Title: Flash

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 4,340

Theme song: Yayo by Lana Del Rey

Request: I got inspired to write this after I saw one of those AU posts. This one was based loosely off of: We have a mutual friend who needs us to model for her but neither of us realized how sexual this shoot was going to be.



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“What are you doing? Ring the doorbell.”

“I don’t know why I’m here with you,” Sam said, pressing the doorbell with a sigh.

“Because Dean’s face is still bruised to hell from the hunt and we haven’t seen Cas in over two weeks. Believe me, you weren’t my first choice for this,” you replied.


You turned to him, a retort on your lips, but it was cut short as the front door to the modest, sunshine-yellow house opened up.

“Aah! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Your old friend’s enthusiasm was contagious and you smiled widely back at her.

“As promised. Like I could come into town and not see you,” you laughed, letting her pull you into a hug. When she pulled away, eyeing Sam beside you, you stepped aside from between them.

“Clare, this is Sam. Sam, Clare,” you said flatly.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot,” she said. Sam took her outstretched hand, a small grin blooming over his lips.

“Oh yeah?”

“Don’t look so smug. Not all of it is good,” she teased, holding the door open wider and ushering you both inside.

“Most of it isn’t good,” you muttered to him as you walked past.

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Do I Wanna Know? (ReaderxDean)

Request: I don’t know if you’ve already done something like this, but could you do a deanxreader story based on the song “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys? Some smut maybe? Thanks!

Warnings: smut, teasing, dirty talk, use of the word ‘slut’ (reader’s cool with it), not a lot of plot

Words: 1736

Note: no idea how this ended up where it did…enjoy ;)

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A/N- This was fun to write haha x 

“No way man I’d be Iron Man, you’d be hawkeye” Dean stated as he opened the slightly rusty door of the 67′ chevy.

“In your dreams Dean… Cas would be a better Iron Man than you” Cas and Sam exited the car, entering into the cool night of Lebanon Kansas. Dean rolled his eyes and walked towards the bunker.

“He’s right Dean, I have the capabilities of the man made of iron” Dean dug out the keys for the bunker in his pockets while he rolled his eyes. Dean was about to retaliate when he got cut off by your wounded body falling in front of them from thin air. Dean jumped back in shock and reached for his gun in instinct knowing it was still useless. You lifted your head so your features were visible during the moonlight and immediately Cas recognized you, pained expression or not.

“Y/N!” Castiel exclaimed as he ran over to you picking you up in his arms, you weakly smiled at your brother while he pushed away your hair from your bloody face.

“Hey Cassybear”You hoarsely whispered, drained from the battle that just occurred. You were told only 14 demons were gonna be there, not 34. Cas looked behind to the two unmoving brothers who waited for the angel’s command.

“Help me get her inside” Castiel effortlessly picked you up while Dean cleared your path and opened the door to the bunker. Your vision became blurry and slightly red as the blood seemed to make its way into your eyes. You cursed under your breathe when you felt as if you were dipping in and out of consciousness. Dean walked ahead, leading you to a spare room.

“What have you done, Y/N? I knew you shouldn’t have left heaven so early! You were suppose to prove you can survive! ” Cas authoritatively said but you heard the hint of affection in it, brotherly affection of course.

“I thought I could take out a bunch of demons and hey I did damn good Cassie.” Cas looked down at your drowsy smile and the anger arose quicker than smoke. He hated knowing filthy demons had their hands on you.

“And?” Cas questioned as they entered your temporary room.

“I was wrong” You laughed but immediately stopped as you viciously coughed up blood. Cas examined your body and noticed the bruises covering your once untouched skin and your face was black, blue and red.

“You’re an absolute child, you’re too weak to heal yourself, Y/N…Just lay back.” Cas sighed as he sat on the chair next to your bed, he rolled up his sleeves and touched your forehead.

He felt the energy flow within his body and through his arms, the light touched your face illuminating your lethargic skin and you drifted off into a deep sleep. Cas saw your wounds closing as if he pressed the rewind button, your skin slowly became the untouched canvas it was and your swollen lips had returned to it’s original size.

He concentrated, searching for further injuries towards your vessel and he sensed your right leg had been fractured completely from the hip to the knee. He sighed and pressed further into your forehead until the mistake had been fixed. After a few moments he removed his hand from yours and noticed the blood on your clothes.

“Dean?” Sam and Dean didn’t leave the room, they heard so much about you from Cas so they felt like they knew you, like you were already family.

“Yeah Cas?” Dean stood up from his chair and walked over to the exhausted angel.

“Can Y/N borrow a shirt and a pair pants from you, please?” Dean nodded with ease, replying with an ‘of course Cas’ before walking off with Sam, leaving you two alone.

“What am I to do with you, little one?” Cas had taken away all traces of blood from your face and hair which made it easier for him to move. He pushed it away from your face and watched you sleep peacefully.

Dean entered with the clothing and set them on the table beside your bed while Sam set a water bottle with it. Cas kissed your forehead and appreciatively smiled at the boys as they walked out the room together, leaving a sleepy angel behind.


Your eyes fluttered open and your body stiffened. You remembered what had happened and you didn’t want to move your body drastically incase you’d get hit with a massive wave of pain. You slowly moved your arms and you felt fine, you moved your head and you felt fine and lastly you moved your legs and you were fine. You unravelled your wings stretching them and they also felt intact, you hummed in pleasure as they unfurled fully, extending themselves fully. You got out of bed and noticed your drenched in blood shirt, you groaned until your eyes landed on the spare clothing beside your bed.

“Fucking sweet” You quickly changed into the shirt noticing it was long enough to cover part of your legs, so you didn’t bother with the pants. You exited the room walking towards the noise of three men chatting. A library suddenly came into your view and you saw a distress Cas sitting with a beer beside him.

“Chill, Cas she’ll be fine” You heard what you thought was Dean, Cas never introduced you to the boys so you guessed what they sounded and looked like.

“Yeah Cassybear, I’m fine” Cas heard your voice and he jumped out of the chair while it scraped the wooden floor of the library. He rushed over to you and enveloped you into a comforting hug. The sudden impact caught you by surprise but you still laughed at your brothers antics.

“Y/N Y/L/N You! young lady have a lot of explaining to do” You were about to talk when you heard someone choke on their beer. You looked behind Cas and saw two brothers gawking at you, Cas turned around and he noticed what they were staring at and he immediately covered your body with his.

“Dammit Y/N. They gave you pants for a reason” You looked down to your legs and wondered what the problem was until you realised you could see your butt perfectly through this shirt. You shrugged your shoulders which earned an annoyed eye roll from Cas. He shrugged off his trenchcoat and made you wear it while he hid your body from the Winchesters. He led you to the library while you tried not to trip in his extremely large coat.

“So Y/N explain!” Cas folded his arms while he sat on the table and you sat on the chair.

“Cas don’t be rude, Hi Y/N i’m Dean and this is my little brother Sam” Dean extended his hand and you gladly took it, he winked at you and Cas coughed loudly, breaking you two apart. You shook Sam’s hands next and Cas stared down at you with his authoritative eyes.

“Okay I swear to dad I thought there were only 14 demons…turns out I miscalculated” You shamefully sighed.

“By how much?” Cas asked

“20” You said and mumbled really quickly which Cas didn’t get.

“How.Much.Y/N” Cas asked yet again.

“Fine 20… I miscalculated by 20 damn demons! Ya happy, flappy?“ You exasperated. The boys eyes widened in shock and Cas got up out of his chair and paced around the room.

“I am going to send them to perdition, then raise them from it only to smite them” Cas’s menacing tone scared you for a second but you ignored that part of you. You got out of your chair and shrugged the annoyingly large coat off of your body and stood next to your dramatic brother.

“Cas… i took care of it. They’re all dead, I swear” Sighing, Cas held you at arms length then kissed your forehead.

“I just want you to be careful, go rest up and we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” You smiled and bid the boys goodbye. On the way back you heard Cas yell.

“SAM AND DEAN WINCHESTER, DON’T YOU DARE CHECK OUT MY BABY SISTER’S BEHIND OR SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO PERDITION” you smirked and giggled. He may be overprotective but you wouldn’t have it any other way after all you were his fledgling.

19 You+Me

Title: 19 You+Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,268

Song Inspiration: 19 You+Me-Dan+Shay

A/N: Tean!Dean

maybe-possilbly-one-day Request: “Hiii…..I really love you’re writing…. Could you maybe do a Tean!DeanxReader where y/n is really self-conscious and doesn’t feel good about herself but popular bad boy Dean notices her??? You can work out the details….. It would be super awesome if you write it! Thankssss”


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You watched the minute hand tick by slowly, as if you had entered a time warp, inching it’s way towards the twelve. Six minutes. Six minutes until you were free. Forever.

You tapped the eraser end of your pencil on your desk, the voice of the teacher droning on about what everyone had accomplished that year fade away into the background as you stared at it, head on your hand, elbow on your desk.

Four years. You had been stuck in this shit hole they called high school  for four long years, playing along with your fake friends, getting through the school work, trudging through the tests, for it to come to this. Five minutes.

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Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Saving Grace

Summary: Imagine Dean lying next to you and falling asleep with his arm wrapped around you.

Word Count: 3,681

The breeze was chilly even after you pulled your jacket tighter around your torso, so you brought your knees up and tucked them inside the coat, too, wrapping your arms around your shins and securing the jacket closed, there.  It was especially cold out this evening, it seemed even more so when you considered the fact that your last several cases were all in states far warmer than Maine; your nose began running, but you were alone and too lazy to get your handkerchief from your pocket.  There was no one around that would be bothered by your sniffling, so you settled for that for the time being.

You didn’t know how long you’d been sitting on the hood of the Impala, but judging by the birds’ increasing loudness you figured it had been a good few hours.  The stars were still vivid, though, the moon tucked away somewhere in order to make the stars in the sky seem even brighter in contrast, and simply staring at them was more therapeutic than you’d remembered.

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Supernatural Imagine: Protection Charm

Imagine it’s your anniversary and Dean gives you a gift that money can’t buy…

It was yours and Dean’s anniversary and you’d both eagerly decided to spend it doing absolutely nothing. Sam’s gift to you was to make himself scarce for the day and you took the rare opportunity of being alone in the bunker together by spending most of day in bed, getting blissfully reacquainted with one another intimately after spending so long on the road wrapped up in case after case without a break.

As the afternoon wore on you happily agreed to Dean’s wish to watch a Tarantino movie marathon together, you were both huge fans of his movies and it was nice to watch them without Sam’s disapproval of ‘glorified violence’ (as he called it) tainting the enjoyment factor.

You and Dean were both in various states of undress, drinking beer and lazing over each other in front of the widescreen which was now playing Pulp Fiction…you were at the scene where Vincent and Mia were at Jack Rabbit Slim’s discussing the five dollar shake when a figure appeared in your peripheral vision, making you both jump and spill your beers all over the couch and each other as they frothed up due to the sudden movement.

“Jesus Cas!” Dean hissed, putting his dripping bottle down on the coffee table.

Dean reached for the remote and hit pause while you snatched the blanket lying over the top of the couch to cover yourself up.

Cas didn’t appear to be aware of your discomfort and walked over silently, holding his hand out to Dean. Dean gave you an apologetic glance before holding his own out to Cas in return.

Cas dropped what looked like a silver chain into Deans palm before stepping back again.

“It is done” Cas said formally.

Cas looked to you and tilted his head in earnest “My apologies for intruding” he said ruefully and with a rustle of invisible wings he was gone.

“That angel will be the death of me” you muttered as you dabbed at the spilt beer.

Dean smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck “Sorry…”

“What was that anyway?” you nodded towards his clutched hand and Dean shifted so he was leaning back against the arm of the couch, his face suddenly growing serious.

“Okay Winchester, you’ve got my attention, what’s going on?” You brought your legs up and crossed them in front of you, sitting sideways on the couch so you were fully facing him.

Dean’s eyes lit up with excitement as he took your hand in both of his, pressing something into your palm but not uncovering what it was.

“I know we said we wouldn’t give each other anything but our time together today…” he paused, seemingly unsure on how to phrase his thoughts so you placed a hand on his arm to gently urge him on, he looked into your eyes and took a breath before continuing…

“I want you to have this…please…for me” he took his hands away and you flattened your palm to see what he’d left there.

You picked it up and inspected it, it was a bracelet with what you recognised to be various protection charms attached to it, you gasped and thrust your hand back towards Dean once you realised what it was.

“DEAN! I can’t accept this!” you shrieked “this was your mother’s…the only thing you have left of her!”

“And that is why I want you to have it and why I’m giving it to you today”

You raised an eyebrow in question, waiting for him to explain.

“It’s a gift for our anniversary, for both me and you, therefore, you have to accept it” he grinned smugly at his own reasoning.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings today you decided to play along with his ridiculous logic…

“For both me and you?” you asked sceptically.

“Just hear me out…I know you don’t like the idea of tattoos and that’s totally cool, we all have our fears, some of us don’t like needles and some of us don’t like…flying” he shuddered and cleared his throat, suddenly looking uncomfortable.

You giggled at his involuntary reaction and he pushed your shoulder playfully before smiling again.

“Anyway…I asked Cas if he would use some of his angel mojo to make it demon proofed too…and don’t worry about Sam, I cleared it with him first and he thought it was a great idea, he doesn’t like the idea of you being unprotected any more than I do…that’s why it’s a gift for both me and you, I want you to be protected like me and Sammy are and this will give me peace of mind”

Your free hand flew to your mouth in shock as your vision blurred, completely overwhelmed at the sweet gesture from your soul mate and two best friends.

Dean took the bracelet from your hand and fastened it around your wrist, you brought your arm up to eye level and played with the intricately detailed charms between your fingertips for a second, watching them twinkle as they caught the light. You smiled to yourself before capturing Dean’s hands with yours, entwining your fingers together.

“Dean I don’t know what to say, this is too much…”

“You don’t need to say anything baby, just promise me you’ll never take it off”

You untangled your fingers from his and held your charmed wrist over your heart in a solemn vow “I promise”

Then you smirked to yourself as you realised the double meaning in his words, even if he did mean them innocently you couldn’t resist letting this one pass.

“Something Dean Winchester doesn’t want me to take off, now that’s a first!” you winked teasingly.

Dean licked his lips, looking down at you through his lashes, lost in thought for the moment.

Suddenly, Dean pounced and you squealed with delight as he tore your blanket off and threw it to the floor, he slid his hands up your thighs and held onto your hips, pulling you towards him as he laid you down underneath him. You snaked your arms around his neck and enjoyed the feel of his stubble scratching against your face as his lips found yours, his hands started to undress what little you had on and you moaned softly with anticipation as he carried on from where he’d left off in the bedroom earlier…

Dragons and Things

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: I love your one-shots and imagines! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is super confident and outgoing and is really close to sam and dean and the brothers are hunting dragons and the reader has to awkwardly tell them she is a virgin so she can’t go on the hunt and dean is really surprised by that because she is always flirting with other guys? Thanks so much!

Warnings: no smut, lol srry, love ju all :* it get’s a lil sexy tho??????

A/N: haha! I did homework AND updated. okay so i didn’t do my homework, sue me.

Hunting was dangerous; you knew this. Hell, everyone knew this. Whether it was risking someone’s life, or your own, there was always something that you were putting to chance. Going on a dragon hunt, for example, would be risking your life, seeing as you were a virgin.

And, sadly, that’s exactly the kind of hunt Sam and Dean were looking for. 

“Looks like we’re going dragon huntin’!” Dean said, a giant smile on his face.

“Uh- uhm,” you stuttered, trying to find a way to convince the boys to let it go to someone else and find another hunt. “Maybe we could let Garth handle that or something? I don’t really feel like taking a trip on the Hogwarts express.” You tried to play it off like you just weren’t feeling it.

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Request: firoru requested a Sam x reader where the reader is overly argumentative because of the stress of hunting. Sam comes up with a creative way to help her relax.

Word Count: 1282

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Thanks for your request, lovely! Sorry it took so long to get it to you, hope it’s worth the wait! XOXO

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Title: Promises were meant to be broken.

Summary: After Sam falls into the hole. Reader does what she promised and stays away from Dean so that he could have the apple pie kind of life until one day the two of them end up in the same time. Reader needs to hold back her feelings but it’s easier said than done.

Warning:  drinking, cheating, heart break, angst

Word Count: 2,078

Notes: I had a lot of fun writing this and I got tons of feels form it. So I hope it does the same for you.

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No More Rainy Days Okay?

Summery: You wake up to a rainy morning and Cas beside you. Fluff fluff fluffity fluff.

Castiel x Reader

word count: 539

Cas watched the rain trickle down the motel windows, it was early in the morning but the clouds darkened the sky as the rain continued to pour. Cas was laying in the motel beside you, listening to your breathing, every once in a while he would get a sense of longing from you from somewhere deep in your dream which always brought a smile to his face. Gently, he rubbed circles on your hip as you subconsciously cuddled closer to him, your grip tightening around his shirt as you pulled yourself even closer. Cas’ free arm snaked around you as he held you, making sure his grip wasn’t to tight.

“Mmmf.” you mumbled as you buried your face into his shirt.

“Good morning.” Cas said in a gruff whisper you yawned and opened your eyes slowly

“You didn’t have to stay, I know how boring it must get-” you start to say sleepily but was cut off by Cas pressing a soft kiss onto your lips.

“Being with you is never boring.” he replied, pressing another kiss to your forehead.

“Cas” you sighed, pushing up from your comfy place on his chest to look up at him “Its okay, you don’t have to stay in an uncomfortable position all-”

“Y/N, I enjoy being with you, conscious or not.” he assured you, but still, you did not believe him.

“But… but why? I don’t understand why-”

“Do you see the rain outside Y/N?” he asked suddenly.

You squint your eyes in confusion but nod, looking out the window.

“You know the feeling you humans get when it’s a stormy day? You just slow down more, the day drags on longer, you miss the sunshine?”

“Yes, why?“ You ask understanding what Cas was saying but having no clue where it was leading.

Cas looked out the window, watching the rain, a faraway look in his eyes.“Because I have rainy days in my soul when you’re not here with me,” he looked back to you “When you’re not beside me or I cant reach out and touch you.”

Cas gently grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours as if to prove a point.

“I don’t like being without you,” he continued as he squeezed your hand “I don’t like that I cant always be with you.”

You looked at the angel, searching his eyes for something intangible. His beautiful eyes, so blue they reflected the sky.

“I don’t like being without you either,” you say, resting your head back on his chest watching your intertwined hands “I don’t like to think about how I cant really help you-”

“Cant really help me?” Cas repeated, confused “Being with you helps me very much Y/N.” he stated calmly, twisting his head to look at you.

“I love you, very much.” he whispered watching you intently.

Leaning your head up you kissed Castiel, slowly working your mouth with his, wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled yourself closer to the angel. Cas grabbed your hips, gripping them tightly as he continued to kiss you. After a pause for breath you rested your forehead on the angels.

“I love you too, so no more rainy days, okay?” you sigh contently.

“Okay.” he whispers.

Lucky Girl.

Original Request

Hey, so this is the request I thought I sent but u didn’t receive. Could you do a oneshot where the reader and Sam are really close but not together. If they go to a bar for example and it’s busy, she sits on his lap or, he wraps an arm round her if they go out somewhere. Sam just likes to make sure she’s somewhere near him. Hope that makes sense, x

Warnings: None really.

Word Count: 1059

Summary: Sam, Dean and Y/N are at an overcrowded bar. Best friend Sam gets a little protective over Y/N, not that she minds.


You grabbed the three beers from the counter and made your way back to Sam and Dean. The bar was ram packed full of people, you could hardly move. Every way you turned you were touching someone, brushing against them as you passed by. You pushed your way through the crowd, trying not to lose your temper with the people who stood idly in your way.

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Imitation Rain

Title: Imitation Rain

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 2,664

Warnings: None

Theme Song: Hero (Unplugged) by Christopher Wilde

Request: lovethebluebox: Hey, it’s me. I haven’t talked to you in forever and i think of you when i see your stuffs. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to give requests here or on your writing blog, but you’re an awesome writer and I have a story idea. Here goes: Sam takes you on a date to see a horror movie, and it then turns out that some of the sound effects are real- from a ghost or demon or something. Either way, you end up protecting yourselves with a circle of salty popcorn. *hands you a glass of oj*

A/N: *takes the oj* I love you, Nat! Also, the theme song is rather short but I felt it was fitting.


Your name: submit What is this?


You tapped your foot impatiently against the floor of the bunker as you leaned against Sam’s doorway. He shrugged on his shirt and began to button it up, facing you with a smile.

“What?” you asked with a slight chuckle. He shook in amusement.

“You’re just so impatient!” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms just as he threaded the last button through its hole.

“Are you ready yet?” Sam grinned wider and moved past you into the hallway, grabbing your hand and taking you with him as he passed by.

“Yes, I’m ready. Dean, we’re leaving!” he called out. Dean answered from the kitchen where he was probably eating his third or fourth slice of pie that day.

“‘Kay!” His voice was slightly muffled. Probably from the pie, you thought with a smile. Sam held the bunker door for you, ever the gentleman, and you stepped into the cool spring air. A gust of wind blew past and your hair blew into Sam’s face as he walked up the steps behind you.

“Hey!” he sputtered and you looked over your shoulder at him with an amused smile. At the top of the steps he pulled you into a bone-crushing hug, twirling you around. “You think that’s funny?” he asked, putting you down. You laughed and nodded, which was a mistake because he took that as an a-okay to run his fingers along your side.

“Hey, that tickles!” you cried, attempting to push his hand away. He remained steadfast and soon you had dissolved into a fit of giggles. When he finally stopped you were breathless. “That’s not fair, you know I’m ticklish!”

“Yes I do, and it’s completely fair. Now come on, Y/N, I don’t want to miss my birthday movie!” You and Sam had been planning on this for a long time. It wasn’t often that hunters got to celebrate birthdays by doing something fun—yes, they came every year, but there were monsters to hunt and you never knew when your last day would be. So the two of you had decided on seeing the newest horror flick for his birthday. It promised to be scary, but you knew better. Nothing was scary than the real thing, and considering that the movie was about werewolves and one of your friends was one… It would be a good excuse for a laugh, at the very least. He took your hand in his and led you to the Impala, which Dean was letting the two of you borrow since it was his baby brother’s birthday. Or at least that’s what he had told Sam. In reality, the pie that the older Winchester was currently wolfing down was one of the many you had promised to make him in the coming weeks in exchange for the use of the prized car for a day. Sam opened the door for you and you slid into the seat. He followed suit on his own side and soon the two of you were on your way to the theater a few towns over.

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Everything Has Changed

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Cas

Words: 2262

Author’s Note: I know this is the second Sam story in a row, but it was requested by http://kat102194.tumblr.com/ and I decided to go ahead and do it. I hope you like it. 

Sam wasn’t even the first person you told about your pregnancy. Dean cornered you. It was like he knew. He kept asking what was up with you. You had apparently gotten a little distant from the guys, especially Sam. And it was beginning to get noticeable. Noticeable enough that Sam had asked Dean to talk to you because he was afraid he had done something to upset you and he didn’t want to make it worse by talking to you himself.

           You hadn’t actually planned to say anything to Dean, even with him cornering you. But it just slipped out. The look on his face was priceless.

           You made him promise not to tell Sam until you were absolutely ready. He did keep his mouth shut, but the way he treated you changed so much that it became so obvious that something was going on.

           “Okay, what gives?” Sam asked when Dean insisted on clearing the table and making sure you weren’t the one doing the dishes.

           “What do you mean?” you asked.

           “Dean’s been pretty much waiting on you hand and foot. He doesn’t do that for anyone. What’s going on?”

           “Nothing, Sam,” you said.

           Sam shook his head, “If you’d rather be with him …”

           “Don’t you dare say that!” Dean yelled.

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Master list!

As I said, here’s the master list, and I honestly don’t know why I was putting off. Anyhow, it’s a bit unbelievable to me that I’ve written a lot, because I had never written this much before, and really it’s you guys who keep me inspired and motivated to do this, so thank you! 

Dean Winchester 

Sam Winchester 


Kevin Tran

Adam Milligan






  • Getting Caught I’m not that sure about fluff, but it sure as hell it’s angst
  • Kitten (Sequel to “Getting Caught”) Angst


Eyes Open

Title: Eyes Open

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word count: 6,250

Theme song: Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

Request: Many people asked for a fic based off of this imagine. Hope you enjoy it!


Your name: submit What is this?


“Y/N. You hear me? Wake up. Y/N, wake up.”

You blinked your bleary eyes to find Dean’s green ones looking back at you, and with a yawn and a stretch you rolled away from his poster on your wall to find your roommate standing over you. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and was staring at you expectantly.

“Dreaming of Dean again?” she teased. You sat up and rolled your neck before looking to her once more.

“Would you blame me?”

“I’m not blaming you for anything,” she laughed. “I just don’t want to hear you calling his name out from the other room like he’s right here with you.”

“That was one time—“

“That was three times. That I heard,” she corrected you. You chewed your lip and looked down to your hands.

“I’m going to gloss over the possible awkward moment here and move right along to something more important: I think I’m being haunted.”

Your roommate rolled her eyes with a laugh.

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Better With You

Characters: Dean x Reader, Balthazar x Reader (familyish)

Words: 705

Request from anon: “Could you do a dean x reader fluff one shot where Balthazar was the guardian angel and almost a father to the reader and when he dies she pretends that it’s not a big deal. one day Dean finds the reader, while she tries to do the spell to summon the angel ( because she doesn’t think Balthazar is really dead ) but when the spell doesn’t work she realizes that he’s really gone. she starts to have a panic attack , but Dean helps her to calm down and cheer her up .”

Warnings: panic/ anxiety attack

I’m sorry I’ve been slacking lately guys, things have been crazy busy. But I’m free the next few days, so posts will start to be normal again! Anyways, enjoy!

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“Either you’re innocent, oblivious, or purposely taunting me.”

“What do you mean?’

“You’re killing me lately. You’re walking around the bunker in just my t-shirt… dancing to my music in the kitchen… yesterday you bent over the Impala to check the coolant and I had to disappear to take a cold shower. I’m not sure if it’s possible for one girl to be that naive… and even that’s a turn on.”


Request: Please can you do a Deanxreader where Dean is just acting really flirty around the reader & constantly says funny innuendos like when your brushing your teeth he’s like ‘I see you have had practice at that’ or when you’re eating a burger he says ‘your mouth isn’t big enough’ just stuff like that, that are really funny innuendos? But the reader becomes frustrated with Dean acting like this so to get her own back, she ends up reacting back by playing along with it & it ends up with heated kissing?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3103

Theme Song: Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon

WARNING: Sexual Comments, Swearing, Bad Writing, Slight Smut? (not sure)

Authors Note: Changes between POV’s a few times, you’ll see
This is the most sexual One-shot I’ve ever written *blushes profusely*
SORRY, for not posting this sooner. I’m.. im not really sure what to say about this, it lead in a different direction than I planned it to. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted!


Nothing. There has been nothing unusual in the normal world. No cases to investigate with the Winchester boys. Today was going to be another day in the bunker doing nothing. Well, maybe you’ll read a book or sort through some Men of Letter files. Something to take your mind of that annoying Winchester.

“Y/N!, Sammy’s back with the food!” Dean’s voice rattled through the bunker’s hallways.

Speak of the devil…

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