3 Simple, but Scary Words


Word Count: 319 (Once again, very short, I apologize)

Warnings: Fluff?

Authors Note: Yes, I realize its very short but I’m starting to go through writers block UGH so it’s better than nothing!

You were on a case with Dean Winchester, a man you’ve known for years; but until only recently, you were just friends. After months of thinking, you finally decided that just wasn’t enough for the two of you; you needed someone to love, and he did to. As you’d walk around stores with him, he would often gently take your hand, and it meant the world to you. Sometimes he’d give you a quick peck on the lips or he’d wrap his arm around you while the two of you binge-watched Making a Murderer. To him, these were big steps; he’d never liked a woman as much as he loved you.

You’d never exchanged those three special words, and you never expected him to. He wouldn’t even say them to his brother. And you were okay with not having to say those words, because, it’s sad to admit, but you were scared. You’ve done so many horrifying things before, but those simple words scared you the most.

But today was different… you weren’t scared anymore. You really, really wanted to say it; so you went for it. You sat down at the table in the diner and stared at him, shaking slightly from the anxiety.. maybe you were scared after all. He looked up from his plate, a normal burger and fries on it (like any other day) and smiled small, “You look beautiful,” he said simply. You blushed, looking down at your hands. He pushed his plate toward you, “Want a bite-” but you interrupted him before he could finish his sentence, “I think I’m in love with you,” you said quickly.

He chuckled and looked down for a moment before back to your face, “I know.” Your eyes widened, ‘he knows?’ you thought. “You talk a lot in your sleep” he smirked. Instantly, you stared at the table, completely embarrassed. 

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I love you too.”

Once Upon A Dream

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam (Reader’s Siblings)
Words: 1209
Requested by Anonymous ( Gabriel one shot please where the reader is Sam’s twin and goes blind because of an accident on a hunt and is really upset about it and asks her boyfriend Gabriel to heal her but he can’t so he visits her in dreams so she can see him again )

         You sat in the backseat of the Impala, pouting just a little. Dean always drove, your dad gave him the car. But Sam always sat up front. And that wasn’t fair. He wasn’t only ten minutes older than you, so you didn’t see why he always got to ride shotgun. No matter how many times you begged, you always got stuck in the backseat.

           “Did the moose take your seat, Sugar?” you jumped slightly when your boyfriend, Gabriel the archangel popped in to sit next to you in the backseat. You should have been used to the way he just appeared, but it still caught you off-guard.

           “She knows I ride shotgun,” Sam said over his shoulder.

           “It’s better this way,” Gabriel said, putting his arm around you, “It means I get to sit with you.”

           “Easy; that’s my baby sister you’re pawing all over,” Dean said, looking in the rearview mirror.

           “I’ll be good,” Gabriel said.

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Sorry doesn’t bring back My Nutella.


Word Count: 917

 Warnings: Moody!Reader, Swearing, stolen nutella (I know its hard to handle.)

Tagged: @plaidandwhiskeydean, @simplecat101, @gallagher45722 (let me know if you guys want to get tagged when I post!)

A/N: Yes I know I said I would be posting a Endverse!Dean one-shot but its turning to be alot longer than I initially thought it was going to be, so its probably going to be a two or three parter, And I want to finish writing it before I start posting it! But I hope you guys enjoy this short dorky one-shot!

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“Should we feel bad?” You asked Dean, raising an eyebrow and looking over all the candy wrappers strewn across the interior of Baby. “Nah, those brats had it coming, plus we didn’t take all of it. We’re good.” He chuckled and popped a caramel coated chocolate ball into his mouth. “You’re right, we deserve this.” you cackled, making Dean laugh.

Once Upon A Dragon

Request: Hi! Your writing is amazing! But I was wondering if you could do daddy Dean! So Sam and Dean are on a hunt with a dragon and Dean gets protective of his daughter(the reader) so he locks her up because she’s a virgin. But she ends up getting out and then e dragon gets her. And daddy Dean is to the rescue. So basically daddy Dean fluff /.\ – Anon

Pairings: none

Warnings: swearing, angst

Word Count: 1904


(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“(Y/n), back you bags, kid, we gotta leave in an hour.” Your dad said as he passed by your room. “Yeah. Sure.” You said and went ahead and packed. For a 13 year old, Dean was pretty pleased to have raised his child to not be a pain in the ass. Of course, his brother helped. He was only 24 when you came to his life, he wouldn’t want to say you were an accident since he was really grateful to have you, but in reality we kinda were.

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The Irony in Forgetting

Title: The Irony in Forgetting

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Request: “Could you please! Please! Please! Do a story where your boyfriend does not treat you right and dean protects you. Then you realize the only reason you were dating your boyfriend was to forget about dean and his one nights stand.. You figure that your boyfriend is the best you can do Something like that please!! I love love love your blog!” -anonymous

Word Count: 5,597

Warnings: emotional abuse, slight physical abuse, profanity

POV: Reader’s, second-person

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve put a fic out. I’ve been so busy with senior year and applying to graduate school and working on thesis that I don’t have much time for writing anymore. But I promise I’ll always try to put something out for you guys whenever I can! Thanks for always being so kind.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, flattening the wrinkles on the skin tight dress along your stomach. It clung unapologetically against your body, catching every curve and angle you had covered up for years under layers of denim and flannel.

You reached at the hem of the skirt, your fingers curling around the thin fabric, and tried to stretch it longer down your legs but it only hiked back up the second you released it. You sighed, trying ignore the unrecognizable woman staring back at you through smokey eyeliner and red lipstick.

She was beautiful. She was the kind of woman that turned heads everywhere she went. She was the woman who could take claim to any man she desired and hold him like pudding in the palm of her hand. She was fierce, and stunning, and powerful… but she wasn’t you.

You weren’t afraid of your body or your strength. You simply chose to manifest it behind messy buns and hand guns. This woman was everything your boyfriend wanted you to be and everything you weren’t.

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Stranger (Part 32 of Faking It)

32 parts and still going strong! Hope you enjoy this one! XOXO

Faking It Master List

Word Count: 2800ish

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, role playing

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Characters: Reader x ??? (It’s a secret! ;))

Words: 1240

Summary: Filming for the Pilot episode has started, and Eric introduces the Reader to two very important people.

Part 2 in The Future Series. Read Part 1 here.

And Part 2 is here!! Can you guess the pairing now? ;) Look for Part 3 on Monday!! Enjoy!

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Request: Can you right a Sam×Reader smut where the reader makes Sam super jealous and that causes him to be really dominant. – @jordynonfire

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, I think Dom!Sam is a warning..

Word Count: 1838

These gifs… makes me feel things…

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“(Y/n), you coming to the bar or what?” Dean called out to you impatiently. You rolled your eyes, looking at from the opened bathroom. “Can I at least wipe my face of water?” You asked, giving him a bitch face. He sighed, rolling his eyes and closing the motel door to yours and Sam’s room. You got a clean towel and wiped your face. You then head outside to see them sitting by baby’s hood.

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simple pleasures

“Dean, I think I love you.”

Dean just thinks that, that’s the best thing he’s heard this entire shitty day.

Castiel is nervous – fiddling his thumbs and glancing to his shoes up to Dean’s blank expression. His blue eyes are bigger and bluer than ever, sparkling with curiosity and hope. Dean shuffles his feet, and opens his mouth. Then closes it. He doesn’t have words to say.

“I– I know love is a big word, but I’ve been reading up on it, and I know you tell me not to listen to what the people in the Internet say but I think I do love you. Being a celestial being, I’m not exactly sure if what I’m feeling is actually love but I hope it is and I understand if you don–”


Cas’ words stumble to a halt. His mouth keeps opening and shutting like he can hardly contain himself, but he finally clamps it shut and looks up at Dean with big eyes.

“I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all damn day,” Dean says with relief in his voice, shoulders slouching as he gives Cas a small smile; one that barely touches his lips.

“Really?” Cas frowns, as if that was not the answer he was expecting, even though he had hoped for it.

“Yeah,” Dean nods. “I’m glad to know someone other than Sam loves me around here.”

Cas’ frown deepens, and disappointment fills his chest. “Oh, of course.” He mumbles, eyes flicking to the ground as he shrugs. Of course Dean would take it as a non romantic type of love. Cas loves him. Loves his soul. He wants to keep him safe, and hold him near, and show him how much he loves him, and actually claim him as he once rightfully did out of Hell. But Dean doesn’t see it as romantic. Not only does Dean practically hate relationships, but of course, he likes a woman’s body. 

Cas shouldn’t have figured Dean would look past the male genitalia for Cas’ celestial soul. Perhaps Dean isn’t as deep as Cas makes him out to be– 

Cas,” Dean says insistently, halting Cas’ erratic thoughts. Cas glances up quickly, peeping at Dean through his eyelashes with his hands twiddling thumbs by his waist. His breath hitches as Dean’s hand comes forward and his thumb wipes across his cheek, just under his eye. He hadn’t realized he’d been crying. He hadn’t cried much as a human, and definitely didn’t feel it as an Angel again. “You’re crying.” Dean states, obviously.

Cas reaches his own hand up and touches just underneath his other eye. He pulls his hand away and sees the glistening tears on his fingertips. “Yes, so it seems.”

Dean pulls Cas in suddenly, wrapping his arms tightly around Cas’ shoulders. Cas hadn’t realized how big of a man Dean was until he was enveloped in his chest, buried by his shoulder and his neck, arms securely tucking him in. More tears gush from Cas’ eye, but Cas doesn’t feel the sadness or make a sound.

“I love you too, Cas. You don’t know that?” Dean questions quietly, almost a whisper in his ear.

“I know you appreciate me as a friend, Dean. Solely as a companion.” Cas says as he steps back, out of Dean’s embrace. “But nothing more.”

“Cas,” Dean laughs almost bitterly. “You’re so blind.” Cas blinks, pursing his lips, almost offended. “Ever since you pulled me out of Hell, I’ve been yours. I might’ve been a little bit negative about it, in denial or something, but hell. How many hints do I have to drop? I’m yours.”

“Mine?” Cas almost whispers. “After all these years, you’re accepting to be mine?”

“I didn’t know I had to accept. But yes, God, Cas. I am accepting. I’m yours. All yours, and you’re mine. Are we clear now?”

Cas clears his throat. “Yes, I uh, believe so.”

“Good.” Dean says, and that’s the end of it, or so it seems, until Dean’s large hand wraps around the back of Cas’ neck and pulls him in. Dean’s mouth is sweet and savory, soft and hard, warm and inviting. Cas never realized how much he wanted to kiss Dean until now. Cas does his best to kiss back. It’s just like dancing, with Dean. 

Dean pulls back with panting breaths. “Is that a big enough hint?”

Cas glances down at Dean’s mouth, and licks his lips. The taste of Dean is potent and amazing. “Yes,”

Need You Now

I received an anon request for an angsty Dean x reader fic based off the song “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, which you can listen to here. Enjoy the feels!

Word Count: 1450

Warning: angst, implied smut

A/N: Flashbacks are in italics, and the story switches between the reader’s and Dean’s POV

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Title: Hello

Pairing: Friendship

Word count: 1,900

Theme song: Hello by Adele

Request: So I was just eating dinner and listening to Adele (coz that’s how I roll), and I came up with a really cool idea… Would you be able to write something based off ‘Hello’? Like, the reader and the Winchesters split up after a fight or something, and the reader is severely injured and tries calling them, but they’ve changed numbers, so she leaves them messages until the end. And then the Winchesters get their old numbers back and listen to the calls…? I don’t know, it was just a thought…



Your name: submit What is this?

Message left at 10:12 pm

Dying is weird. I know you guys have done it more than once but have you ever died slow? I kind of blacked out for awhile. It was nice, kind of like falling asleep. I still prefer the back of the Impala though. It’s hard to tell how fast this is happening—I’m not having any grand revelations or epiphanies as I sit here; I don’t know for sure when my time is up, it’s just kind of like dozing in and out of sleep. Except with a knife in my gut. So this might be the last one. I don’t have any wise parting words here. I might just keep talking until your phone cuts me off. Persistent pain in the ass until the end, huh, Dean? I heard that you and Sam are traveling with an angel now. Maybe I’ll get to meet him. Do you have to bow or curtsy or anything when you meet an angel? Hard to imagine either of you bowing to anyone. You probably splashed holy water in his face the first time you met. I guess I’ll just wing it. See what I did there?

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1083

Request from @msimpala67:  “I have a request of Dean and reader where the reader is in love with Dean but he doesn’t know and she is his wingman at bars. One night she goes back to the room after a couple drinks and she goes to bed only to have Sam try to wake her up in the morning and she’s not breathing angst and fluff please?”

So…it looks like this is going to be multiple parts. I am super excited to work on this, just don’t hate me!

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Little Whispers

Request: Could you do another Jensen x reader where the reader keeps whispering dirty things to Jensen during a panel, so he gets super frustrated but no one really notices. And then when they get back to their room they have rough sex? Please? Thank you!! – Anon

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, public but silent dirty talking

Word Count: 2957

Btw, omg. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Jensen’s POV

Another day of Con. It’s really fun, believe me, but I just get exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed. I’m feeling it mostly especially this week. I felt my hand getting lightly squeezed and I looked at my intertwined hands with my wonderful wife, smiling encouragingly at me. “You okay, J?” She asked. I nodded. “Just tired.” I replied. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Don’t worry, we have a week off before we have to shoot again.” She said. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled closer to me.

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Castiel sang softly and quietly to the baby as he rocked her back and forth in his arms in attempt to calm her down. He didn’t want you to wake up and lose sleep. Always so caring, taking care of your guys’ daughter. 

Finally Y/B/N calmed down, making Castiel smile and making you smile. You loved watching Cas sing to your daughter. There was something about seeing him interact with his daughter that made you love him even more. 

“We don’t want to wake up mommy, do we?” Cas spoke softly, something he learned to do when the baby came along. “No, we want her to sleep so she can rest and can love us both tomorrow.”

Once again the baby smiled up at her father. “Now, go back to sleep sweetheart.” Castiel put her down in her crib again, kissing her cheek before turning around to find you standing there. 

“Did I wake you up?” Castiel sighed, frowning actually. 

You shook your head and smiled up at him, taking his hand and wrapping it around your waist. “Nope. I woke up at the same time you did to get Y/B/N.” You kissed him softly. “I love you, you know that right?” 

Castiel smiled softly at you and looked down at you. “I love you too, Y/N.” 

“And I love seeing you with the baby.” You say, glancing over to the crib and smiling at your baby. 

“I love her.” Castiel answers. “I love you both.” 



Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester




The Mad Hatter

Characters: Reader x Sam & Dean (friendship)

Words: 978

Request from @hannah-superwholock-: “Hola! Can you do one where the reader is really insane and she just goes crazy while on hunts based on the song Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez?”

Listen to Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez here!

I have to say this: mental illness is not something to joke about. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it. Anyways, enjoy!

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