“ Don’t you dare come near him, Lucifer. ”
“ You think you can protect him, sister? Do you want me to remember you every times he died because you weren’t there to save him? ”
“ Take one more step and I’ll pulverize you. I won’t hesitate. ”

Imagine Gen introducing you to Jensen

“This is my best friend, Y/N.” She smiled. “And this big guy is Jared’s other half, Jensen.” You met his gaze, and immediately felt your stomach flutter. He was breathtaking. “Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” He smiled. Your breath shook in the back of your throat as your legs felt like they were growing weak. How did he have this affect on you? “You aren’t so bad yourself.” You muttered. “I-I mean your name isn’t so bad! Not that you are bad or anything I just-” you paused feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks. He let out a soft chuckle, his hands deep into his pockets. “Thanks I think.” You winced from the embarrassment, shaking your head. ‘Smooth.’ You thought to yourself. “Can we pretend I didn’t just make a complete fool out of myself?” You asked. He chuckled, his lips curving into a smile. “Aw come on. It’s not everyday a beautiful girl like you compliments someone like me.” He leaned closer to you, his breath lightly hitting your cheek. “Don’t worry sweetheart, it will be our little secret.”

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Imagine Dean likes to flirt with you and when Sam asks him why he does Dean answers with this.

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Imagine Bobby visiting you after he’s died to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and not doing anything reckless

You stared in disbelief at the man before you. “Dad?” you whispered tears filling your eyes. “Hiya sweetheart” he smiled slightly. “what are you doing here?” you asked, your knife falling to the ground; blood still covered it from the hunt you’d just finished. “I’m making sure you’re okay” he said as you shook your head turning away. “I’m fine” you grabbed your knife and made your way to your duffle bag. “Where’s Sam and Dean?” he asked confusion clouding his voice. 

“I don’t need them to watch over me-” “Well, somebody ought to. you haven’t slept in days, barely eaten anything since I left…you have to take care of yourself. Keep this going, keep killing the things that took your mother and I from you!” Bobby shouted as you felt the tears fall. “Daddy I cant” you turned looking at him. “Its to hard to go on.” you whispered as you sat down pulling your knees to your chest. Bobby wished so badly he could reach out and hug you, take your pain away. 

The rumble of the impala outside caused him to look at the door. “Great now the two idjits show up.” he uttered and turned toward the door as it opened. “Y/N?” Dean shouted running toward you. You looked up at him as he dropped in front of you. “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” when you shook your head and he pulled you into a tight hug, you began to cry again. Letting out all the pain as best you could. “Dean” Sam said softly, when Dean turned, Bobby stood there watching the scene before him. “Take care of my little girl you idjits, or I’ll be back to kill ya both” and with that, he was gone in a wisp of air. 

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One and Only

Summary: Based on Adele’s One and Only.

Word Count: 2,287

Warnings: Light smut.

A/N: I want to write fics based on all of Adele’s songs because she’s my queen and so perfect. 

It was the classic unrequited love story. The cliché-ness of it all made you laugh at times and you’d wallow in self-pity until you saw him once again and he’d smile at you, make you giggle, and have you forget he even had a girlfriend in the first place.

Dean was everything for you. He was beautiful, inside and out. With a heart so big you doubted he held contempt for anyone, you had fallen in love with him from the beginning. Yet, you knew the feelings were not reciprocated. Why would they be? Dean was ethereal, bearing the likeness of a Greek god and the most charismatic personality. And you? You were just you.

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Cas X Reader - Alone

Requested by- @tinkerelle7


“Go then, leave! See if I care!”

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

“Are you really taking his side against me?”

“Why do you keep pushing me away?”


“You guys need to calm down before you start throwing punches!” Dean yelled, standing between you and Cas.

“That is highly unlikely Dean.” Castiel said glaring seemingly through Dean toward you.

“What are you two even fighting about?” Dean yelled, annoyed at the childish acts.

“Fine don’t tell me, but take it somewhere else!” He sighed in defeat, walking away.

Castiel placed his hand on your shoulder and you were both now in an empty warehouse.

“You could’ve died.” He stated calmly. Trying to avoid shouting but you were too furious.

“But I didn’t, how does no one ever see the bright side?! I’m. Not. Dead!” You yelled, turning your back.

“I wasn’t even close to dying Cas!”

“Dean sa-” He started, causing anger to boil in your veins.

“Oh so now his say is more important than mine?! Cas, that’s not how relationships work!” You yelled quieter, clenching your jaw in frustration. Hurt.

“Well it’s very apparent he’s less reckless and child like! He’s not so…incompetent!” He yelled, louder than he was yelling before.

You flinched at his words and turned to face him. Almost nose to nose.

“Incompetent? I’m incompetent? How many times have I save your ass? How many times have I comforted you when you were so down in the dumps you couldn’t think straight?!” You yelled, your voice strained causing it to crack.

“I came to you expecting you to open up in return! All I’ve ever tried to do is help you, be there for you! But every time I try, you rebel, and start a screaming match! Stop ignoring the fact that I’m trying (y/n), for you! Why do you push me away?” He yelled, stepping closer, trying to place a comforting hand to your shoulder and tears forced their way down your face.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” You yelled jerking yourself back.

“I don’t know what to do anymore, (y/n)! I saved you from your father, from Crowley, from so much and you still can’t trust me? I’m so frustrated, and I may not be the smartest but I know you’re not okay.” He said softly.

You looked down in shame, to hide your tears. He was right but you couldn’t explain yourself because you didn’t know yourself.

You just knew all you had at the end of the day was yourself and you had to be strong.

For you.

“Is it me? Cause carrying on with you when you resent me, and hate like this… I’m afraid I might kill myself…trying to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved…” He said, trying again to hold you but you jerked back.

The tears fell harder and you moved farther away, metaphorically and literally.

“Damn it (y/n)!” He yelled turning around in frustration, rubbing his temples trying to understand.

“I have to leave.” You said quietly to yourself.

“Fine, you know what?! Leave, see if I care!” He yelled, instantly regretting his words and the whimper that escaped your lips.

You turned to leave but had to turn around quickly realizing you had no idea where you were.

“I need…” You paused forcing yourself to look up at him.

His face looked as how you imagined your to look, tears stained and puffy.

“I have to get back to the bunker…pack…” You said looking down at your feet, he grabbed your hand slowly and you closed your eyes.

When you didn’t feel any change in atmosphere, you opened your eyes to find you were at the same place and you looked up to find Castiel starring sadly into your eyes causing you to close them again.

You opened them slightly, to find your were now in your room.


February 12, 2016


It seems that the topic of choice today is the usage and understanding to pickup lines. I must confess that the circumstances surrounding the construction and delivery of one of these “pickup lines” is very foreign to me. Dean tried to explain it once, however he proceeded to carry me out of the bar that we had been in after a few hours of attempting this. 

It had been a little after he had attempted to have me loosen up while human, during which he had taken me to a brothel in the hopes that something would happen. This time around Dean seemed to begin aiming for a lower goal, and that transferred into trying to help with my delivery of these said pickup lines.

He gave me a few simple ones as we ordered beers. I do not remember many of them, mainly because I did not understand them, but he did have one that involved something to the effect of buying a woman a drink and then proceeding to “break the ice.” Why did I have to break the ice? What had it done to me? Was it’s purpose not to maintain my drink as cold as it could? Why must I break it in order to speak to this woman? I voiced these concerns to Dean, who proceeded to hang his head and try a different tactic: rehearsing with me at the table.

He tried to say some of the “cheesier” lines that he had heard, staying within the topic of angels in the attempt to help me understand. This did not work, however, because I did not understand how angels falling from heaven was a sign of romantic interest. He began getting annoyed, I suspect, after a while of this discussion, up until he began acting out how I should react in the moment. I was still very much confused.

One of the things that we did not account for was that this particular bar had a poetry competition that began a little after we had arrived, therefore the entire of the area’s noise level lowered to accommodate for the stage, which Dean did not see coming as quickly as I had. His words of encouragement, previously at a slightly higher level in tone so that I could hear them, became magnified almost instantly, carrying the conversation regarding good pick up lines that he had been rehearsing with me to be overheard by the nearest tables.

I did not think this to be a particularly displeasing issue. After all, are pick up lines not common in these types of situations? But after a few whistles heard across the bar and more than a few pairs of eyes were on us Dean began to grow silent, no longer giving me the advice he had been previously. I did not understand why, but the surrounding noise and attention did not let up, or at least not until a bartender delivered two drinks on behalf of the group of woman two tables down, saying something to the effect of “just rolling with it to see where it leads.”

Dean wanted us to leave immediately after that, but I made him stay enough to drink the drinks that had been so graciously given to us. It was very considerate of those women for doing that for us, though I have no idea what “rolling” they were asking for Dean and I to do. For his part, Dean did not want to talk about it, therefore I never got a concrete answer.




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Is that okay? I feel like I’ve abandoned you amazing people and I would love to make it up to you with this wildly historically inaccurate and publicized holiday. 


If so, I would love some specific Valentine’s Day requests. Any character. Any scenario. Any type: imagine, one shot and you may even get a preference or two out.

The other good news is that I am getting a week off next week, so I am planning on getting some stuff done as well.

Thank you all for holding out and sticking with me. You’ve all been amazing.

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Imagine being out to Sam but feeling guilty that you haven’t told your family yet.

“I think I need to come out to my family.“

“What? Today? Why?”

“I dunno, I just feel bad ‘cause like, they should know, right? Don’t they have a right to know?”

“No, y/n, they really don’t. It’s actually none of their business. I mean it’s shitty of them to have assumed in the first place, but you don’t owe them this. You don’t have to do this. You should come out only if you want to.“


@kimmiestrawberrykiwi said “Hi if you’re still doing ships may i have an Avengers & SPN ship? I just graduated college, working as a waitress right now but heading off to backpack Europe for three months! Can be kinda sassy! I’m a writer and avid reader. I’m the one my friends come to for advice, or help, or just to vent. Im a dancer and a singer, and i love to perform. BUT when you first meet me im shy until i get comfortable with you. Im 5'2, straight, hazel eyes, and bronze hair to my shoulders- So ya! Thanks!:)”

SPN SHIP: I ship you with the marvelous Sammy. You and Sammy would be really cute. He would always flirt with you at work, and try to get your attention. Even though, he knows it’s important to you. He will also be attracted to the fact that you finished school and went to college, that dedication just turns him on. He will always try to convince you to go with him on hunts so you have something to write about. But you would refuse sadly. Also you and Sammy would have a intense relationship with everything you do, since you are both dedicated and caring. You guys would soon earn the nickname “big moose and little deer

Avengers ship: I really, really, really, really, ship you with Stark. You and stark are both smart, educated people with sass. He will always have you there to talk to and take notes on anything you see. He will also love you there just to be company and do stupid things with. He will never test you, cause he knows that you can be really sassy. He would bring home books for you to read from where he’s visited last. He would take you to elaborate parties and talk you up to publishers and such.

I hope you like it babe!!!


Somehow, the three of you had found yourself at a discussion table with several Supernatural fans. You had been stirring your drink in boredom when Dean’s hand snapped suddenly off your knee, where it had been resting previously. You looked up at him as if to ask why when you noticed he was already being addressed.

“Well, she’s dressed like Y/N and this is role-play so why are you touching her knee? Unless…” you could’ve sworn the girl’s eyes widened in unreasonable horror. “Do you ship Y/N and Dean?”

Dean deadpanned, “what?”

“That’s so wrong.” A girl dressed like Jo scoffed.

You asked the girl, “why?”

She rolled her eyes, but the guy next to her (who was dawning a costume that screamed stereotypical king of hell and looked nothing like Crowley) spoke up, “Because she’s so obviously in love with Sam!”

Sam snorted, suddenly becoming interested in the conversation. Dean shot a glare at his little brother.

“Really?” Dean challenged, jaw clenched.

“Well duh! You don’t have a sex dream that hot about someone you’re not hot for.”

Sam’s eyes widened and his cheeks flamed up as you and Dean turned to him almost simultaneously. “Sam, a word.” The younger Winchester shot you a desperate look but you just smirked in amusement, watching as your boyfriend pushed him out of the exit.

You took the opportunity and leaned forward curiously, asking the fan group for more information on their favorite topic. “So, tell me more about this sex dream?”


Imagine leaving Dean alone with your son, and when you come back, you discover he learned a new word.

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“Dean.” you say in a deadly calm voice. “Where did our child hear that?” Slowly, you turn from your son to your husband, who has a look of pure terror on his face. 

“Wha- I don’t- he-” Dean stutters, slowly taking a step back. 

“Dean.” you say, louder this time.  

“Baby, it’s not that-”

“DEAN WINCHESTER, WHY DID OUR CHILD SAY THAT WORD?” you yell as you walk closer to him.

“It was an accident!” he squeaks, backing into the wall with a soft thud. “Babe, I swear, I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out, and he kept repeating it and I’m sorry!”

“An accident?!” you roar, causing Dean to leap away from the wall, running at top speed away from you. 

“Son of a bitch!” he yells as he sprints past the crib and down the hall. 

“Bitch!” your son squeals excitedly. 



“We passed three burger places on the way back,” Sam said, lifting his fork for another bite. “Dean didn’t stop at any of them.”

“Nope,” Dean confirmed with a grin. He reached to grab himself another roll, hesitated, and grabbed two instead. “Not when I knew you were cooking, Y/N.”

“I’m flattered, but…is it safe to assume you two didn’t have access to food anywhere else while you were gone?” you asked with a laugh. “You two need to slow down and come up for air so I don’t have to heimlich anyone.”

“I am so glad you suggested this family dinner crap,” Dean continued on, undeterred as he took a big bite of his roll. You rolled your eyes with a smile and pulled the bottle of wine away before Sam could reach for it; both of them looked to you.

“Part of this ‘family dinner crap’ was that we would actually sit down and talk. You know, communicate,” you said slowly, as though the word were foreign to them. Dean looked to Sam and then to you, his mouth full and his brow creased.

“Not just eating and drinking and then to our rooms?” he asked, crestfallen. You shook your head.

“Nope. Part of the deal of my meals is actual conversation,” you said. The brothers looked to one another again, eyebrows raised as they silently decided who would begin. Sam cleared his throat and shrugged.

“We ended up getting the vamp that–”

“Swallow your food first!” you exclaimed, dropping your head to your hands and laughing with exasperation as you reminded yourself to be patient when it came to Sam and Dean and their understanding of normal family time.

x x x

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**Imagine Sam and Dean Being Extra Ravenous For Your Cooking Whenever They Get Back From a Hunt**

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“Dean, you just don’t get what it is like to be me.” You shouted at the man as you tried to brush past him on the way to your bedroom. He grabbed your wrist preventing you from leaving him. Your nostrils flared as you turned your face towards him. He looked confused and his green eyes sought answers as to your sudden outburst.

“What are you talking about? All I asked was why you don’t use flirting as a technique to get information you need.”

“Because Dean. Look at me. I am the girl that men only hit on when they are desperate and all the other girls rejected them. I am the background chick. The one no one notices. I am not attractive like most other girls. I am awkward and brash and a million other things that make it so even the idea of flirting with a guy is the most terrifying thing for me. Even if I am just pretending to get information, if I get rejected, that kills me. You don’t know what that is like. You are gorgeous and women fall all over for you. You’ve never had a problem getting what you wanted because of your looks and your confidence.” 

“That’s not true.” Dean said quietly. His expression softened into a distant sadness. 

“Really? Name one girl that you weren’t confident you could pick up?”

Dean bit his lower lip for a second, unsure if he should answer. 

“What? Just tell me. What girl has made you so nervous, so terrified of your feelings and your inadequacies that you lose yourself.” 



Dean and you remained wary after Sam left to find the witch, backs pressed against each other as you surveyed opposite sides of the room.  You worked well together—perfectly, actually, and of course, as any pair would, you had your arguments and disagreements, but when the brothers butt heads over their ideas and methods, you always seemed to be the one to maintain peace.

“Who do you think it’ll look like?” you asked, your voice barely above a whisper as to not disturb the eerie silence of the basement.

Dean scoffed.  “Well, I always had a thing for the chick who played Daisy Duke.”

“Oh, jeez, Dean, she’s, like, sixty now.”

“She definitely wasn’t in the ‘80s,” he answered, and you could hear the cheeky grin in his voice.

You elbowed him.  “Gross.”

“Hey, you asked.”

After staying like that, back to back, you lowered your gun and sighed.  “I’m gonna go poke around over there.  Don’t move from this room.”  You knew he rolled his eyes, but with finger barely brushing the trigger, you rounded a corner into a room you hadn’t checked earlier.  It was dimly lit from the light behind you, and after a quick yet thorough sweep, you came up with nothing.

Should’ve guessed, you thought, a sigh escaping you as you made your way back.

As Dean turned around to face you, made aware of your presence by undisguised clunky footsteps, his expression went from focused, to surprised, to defensive all in the blink of an eye.  He yanked you forward by the wrist and then pushed you behind him, stumbling back a few steps to create distance.

“Dean, what the he—“ you stopped short when you saw what he was staring at.

You.  You saw yourself, or an imitation, you should say.  It was leaning against the doorframe, a sultry smirk heavy on its face.

“Dean, why is it taking on my appearance?” you demanded as the two of you walked backwards behind a table.

He looked conflicted, his eyes never leaving the fake you, slowly sauntering with a swagger that you certainly didn’t possess.

“C’mon, Dean, don’t be shy.  I know that you just… well, can’t think straight when I’m around,” It taunted, reaching the table and leaning forward to expose cleavage shown off by a shirt with one too many undone buttons.

“Dean,” you persisted, gripping his forearm.

Between the aghast expression on his face and the sultry version of yourself, you could draw two conclusions: you were Dean’s darkest desire, and you weren’t sure how to process that.

(this is absolutely awful, and I apologize, but I haven’t posted in years)