supernatural is a show i enjoy very much

I couldn’t create this kind of monstrosity and keep it all to myself, so here it is: my ultimate Supernatural playlist, Greatest Hits of the Mullet Rock!

On this playlist you will find almost every single song ever played on Supernatural, as well as tracks that had episodes named after them, songs that were referenced on the show, and pieces from the score. There is also a “lite version” for those of you who don’t want the instrumentals, anemic pop music, or “Carry On Wayward Son” repeated more than ten times.

I hope you enjoy rocking out to this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The entire very long track listing is below!

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Why I’m against the OUAT musical episode . . . . .

I realize I’ve done a lot of bitching about this episode, but before it airs I’d like to take a rational and logical approach to my reasoning as to WHY I’m choosing to have a bias against this episode before I even see it.  It’s not just that the songs are crappy even though they are.  It’s not just that it’s a corny and cheezy idea even though it is.  It’s not just that they’re using it as a showcase tool for the gross and character destroying CS wedding.  No, there is more to it than that, and if you are interested I’d like to share so that next time you see one of my bitchy posts and go “Oh there goes that bitch charmedrumbelle bitching again” you might stop and think that there’s more to it for me than “haters gonna hate” … … . 

1) I am a musical SNOB.  I don’t just mean snob, I mean:


(That is the boldest and largest I can get that font on Tumblr.  Trust me it should be bigger. And bolder.)

I love musical theatre.  I’m a total nerd for it.  I’ve performed in and directed lots of community theatre over the years.  I hold my musical stuff to a VERY high standard.  And this … . just doesn’t cut it.  Look, I enjoy cheese and camp as much as the next person.  But only when it’s done in proper context.  A musical episode in a non-musical show SHOULD be cheese and camp.  And in this case it’s not.  Which brings me to #2 .  . . 

2) A&E have no concept of how to write good meta because they take themselves too seriously.

Do any of my followers watch Supernatural?  They did a musical episode (ish) in S10 – it was totally meta and cheezy and fucking BRILLIANT:

SPN has never taken itself seriously.  And OUAT – takes itself TOO seriously.  And you expect, after 6 seasons of no meta (their only attempt – the 4B finale – “NO SPOILERS” ha ha ha – fell flat and was more of a DIG at the audience than anything), that suddenly we’re just supposed to buy that they can do funny and cute and camp?  

NO, they can’t.  They can’t even string together a coherent story.  Which brings me to point three … . 

3) We are at the end of what could very well be the last season of the show and you’re wasting a whole episode on shit that we’ve known for SIX YEARS now?????

This musical episode is filler.  It’s not moving the story along.  For a show that is on its last legs, it’s a ridiculous move.  

Musicals, even cheezy ones, move the story along.  This episode isn’t doing that.  (Unless you count the CS wedding, which I ALSO see as filler because – it’s fan service but this post isn’t about that and anyone who knows me knows where I stand there so I won’t waste your time.)  I could maybe – MAYBE – enjoy and forgive this episode IF it moved things forward in the narrative.  But it’s not.  We are learning nothing new here, and we’re learning nothing new via song.  

If they had done this episode in S2 or S3, it would have possibly been cute and fun.  But now?  It’s just sad.  It’s like a desperate “look at me!” cry.  

I get that some people enjoy the actors singing and dancing.  That’s fine.  But for ME – it needs to be more than that.  I just can’t get behind this episode.  I can’t like it, and I can’t support it.  It’s out of place and it’s NOT going to hold up well.  The next generation watching this show will get to this episode and say “WTF is THIS???” (If they make it this far in the series.) Think about THAT. 

wherethewildthingswerent  asked:

Moment of honesty, it's amazing meta writers like you who've really opened my eyes and made watching TV (and Supernatural specifically lmao) a completely different experience for me. You're like little Spocks; very attentive to detail, great at splicing important info from otherwise-misleading statements (cough PR cough) and just generally being very logical people. Makes me feel more appreciative and positive about this show than I ever had before! Thank you so much for doing what you do! 💙

Ahh thank you!!! 

I love the show so much and I love being able to delve into all the things that make me love it and I love how we can all enjoy it together! Massive shoutout to all my meta writing friends too :)

sparky-simish  asked:

Just caught up with your Forgotten Hollow story and I luv it! Shannon is that character I like to scream at when I watch a scary movie. All the signs and yet she don't get it XD

Originally posted by steals-dreams

LOL!!!! YES!!! Exactly! This is exactly the feeling I want to convey when I write her scenes. She’s really clueless, has no sense of self preservation, doesn’t listen to her gut instinct, she gets confused very easily. That’s why it will really be amazing when she finally realizes what she is and what she’s facing. I wanted to show the transition from her silly “human girl” self  to the strong “Floare” self.  And… I kinda sorta wanna give her a pass because I think if any of us were faced with the weird stuff she’s facing, our practical minds would try to find a logical explanation, we wouldn’t necessarily think something supernatural is going on. Thank you soo much for reading, so glad you are enjoying the story! It means the world to me. Hugs!

Tested part 4

A/N: I’m just going to continue this series, I kind of like where this is going so far and you all seem to enjoy it as well :) Also, with everything I already wrote I wasn’t too sure where we were in the season… I thought episode 5/6 would be a good episode to move on with, so I’m sorry if the last few parts don’t really make sense anymore. It was the only option that I had.

Recap of the last part:
Just then Scott did the unthinkable…
Scott: She wasn’t alone, Theo scent is around her.
Shit Scott. I looked at Stiles and he was pissed off to say the least. We still hadn’t made up about earlier today. Scott looked at the two of you realizing what he just said and he stood up. How was I going to explain myself?

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The Season 13 premiere was really good though. The pace wasn’t too slow or too fast. The plot moved forward meticulously. I honestly haven’t enjoyed an episode this much in a while. Reminds me why I love this show so much. We got new characters but they were balanced nicely with the old ones. I love how everything was very subtly about Cas, it really drives home what a huge part of the family he (and Misha so to speak) is.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite spooky movies or shows? :)

hello !! prepare yourself !! i am excited !!

I have an intense appreciation for the old spooky comical tv shows- the munsters (1964), the addams family cartoon (1992) (the movies too tho), the old scooby-doo movies: ghoul school, witch’s ghost, alien invaders, zombie island, where’s my mummy, etc and also the beetlejuice cartoon (1989), the grim adventures of billy and mandy (2001) !! all those kinds of cartoons hold a super special place in my heart

okay now movies! my fave spooky stuff overall is the fun lighthearted kinda stuff ?? Like the addams family and beetlejuice! Im unsure how to explain the genre but u know what i mean… anyways moving on… 

  • Coraline (2009) 
  • The Corpse Bride (2005)
  • Frankenweenie (2012)
  • Paranorman (2012)
  • Dark Shadows (2012)
  • Sleepy Hollow (1999)(one of my all time favourites holy shit)(so visually pleasing)
  • Vincent (1982)(Tim Burton short film luv it)
  • The Iron Giant (1999)(unsure if it counts, not really spooky) 
  • Hotel Transylvania (2012)
  • Ghost Busters (1989)
  • Monster House (2006) 
  • Nosferatu (1922) 
  • The Lost Boys (1987) 
  • Fright Night (2011) 
  • Interview with a Vampire (1994)
  • The Haunted Mansion (2003)
  • Meet Joe Black (1998)(amazing film holy shit)(with rly young brad pitt)
  • The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)
  • Crimson Peak (2015)
  • Pans Labyrinth (2006)
  • Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
  • Sinister (2012)
  • the Scream movies (also the netflix tv show was good, check it out)(different from Scream Queens which I did also enjoy)
  • The Omen (1976)
  • The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
  • The Babadook (2014)
  • Dead like me (2003)(this is a tv show)(there was a movie made but it was crap)(the tv show is SO much fun)
  • Hellboy (2004)(i love hellboy)
  • Constantine (2004)
  • Sinister (2012) (everyone hated this but tbh I love it because i feel like the story had potential that was pretty wasted but i still like it? because of where the story /could/ have gone?)(whatevs)(its not that deep)
  • Housebound (2014)
  • The Awakening (2011)(really enjoyed this)(very mysterious)

… there’s probably tons more that i’m forgetting but this is becoming a really long list so :-) (I enjoy horror movies a whole lot but mostly like supernatural stuff as opposed to gore)(hmu with any recommendations !!)

The risk of losing you


I knocked on her door and after a few minutes it opened with a whoosh.

But I wasn’t greeted with the friendly and warm hearted smile that I anticipated.

Y/n had more of an anxious look on her face really. Maybe even a bit frightened.

“Stiles what are you doing here? Where do you know from where I live?“ she laughed, wanting to make it sound more light hearted. Yeah y/n and I have been really good friends for over a year now, but she liked keeping things for herself and was never an open book to read. Before I decided that I wanted to look after her today I didn’t even realize that no one of us was ever at her place before. And now the fact that she just pointed that out made it only more obvious that she did it on purpose.

“Son of the sheriff, remember?“ I said awkwardly while rubbing my neck.

“No… but… I mean, what are you doing here?“ she tried to smile but I knew her long enough to know that something was off. She may liked keeping things for herself and normally I did not really dig because it was her business whether she wanted to tell me something or not and I respected her too much to get on her nerves that often. But I am not going to lie – I tried getting things out of her, even just silly and stupid things. Things that you wouldn’t even question answering. But she kept her guard. Always. But now I decided that because I do respect her that much and may or may not like her more than just as a good friend -okay I do! Just drop it, that ain’t going to happen anyway. – I needed to do something. Anything. Because lately she was behaving oddly enough to concern me. Even more than usual.

“Looking after you, duh. You haven’t been in school for the past few days and you aren’t answering any of our calls. So what’s wrong?“

“Nothing. I just got sick and my dad took my phone that’s all.“

“Really? What did you do that your dad took your phone?“ I said mockingly but for some reason she jumped at the thought of it. “Mind if I come in?“

“Stiles, I don’t know. It’s probably not such a good idea. I don’t want you getting sick and besides I need to catch up on a lot of school stuff and I don’t presume that’s what you wanna do on a Friday night, is it?“

“I have nothing else to do and I could help you with the catching up thing.“

She seemed to debate it in her head and after what seemed like an eternity- okay I may over exaggerate, but why does she have to think about me keeping her company so long? Am I this annoying or is she hiding something? And then finally she just shrugged and gestured for me to come in. We went upstairs to her room. It was big really, maybe even twice the size of mine. And it was more organized than mine would ever be. Okay here and there were a few loose clothes lying on the floor and her desk drowned in school books and paper sheets but all in all it wasn’t too bad. Lost in thoughts I wandered around while she was bringing a chair for me from one of the other rooms. My eyes landed on a framed picture which stood on her drawer. It showed us. I have never seen that picture before but by just looking at it I could sense how happy we were back then. We were sitting on the hood of my jeep. Or I sat and she laid there, resting her head on my legs. It was a sunny and hot day and we were laughing so hard neither one of us registered that someone took a picture. Thinking back I don’t remember having laughed like this, since that day. It was in summer holidays before our senior year started. Things were finally sorting out, we hadn’t had an encounter with the supernatural for quite a bit and even though we’ve been through a lot these past years (even though y/n wasn’t there from the very first beginning, she showed up at one of our worst moments and suffered with us ever since, a lot actually. Not because she was possessed by an evil fox spirit, like I was or tortured in Eichen house like Lydia but because she as a normal human suffered under so much pressure, not being able to sleep or eat because of always being on high alert that something bad could happen any second. Never being able to enjoy happy moments just for a few minutes because that’s not how our lives work. I could always understand her the most I guess. We were both humans and the others would never understand how vulnerable you really felt being in the center of something like that. The pressure of failing either to help your friends or school because of all the nights you wouldn’t get to sleep again. The heavy thoughts of how your future would be like if you do not succeed in school, because after all school was still important and decided whether you would get that job you’re looking for or not. And of keeping a secret so big. Knowing something so surreal. It’s like living in a complete different world. You would never be able to just walk down a normal aisle again without having to look behind you or around corners every second because of the paranoid feeling that someone or something is following you. And with knowing such secrets it came great responsibility with it.

“I really like that picture. I didn’t even know that someone took it.”

“Yeah me too. It was Lydia. She wanted to come over but ended up going home after she has seen us not wanting to “disturb” us or something. I don’t know.” She just shrugged and turned around again to concentrate on some math equations.

“So where do you need help with?” I sat down beside her trying not to be too stunned and taken aback of how beautiful she looked. I still couldn’t shrug the feeling off that something wasn’t right. She seemed even more guarded than she was the last days.

“I don’t get how this works. I don’t get what they did here exactly.” She pointed on an equation in her book, but I got lost in thought once again. As she spoke my focus was on her lips and I couldn’t help but notice that they looked different. Her upper lip was slightly swollen and she had some dried blood in the corner of her mouth which was only visible when she talked.  

“What happened to your lip?” I said without thinking, it just came out. “There is blood.”

And that was what let her guard down, but only for a few seconds. She jumped off of her seat and snapped at me. “No there’s not! I don’t know what you’re talking about! First you come here and now you can’t even mind your own freaking business! You never do!” After her short but intense rant, she just stood there for a second in shock, holding her hand to her mouth as if that could take everything back what she just said. And I just sat there, eyebrows furrowed. Not because I was shocked but simply because I didn’t understand why me pointing out that her lip did obviously bleed was such a big deal to her. I don’t know maybe she just bit on it? Why was it such a problem?

“I am so sorry. I-I don’t know why I d-did that. Excuse me.” Her voice was shacking and I could tell that she was about to cry.

She opened her door and I jumped from my seat willing to follow her, to comfort her. Maybe she was just stressed. Finals were near and people got crazy during that time. “Wait! Hold on y/n! What’s wro-“ I got interrupted in midsentence when we both heard the front door close with a loud thud. Y/n’s expression got blank and every movement seemed to be sucked out of her body by that one thud.

“What’s wrong? Who’s that?”

“That’s just my dad.”

On cue, someone yelled from downstairs. “y/n?! Get your ass down here right now!!!” In that moment, I realized that I’ve never met her dad but in that one moment I just wanted to punch him in the face, just by that. What was going on with me?

“Stiles please wait here, okay? I am right back.” And without saying another word she just threw the door into my face and ran downstairs. I didn’t really know what to do and just sat down on her bed not wanting to put too much thought into that whole thing. But after a few minutes of waiting I heard shouting from downstairs. I couldn’t really understand what the whole argument was about so I got up and opened the door a little bit so I could hear their voices more clearly. I still couldn’t understand everything but apparently they argued about y/n failing math.

And then there was glass shattering. And that was it. This was definitely not a normal heated argument between father and daughter anymore. I wanted to run downstairs and look if something happened but stopped dead in my tracks as y/n rand up the stairs, covering her face and hot tears were streaming down her face. She ran in her room and I followed her, closing the door behind us.

“I – I am just, I – I am just gonna take a shower okay? I – If you want y -you can g-go now…! “ Before I could mutter another word she ran into her bathroom and locked the door behind her. I couldn’t quite see what she covered with her hand but I was pretty sure that her cheek was bleeding and her lip too.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore and was about to go downstairs and tell y/n’s father my fucking opinion about beating his very own daughter!

As I walked down the stairs all I heard was the front door shut and he was gone again. I was willing to follow him, but decided against it- trying to reason myself. This would probably mean more trouble for y/n and I still had no clue what was going on, so I decided to go back to her room again and wait until she would come out and make her talk. And this time I wouldn’t let a “no” count! She would have to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or otherwise I wouldn’t be going and leaving her side ever again!

As I walked into her room heard the shower running but this didn’t help to cease her sobs. She cried uncontrollably and I’ve never felt so helpless in my entire life! Not even a single supernatural encounter could reach to the helplessness I was now experiencing. It felt like the helplessness I felt as a kid, when I first got told that my mother was sick, then that she thought I wanted to harm her -yeah, even kill her- and eventually when she died. Tears were swelling up in my eyes and I whipped them away, grabbing my phone, determined to protect and help y/n. Everything I knew right about now was that I never wanted to feel as helpless as this again. Ever!


“Stiles? What’s wrong?”

“It’s about y/n. Scott, I don’t know what to do!”

“What’s wrong with her? What happened? Why are you whispering?”

And then I told him everything I just witnessed and that we needed to do something, but I wanted to talk to her first, well aware that she probably didn’t want either one of our help, but she wouldn’t have a word in this. Not anymore!

Right as I ended the conversation with Scott I heard that the shower turned off and a few minutes later the bathroom door opened. Y/n stood in front of me, eyes swollen from crying. Her right cheek was also swollen and you could guess that a big bruise was going to show up. At first she was a little bit confused. Probably because she thought that I’ve left. Did she really think that I would just leave her here like this? All on her own?

Without saying anything I just closed the gap between us and hugged her tight.  No words needed to be spoken, at least not yet. Now everything I wanted to show her was that I would be there for her and that I didn’t make her responsible for anything. That I would always be by her side and just give her a shoulder to cry on. And even though I thought she would push me away, she actually hugged me back. Pressing me flush against her, resting her head on my chest and then she started crying again. Uncontrollably and it broke my heart. I pulled her tighter and tried to comfort her by saying that everything is going to be okay eventually and that she is save now, that I would never leave her. After a while she actually seemed to stop and silence filled the room.

I held her at arm’s length to have a better look at her- yup there’s definitely going to be a bruise. I whipped her tears away and she gave me a weak smile. I looked down at my feet not wanting to show how hurt I truly was, seeing her like that.

“Stiles?” My head shot back up. “Could you stay here over night please?” New tears were swelling up and I hugged her again. “Of course. Everything you want!”

We didn’t talk about what happened. I was determined to, but I didn’t want to bother her right now, so we just went to bed. We laid down and just stared at the ceiling. Neither one of us would be able to sleep much, even though I could sense how tired she was due to the crying.

“He’s never been like this before… I – I mean we had our arguments and stuff, but he never really hit me. It- it just started a few months ago… “

I sat up, resting on my elbow to have a better look at her. Even though it was dark I could see that her eyes were filling with tears again, but she kept on talking with a cracking voice, not looking at me. And I was so glad that she actually opened up without me digging, that really meant a lot to me especially if you knew her.

“I had a happy childhood. He was a great father. Until… until my mother left us and took my brother with her. I’ve never heard of her again… That’s why I never talk about my family. What is there to talk about? An alcoholic father who beats the crap out of you if you’re not doing everything right? A mother who just left you, without saying one single thing to you why? She didn’t even leave a note! Nothing! One day I had a mother and the next I didn’t! And she took my brother with her! He was around 2 years old – I was 5- back then, which means he probably doesn’t even know that I exist! And now with all the supernatural stuff going on I just can’t seem to keep my shit together! I am so overwhelmed even by little things that I just don’t wanna go on anymore! Why? Why do I not just throw the sad excuse of a life away and have it all over with? I don’t wanna live like that anymore, Stiles. I CAN’T!” Now she was crying again and I felt that tears were also running down my cheeks. Seeing her so broken, the girl who may kept her guard but who always seemed happy, who no one ever would have guessed that she had to deal with so much hate and sadness within herself. How did I never see or realized anything?

“You don’t have to, okay? We’re going to figure something out, okay? Like we always do!” She nodded, whipping her tears away and finally facing me.

“Stiles, you have to promise me something!”


“Please don’t tell anyone about it, okay? I know that this is a lot to ask for – “

“Are you kidding me?! That’s insane! I can’t do that!!! No way y/n!!! – “

“Stiles! Please!!! I know that you cannot understand it, but my dad is everything I have! I have no one else! And I love him! After all, I love him and I know he loves me too, he just never got over the fact that my mum just left without saying anything! And he just had a bad day today. That something like this happens is just an exception, I promise and you have to believe me! You cannot tell anyone, especially not your dad, okay? He’s family after all and I love him! Stiles?”

I just stared at her, unable to comprehend what she expected from me. There was no way I would not tell my dad and besides I already told Scott. But in the end I just nodded at her weakly, squeezing her hand and she smiled at me, inching closer and filling the gap between us, resting her head against my chest while my arms were wrapped around her. And that’s when I knew that whatever happened I would never let her go, I would fight for her, I would protect her even if that meant that I would lose her in the end. I loved her and because I loved her so much I couldn’t be selfish. I needed to take the risk of losing her when that meant that she would be safe and sound. For now, I would leave her alone with everything that had happened, help her settle in again. But I swore to myself that I needed a plan of her not being able to just walk the other way when someone just wants to help her. I needed a plan which she wouldn’t be happy about, but I needed to do this. Maybe someday she would forgive me, maybe not… but at least I would know why I had to do it and eventually she would to.

And with that in mind I fell asleep.

It’s A Sign

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1158
Requested by @inmysparetime0:  Can I request a Jensen x reader where the reader is an ASL translator at a con and isn’t too familiar with the show and she is invited out with the boys or something and Jensen likes her!?

          You were excited to get the job being the American Sign Language translator at a popular con, but you felt bad for not really knowing much about the shows that were there. You hadn’t gotten into them and now you were going to have to sign for them. But you were still happy about doing it.

           You spent the morning preparing, trying to do some research on the actors of Supernatural. The show had been on for a long time and still had a huge fan base. You were impressed for sure.

           But the pictures didn’t prepare you for actually meeting Jensen Ackles. He was the most attractive human being you had ever seen. You had no idea how you were supposed to concentrate on your job with him sitting on the stage, right there behind where you were standing.

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Blue Eyes and Butterflies [Castiel] (Part 1)

Series Title: Blue Eyes and Butterflies
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel x reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Gabriel/The Trickster
Warnings: Really short first part that sounds boring, but this plot is gonna be HELLA GOOD I HAVE SO MANY PLANS
Word Count: 720
Short Description: You come from an Alternate Universe (like a reverse French Mistake) where Supernatural is a TV show and somehow land in the Supernatural universe by the will of the Trickster. 

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

You let out a loud groan of annoyance as your Internet slowed down until it stopped working entirely. It was a Saturday evening, one that you should have spent having fun, but evidently, you weren’t enjoying it very much. You had reset your Wi-Fi modem at least twice already, and you had last-minute research to do for an essay so you were previously late one. “The perfect moment to be crappy.” You muttered to yourself, getting up from your desk in your apartment to reset the Wi-Fi modem again.

Your apartment had always seemed small, but it was cosy. Your bedroom had a king-sized bed in it and plenty of lights, as you were an avid reader and could curl up basically anywhere to read a good book. This was one of the many ways you procrastinated general work and university-related activities you had to partake in.

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my friend just started watching supernatural

and i told her John, Sam and Dean all die in season two and she just stared at me and started laughing and said I was joking because the show can’t go on if the main protagonists die in the second season and there are eleven seasons, but i told her it’s true and swore on my life

i’m enjoying her suffering and confusion very much.

Sherlock: The Six Whatever

To be honest, I was planning to write a very different meta today, because I really do love the show - a lot. And then last night I was so angry, I thought I wouldn’t write a meta at all. I went to bed literally seething with rage and righteous outrage. And now I’m awake again and I’ve got a couple anons in my inbox asking me what was wrong with that episode - an episode which, judging from the first page of my dash, some of you actually loved. So, well - I don’t want to ruin your morning: severe wank under the cut, proceed at your own risk.

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"Broken Strings and Angel Wings" Supernatural One Shot

Title: Broken Strings and Angel Wings

Author: Lana (pineapplegirl123)

Original Imagine: Imagine showing the Winchesters and Cas your musical ability.

Word Count: 1,576

Warnings: none

A/N: This is a redo of my original one shot here. After reading it again, I just couldn’t leave it like that. So I rewrote it. There’s no need to read the other one to read this one. Actually, don’t even read the other one at all. It sucks. This one is much better. So yes! I say “so yes” and “so yeah” very often… Enjoy!!


You were in your own room in the bunker, sitting on your bed playing random chords on your guitar and quietly humming along to the tune.

“Hey, you’re pretty good.” a voice said from behind you. You jumped at the unexpected voice and stopped playing. You turned your head towards the sound and your eyes landed on Dean. He was leaning against the frame of the door, which you had accidentally left open. Great.

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I came out to my family tonight!! Considering that they’re all pretty conservative Christians, it went better than expected. I’m super freaking proud of myself, not gonna lie. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the support of the people of have met in the Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and One Direction fandoms, and the strength and joy I have gained from the shows and the boys of 1D as well as their music. (I apologize for spending most of my time lately over on my 1D blog, @protectlouandhazza ) Get strength wherever you can. Don’t let anyone shame you about something you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to follow your passions and dive into the things that make your heart sing. It can be truly life-changing. I feel very happy and free tonight. I love you all so much. Stay strong.

To fanfiction readers

I’m going to go ahead and keep working on the Fake Married series if that’s okay with you guys. It’s almost done. We’re headed to the big final battle. I think we’re looking at three more chapters–five at the most.

Once the Fake Married series is done, I will focus on Mary’s Kitchen with Blood Sacrifice and Leather Apron in between.

I know the fandom hasn’t been in the greatest place lately because of my fellow Destiel fans feeling jerked around, and rightfully so. Those of us who are still around seem to stay because of Misha or the fandom itself. I personally enjoy writing fanfiction and I adore Misha, which is why I’m still here in spite of feeling very rejected by much of the show. For those of you who are still around reading my stories and the stories of all fanfiction writers, thank you. It means a lot to me. Fanfiction helps me escape from anxiety in my everyday life and inspires my original creativity in more mainstream work. I appreciate those of you who are still here reading.

If you’re looking for new fanfiction to try….

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