supernatural is a show i enjoy very much

Trickster Matchmaking

Request: Hi ! Can you write a oneshot where Gabriel tries to set up Castiel and the reader together ? Because he know Castiel has a crush on her and it’s reciprocal ? Thank you very much ! :-D

A/N: A lightbulb went off in my head with this fic, and it took me down a path I think still holds up to the request. I kind of made a game show out of the idea, and loved taunting the characters.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2186

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One morning, you awoke in your cocoon of blankets as any other typical day. You could only assume it was morning as no sun ever shined through your shutters since the bunker had none. Your room, as every other in the bunker, contained a constant darkness unique to your windowless home. You swore cabin fever was inevitable without a clock, you thought, as you twisted the light on your lamp with a sleepy yawn.

You got dressed, had breakfast and began searching for a new case in the bunker’s library. All was as expected. The Winchesters long gone, hunting a small pack of Nachzehrers across the country. Not a known soul was in the bunker other than you.

You sipped your second cup of coffee as you scrolled through online newspapers, looking for anything that sounded unusual. You sighed as you hit dead ends, seeing nothing about a small fire at a boathouse in Maine.

The sound of soft, fluttering wings dragged your attention from your task. What use to be a comforting sound, left you now panicked as Castiel no longer flew. Meaning, a possible threat entered the bunker’s library. Silently cursing, you wondered why no one thought to stash an angel blade in the room, like the gun strapped underneath your table. Knowing it wouldn’t aid much against an angel attack, you felt better gripping the weapon, covered in stick-residue from the duct-tape that had kept it in place. If all else failed, it would serve as a distraction as you devised a better plan.

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I have been enjoying this show I’ve started watching. Batman is hunting down the evil that killed his family, and he’s trained Dick and Jason to follow in his footsteps and follow his orders unquestioningly, except they’re very conflicted, and Dick is the dutiful son who tries to do what he’s expected to, but Jason has lots of problems with following orders and fights Bruce all the time which is really ironic considering how much he and Bruce are alike. I’ve just been informed that apparently this Batman show is called “Supernatural.”

my friend just started watching supernatural

and i told her John, Sam and Dean all die in season two and she just stared at me and started laughing and said I was joking because the show can’t go on if the main protagonists die in the second season and there are eleven seasons, but i told her it’s true and swore on my life

i’m enjoying her suffering and confusion very much.

I came out to my family tonight!! Considering that they’re all pretty conservative Christians, it went better than expected. I’m super freaking proud of myself, not gonna lie. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the support of the people of have met in the Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and One Direction fandoms, and the strength and joy I have gained from the shows and the boys of 1D as well as their music. (I apologize for spending most of my time lately over on my 1D blog, @protectlouandhazza ) Get strength wherever you can. Don’t let anyone shame you about something you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to follow your passions and dive into the things that make your heart sing. It can be truly life-changing. I feel very happy and free tonight. I love you all so much. Stay strong.