Imagine Crowley giving you a hellhound puppy as a gift for your birthday.

“No way!” you squealed as you saw the small, but intimidating, hellhound trot over to you. “Crowley, you got me a hellhound pup?”

He nodded and smiled. “Only you and I can see her though. Juliet had her litter a couple of nights ago…figured now would be the perfect time to train her not to kill you.” The pup, which was larger than any newborn canine should be, ran over and began licking at your legs.

You giggled, eyes lighting up with joy. “I don’t think we’ll have that problem…”

“She’s only tasting you,” he scoffed, but you ignored him and jerked him into a tight hug. Of course, he nearly burst into flames at the affection, but secretly he loved to see you so happy for once.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed. “Best present ever!”

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Imagine Deans reaction to a hunt going wrong and you almost dying

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As soon as Dean heard the motel door thump closed behind him he let out a sigh, glad that Sam was out on a food run and that the motel had enough vacancies that you were able to get your own separate room. 

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Let’s Meet At Lukes Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 


           You wanted to say that you were shocked when Jensen texted you, but you were even more shocked when your doorbell sounded at 8 am and it was Jensen standing there staring at you. “Jay? What are you doing here?” you asked in disbelief as he walked in. “I’m serious about this. About what all we talked about on the phone last week. I want this. I want you back,” he said holding his hands out a little. “I love you,” he smiled sadly.

               You sighed, running your hands through your hair as you shook your head. “I can’t deal with this right now, Jay. I’ve got to get ready for work and take Matthew to daycare,” you said. “We are going to have to talk about this eventually, Y/N,” he called out as you headed towards the stairs. You stopped and turned looking at him. “Tonight, I’ll have some friends of mine watch Matthew,” you said before going up the stairs. You grabbed your phone and headed for the bathroom as you checked the new text message.

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Imagine Crowley having a small daughter and making time to play with her.

“No, Daddy! You have to use your pinky when you drink your tea!” the little girl sitting across from him scolded. Her long dark hair was messily braided into two strands that laid perfectly across her small frame.

It was no surprise that Crowley’s daughter was just as bossy as he was, and she would rather die than submit to someone else. Maybe that was what got her into trouble all the time, but look who her father was. The one and only king of hell.

“Princess,” Crowley said calmly, “Daddy is grown man. It wasn’t meant for me to.”

“Oh, don’t be a sissy.”

Small snickers sounded from the door of the throne room as a group of demons watched in amusement as their leader drank from a small tea cup with his pinky raised high into the air. It didn’t bother him much because he knew that later on they would pay. Besides, he may look a little funny, but the smile on his little girl’s face was priceless. He would do anything for his flesh and blood.

“Oh! Once the tea party is done, I made you a flower crown that matches mine! Now we can be pretty together, Daddy!” she giggled.

Crowley only smiled and chuckled. “Oh dear, what ever will I do with you, little one? You realize that Daddy isn’t a girl. He is a prideful king, not a queen.”

She only scoffed and crossed her arms. “And who said flower crowns were for girls only?”

“Well, no one-”

“Okay, then. We’ll look pretty together!”

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I Don't Know
  • Sam: Your name is Dean Winchester. I'm Sam, your brother. Mary Winchester is your mom. And Cas is your best friend.
  • Dean: My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. Cas— Cas is my boyfriend.
  • Sam: Good Dean! That's go— wait...? What? No! Cas is your best friend!
  • Dean: Are... Are you sure about that?
  • Sam: I... I think so...
  • Dean: ....
  • Sam: ....
Broken Empire

Request: Could you write a fic about Crowleys teenage (about 200 in human years) and how she deals with him beeing dead and her beeing the new Queen of hell? Love you 😘 😘 😘

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Somehow we always endup here.


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Imagine: your older brothers Sam and Dean are about to go give the boy that made you cry a piece of their mind and warn him what will happen if he does it again.