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Hell House

Summary: Your sister and her boyfriend start a prank war on the way to investigate a haunted house
Words: 6k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: episode related drama, pranks

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

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You didn’t remember falling asleep in the car. In fact, you didn’t even remember deciding to close your eyes. Apparently, your body was just exhausted.

You woke with a start as Dean began singing obnoxiously loud along to Blue Ӧyster Cult, flailing your arms out in front and promptly spitting something out of your mouth before realising it was just a plastic spoon.

You looked over at your sister to see her suppressing a laugh, and you slapped her arm at the same time as landing a forceful kick to the back of Sam’s seat.

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Hell House

Could I do a Sam x reader Where u almost get hurt in the Hell House episode and Sam patches you up

Requested by @crazyfangirl345


Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Grown up language, violence (though really you should expect that?)

Episode : Hell House S1:E17

You let the boys do most of the talking to the Ghost Hunters, partly because they both towered over you in stature but mostly because they knew you wouldn’t have the patience to deal with these dweebs.
“Look, if you don’t take that website down than thousands of people are going to keep flocking to the Hell House and running into Mordechai.” Dean reasoned.

You watched as they argued with the brothers and Dean threatened to bitch slap them; it was hard not to encourage him to do it. This house had been a pain in your asses since you’d rolled into town; it had taken a lot of research to figure out what this ridiculous ghost was, and why your bullets did nothing to stop him.

It didn’t help that you’d been trapped in the middle of the prank war currently going on between Sam and Dean, usually the boys were happy to keep you out of it and let you referee and keep score. But you’d been caught in the cross fire a few times over the last few days, once with Dean gluing your hand to the table at the motel. Sam had thrown a fit and spent a good hour trying to free your hand from the table with as little pain as possible, you’d found it oddly reassuring that a man his size could be so gentle when put to a task. You’d been severely embarrassed by the whole ordeal, your face burning with a blush as you tried to avoid Dean’s mocking smirk and him blowing kisses over Sam’s shoulder.

That’s when you realised one of your best friends was a little shit.

Dean, the bastard, knew all about your feelings for his younger brother since a few weeks ago at the bar when Sam had spent all night flirting with the bar maid. You didn’t blame him, she was beautiful. But it did mean that you spent the best part of the night trying to keep up with Dean’s drinking and failing. After running to the bathroom to throw up and Dean taking you back to the motel you spent the rest of the night sat on a bed with a glass of water that the older Winchester kept refilling for you and having what Dean insisted on calling ‘a chick chat’.

You spilled your guts about your feelings for Sam until the giant himself came rushing into the motel, apparently having received a text from Dean that he’d had to take you back to the room. Sam had taken your face in his large slightly calloused hands to check your eyes and having given you the once over seemed happy with your condition but went to get you the last slice of pie in the cupboard in the hopes of sobering you up quicker. You quickly gifted it to Dean as a thank you for looking after you and bribe to keep his mouth shut.

He did keep his mouth shut, he didn’t tell Sammy a word but that didn’t stop him plotting. He ‘accidentally’ locked you both in Baby, made you go research together and tried to get you to go undercover as a couple as much as possible.

“Come on.” Sam urged you both as you started to walk away from the ghost dorks, they protested begging the Winchesters for their precious information.
“Tell them Sammy.” You urged as you carried on walking away, the pair on your heels.
“But if they agree to shut the website down..” Sam trailed off.
“They’re not going to do it.” Dean shook his head and you tried not to let a smile break through your façade, you loved seeing the boys acting like this on cases, it broke up the drama of your lives.

They agreed to shut everything down, you could tell they were lying but that what you were counting on. You let Sam tell them the vital info that you’d made up while you waited next to Baby.


“Come on Y/N, Sam won’t see it coming.” Dean gave you a coy smirk over table between you. You’d gone into the restaurant first to get a table while waiting for Sam to get the password the restaurants internet.
“That’s because I’m not getting involved in your prank war. Poor Sammy’s skin was red raw from the itching powder.” You rolled your eyes at the older Winchester.
“I put most of it in his underwear.” Dean laughed.

Sam approached you both his laptop tucked under his arm. 
“Why are we talking about my pants?” He asked coming over to you both and sliding into the seat beside you.
“Y/N here would like to get in them.” Dean laughed loudly at the bitch face Sam shot him and you tried to ignore the fact that you could feel the heat in your cheeks rise until even your ears where practically burning with embarrassment. 

You ordered and ate in relative peace, save for Dean pulling the cord to an annoying laughing wall ornament constantly. Once the plates where cleared Sam took out his laptop and loaded up the Legends website while Dean pulled the cord to the annoying thing. Sam leaned over you to threaten him and grab the cord, you tried not to blush or look out of place with his large form leaning over you. God did he always smell this good?
You could hear Dean teasing him but refused to look up because you knew for a fact that the older Winchester was just waiting to waggle his eyebrows at you or something else just as childish and embarrassing.
“So have we got this sucker or what?” You asked the brothers.
Sam nodded, “I figure by nightfall the legend will have changed and we can kill the bastard.”

All three of you lifted your beers to toast in your upcoming victory, as you drank yours you noticed Sam laughing to himself and watching Dean. Scowling Dean tried to put down his glass, he opened his hand and shook it but the bottle remained stuck to his palm.
“You didn’t.” Dean scowled at you both but you and Sam were already laughing.
“Oh, I did.” Sam laughed holding up the very tube of superglue that Dean had used to stick you to the table just some few days prior.

“That’s amazing.” You laughed and high-fived Sam, he gave you a bright smile that lit up his face and you couldn’t help but give him a bright smile in return.
“Y/N, if you would.” Sam prompted laughing as you pulled the cord of the laughing man on the wall.
Dean narrowed his eyes at you and tried to point at you but the glued bottle in his hand made it impossible, “I see how it is, you take his side Y/N that’s fine. I’ll get you both.” Dean promised, his eyes twinkling mischievously.
Sam wrapped an arm around your shoulders and gave you a little playful shake, “Don’t worry Y/N I’ll protect you from big bad Dean.”
You looked up at him with a beautiful smile, “Don’t you always?”
Sam seemed dumbstruck, his smile stayed but any other movement stopped, his arm still loosely around your shoulders as he studied your face. When had you gotten so close? His smell washed over you again as you stared at each other.

As usual Dean, the little shit, decided to ruin the moment, “Could you two keep the bedroom eyes for when you’re in private please? I’ve literally just eaten.”
Sam’s arm dropped from your shoulders as you both glared at Dean who was trying to get the bottle off of his hand by trying to push a fork between it and his skin.


“I swear to god.” You groaned and leaned back on the wall next to Sam. Goddamn servers going down and taking your only chance of killing this thing.
“Right, let’s get out of here, regroup and come back to smoke this bastard.” Dean groaned and urged one of the ghost dorks out in front of him. The other turned to face you and Sam and gave you a dramatic look.
“Look sweetheart, I know we’ve been caught up in this crazy haunting, but we’ll get out of this fine and when we do, I’d like to take you out on a date.” He gave you a look which you were sure he though was heroic and romantic.
“Erm no thank you?” You offered trying to be polite as you felt Sam tense up beside you.
Sam slipped by you and caught the fool but his collar, “Come on asshole, we’re getting out of here.” He snapped as he started to drag the man away, his feet barely touching the floor.

You rolled your eyes at them and started to pick your way around the room, looking for clues again until you heard the ghost-dweebs screaming and Sam shouting. You ran round the corner to find Mordechai holding Sam up against the wall with the axe to his neck. Knowing it would only buy you a few minutes you whipped out your gun and shot at the spirit. He vanished but instantly was back in front of you, he hit you in the face with the butt his axe sending you crashing to the floor.

You let out a low groan a spat out the blood that pooled in your mouth from the hit, you looked up to see him above you swinging down his axe and rolled hastily onto your side. His axe just missed you head, instead coming down on the side of your shoulder.

You yelled out in pain.

“Y/N!” Sam yelled as he slipped one arm around you and pulled your feet so that he could support your injured arm, blood weep from the wound quickly through your clothes and onto his.
“Come on!” He shouted and then you were running.

You’d never be able to keep up with the large man if he wasn’t holding onto you. Seriously he needed to give the workouts a rest.

You ran out past Dean and out into the woods as the flames licked at your heels. You tumbled into the forest, Sam holding you up as you crashed into a clearing. You would vaguely hear Sam and Dean arguing about setting fire to the house but you couldn’t focus, your head was throbbing from the axe handle to the face.

Thanks Mordechai.

Sam wrapped both arms around you holding you upright to his chest and holding one large hand over the wound on your shoulder.


“Y/N? Stay awake please.” Sam’s voice washed in and out of focus as you felt yourself being laid down a bed. You forced your eyes open to see Sam leaned over you, he flashed you a dimpled grin moving out of your view.

You groaned as you tried to sit up and instantly felt his hands on your back and side helping you guide yourself up so that you could lean against the headboard. Your head thumped angrily as you took your surroundings in. Sam had pulled a chair and a small table with a towel and antibacterial-water cleanser up to the end of the end. He sat back down into the chair and focused back on your shoulder, he’d had to rip off the arm of your top and had already stitched the wound back together, it looked just like he needed to finish cleaning it.

“Where’s Dean?” You asked, it hurt your lips to speak from the impact of the blow but running your tongue along your teeth you were pleased to find that you weren’t missing any.
“He went to get more supplies…and pie.” Sam gave you a hesitant smile like he was trying to smile just to keep your spirits up. He dipped the towel into the water mix and gently dabbed it onto your wound.

Fuck that hurt.

You hissed and jumped forward so that you nearly head-butted the poor gentle giant trying to care for you. Sam panicked and dropped the towel onto the bed, his hands flew to your arms to hold you steady.
“Woah Y/N are you alright?” He whispered, his eyes coming up to scan your face with such intensity that you almost melted into a puddle.
“Me? Yeah. I’ve got you looking after me don’t I?” You whispered, you were so close to him that you worried speaking too loud may blow the situation apart.
“Don’t I always?” He breathed; his eyes flickered down to your lips. He moved one hand to your face and ran the pad of this thumb along your bottom lip slowly and tried to take in everything about them. They looked so soft and inviting even though it wasn’t ten minutes before hand he was washing blood from them.

Your breath hitched as he leaned down and pressed his lips softly over yours. After a moment of shock, where he started to pull away, you pushed your lips back against him urgently. The kiss deepened and his other hand went to your shoulder to pull you close before you jumped back quickly startling Sam.
His eyes went wide, “Oh – god, Y/N, I’m so sorry I misread –”
You interrupted him, threading your fingers into his hair and pulling his lips back to yours before pulling away gently and whispering against his lips, “That was my bad shoulder.”

His eyes flicked to your shoulder before he laughed and gave you a blinding smile, “Maybe I should finishing cleaning that so we can get back to kissing?”
You blushed and slowly unthreaded your fingers from Sam’s mane of hair, “I would really like that.”

He gave you a soft kiss before sitting back in his chair and taking the towel back to dip into the water, “So after this, want to make a prank call? Think you could do a Hollywood exec voice?” He gave you a childish grin and you returned it before leaned down to kiss him again.

“So how do we explain this to Dean?”

So get this...

I’m sitting in the living room watching Supernatural with my sister and mother. One of two lights in the room started flickering. I thought I was seeing things so did my sister. Then it did it again and then went out for like five minutes then came back on. Flickered some more went out again and now after me freaking out it’s stopped. I’m getting the damn salt this always fucking happens when I’m watching the show!

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