supernatural gif hunt

Imagine Sam trying to stop you from going on a hunt but giving up when he realizes again how stubborn you are.
“Fine… but you will stay by my side the whole time Y/n, will you?”

Imagine You and Dean Are Texting Each Other While He Is On A Hunt

Setting: You are cleaning up the bedroom that you and Dean share at the bunker, AC/DC playing in the background as you check your phone periodically, conversing with your boyfriend, Dean of course

You: Hey. How’s the hunt going?

Dean: It’s going okay. A little tired but could be worse. I miss you though.

You: Aww. I miss you too baby. Any idea when you’ll be back?

Dean: Shouldn’t be much longer.

You: Well A minute longer away from you is about as long as I can take. What are you doing?

Dean: staring at a gorgeous lady ;)

You look down at your phone, eye brows raising. Did he seriously just say he was checking out some lady? You nearly jump, dropping the phone to the bed when you hear someone clear their throat. You turn around to see Dean standing in the door, phone in hand and shit eating grin on his face. It was then you realized he was indeed staring at a gorgeous lady, but no where near as gorgeous as he was.