you read my ficlet “Southern Heatwaves” you’ll know what I mean with the “knocking on the door”. ;)

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An Ode To My Brother

A/N: Holy Crap, I know it’s been a long time!

Dean Winchester x Sister!Winchester

Here’s to my brother

And to the great, big fight

To no matter whose hurting

He’s always willing to risk his life

To the clothes he’s wearing

Right down to his boots

He’s feeling all over

He’s drowning in booze

I admire my brother

For all the crap he has taken

Some days I still believe that

He needs a long, overdue vacation

But alas, this story lasts forever

This story will have no end

This world is going to break us

And change us until we bend

That’s what I love about my brother

About how strong he is and has become

Because I wouldn’t know what I’d do

If I was the only one

Just Sam and I together

Without good, old Dean

How could we even carry on

Without our number three

I want to say thank you for everything

For everything you have done

For taking me and Sam on as your own

For making us who we have become

If there is one thing I’m thankful for,

For Thanksgiving this year

Is that you’re still here with me

And stealing all the beer

I smiled to myself as I saw what I wrote.

“Gosh this is so cheesy.” I shook my head and closed my notes. I started writing awhile back, but I never took the initiative to do anything about it since we were always on the move. Plus I didn’t want my brothers to read any of my writings either. They aren’t bad, I just didn’t want them to make fun of me.

I left my phone on the counter to go join in on the dinner. Dean smiled at me as he passed through, and I gave him a pat on the back. He said something, so I turned my head back into the kitchen. Before I could say anything he had my phone in his hand thinking it was his, and he saw where I left off writing. He didn’t know that I stood there frozen, wishing I could disappear. He stared at the screen for a good, long while. I watched and watched to see what would happen. Then I saw him smile and sniffle a little, and type something in. I hid behind the door before he could my face, and went right on by leaving my phone behind. I went to grab it to see what he wrote, and highlighted at the bottom it was saying

“I love you more <3”


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If n3t nu3lrality is taken away, it will harm so many people. Don’t stay silent and look up this subject. Find ways to stop this. America was based off of freedom for the people, make sure that will still be the case in the future.

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Forgive me father, for I am still small. Learning to live, and barely striving beyond a crawl. My wings are still so tender, yet so damaged to say the least. I’ve seen more already, than most people would believe. “Don’t step on that fish” I heard, I know, but will it ever learn to love? Will it have the privilege to grow? I have too many questions, father, and I’d like to know the response. Yet everytime I ask of you, the answer mimics itself down to the spot. “Be patient, my child, for wisdom comes the price of time. You’ll get there one day, you’ll see. When you grow up you will become a leader, a leader even better than me.”

Forgive me father, for I have let the Angels fall. I’ve snapped my wings, I’ve risked it all. I have done some good things, at least, but I’m not the Angel you promised I’d grow up to be. I am broken, hated, nothing but a disappointment hiding in a shell. I don’t belong up here in heaven, I’d be better off in Hell. I’ve disobeyed rules, I’ve broken everyone’s trust, now it only seems fair that I get left in the dust. I tried to treat my wings, bandages and all. They don’t really help much, though, when all my wings do is go limp and fall. I’m sorry I let you down, father, though all I’ve ever done is care. I’ve put humanity before everything else, I must be hard to bare. I want to be new again, so pure and full of dreams, not the angst ridden angel that has too much heart, bursting at the seams. 
Please, forgive me, father. 
Forgive me…