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Look at the bottom center. I have watched season 8 so many times and I didn’t notice Castiel’s hand squeeze. He is doing that so he won’t hug Dean back. Because he’s about to run again. Because he knows Dean will want to find a way out but Cas doesn’t think he deserves to be free. Because if he lets himself hug Dean back, it will make separating again that much harder.
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commission for izelyoniipopugai for a super cute part of Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) which i’ve been meaning to read but i’m so slow at reading fic hahaaaaaa……so many kitties!!! <333

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I loved that angel!au draft! 😍😍😍 How Y/N explains her father's point of view and ideals, thinking that he was right and expressing how his love for God was his demise was very intriguing. Her conversation with Seokjin overall was extremely interesting. I'd love to read more of this if possible!! ^-^

TBH if u like this watch supernatural!!!! Such s gr8 show and it humanizes Satan tbh in a way where like as an average person who sins a lot or regularly can almost relate to him and that’s the scary part!!!!!! It’s so good tho oml pls