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Dating Meg Masters Would Include...

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  • Starting out as enemies
  • Total, complete, try to murder each other every chance you got enemies
  • But soon your hateful relationship began to have flirty elements
  • And one day you end up having sex
  • You both try to forget about it and go back to trying to your hate fueled relationship
  • But you can’t forget about each other
  • Being the first human Meg truly has feelings for
  • Being in denial of your feelings
  • “Face it, Y/N, you’ve got feelings for that bitch ass demon!” “No I don’t, Dean.” “Yeah, you do.” “Shut up, Sam!”
  • Saying “fuck it” and getting together once again
  • Starting to date after that
  • Having the hottest make out sessions
  • Which usually led to even hotter sex
  • Meg topping
  • Leaving hickeys everywhere on you
  • Meg loving to touch your boobs
  • Wearing Meg’s leather jackets
  • Meg always brushing your hair out of your face
  • Convincing Meg to join you and the rest of Team Free Will
  • Meg helping you pick out your outfits
  • Being the only person who can make her genuinely smile
  • Constantly putting your lives on the line for each other
  • Having a burning hatred for Crowley because of all the terrible things he’s done to Meg
  • First telling each other you one another in an argument
  • “Why do care so much if I live or die? You’re just a demon.” “For fuck’s sake, it’s because I love you!”
  • Being Meg’s unicorn
The signs as Supernatural characters:

ARIES: Soulless!Sam

TAURUS: Demon!Dean

GEMINI: Crazy!Cas

CANCER: Crowley

LEO: Lucifer

VIRGO: Rowena

LIBRA: Meg 2.0

SCORPIO: Gabriel

SAGITTARIUS: Chuck Shurley/God

CAPRICORN: Balthazar

AQUARIUS: Charlie Bradbury

PISCES: Kevin Tran

Remember how big of an asshole Dean was when he was a demon? And how his love for Sammy couldn’t even overcome it? Now just imagine how profound Meg’s feelings for Cas had to be in order for her to admit that she fell in love with him and that he was her Unicorn

It makes me cry every time I think about it.

The Signs as Supernatural Demons
  • Aries: Cain
  • Taurus: Azazel
  • Gemini: Crowley
  • Cancer: Tom
  • Leo: Abaddon
  • Virgo: Tammi
  • Libra: Lilith
  • Scorpio: Ruby
  • Sagittarius: Meg Masters
  • Capricorn: Alastair
  • Aquarius: Demon Dean
  • Pisces: Samhain

The road so far…

11 years of pain and happiness.
11 years of joy and tears.
11 years of making new friends.
11 years of family!