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Recently in my sociology class, we had an assignment to present something in pop Culture we enjoyed to the class. Naturally, my friend and I picked Supernatural. We did the project together, because Supernatural has always meant a lot to us as individuals, but it’s also meant a lot to our friendship. We recreated some of our favorite scenes in this video to show that Supernatural is a lot more than entertainment to a lot of people out there.

theinfamousanastasia  asked:

HELL YEAH who would you cast as a genderswapped Sam and Castiel??

ahhh…I’m not as sure for those two, but I think for Sam I’d have to say Missy Peregrym because she really does look like a female Sam/Jared, especially the pointed nose and over-all form of her face

the furrowed brow and fabulous hair

look at that bitch-face

got the kicked puppy look down to a t

and for Cas, I haven’t really found someone ideal as I have for Dean and Sam, a lot of people like the idea of Zooey Deschanel but I don’t really see it and also Katie McGrath, but she’s a little too young in my opinion, I kinda see a female Cas as Emily Deschanel

she’s very similar to Cas/Misha with the jaw and blue eyes, also she’s near enough the same age, just imagine darker hair

okay, the above picture is such a Cas face 

(also, the angel Hannah from episode 9x18 looked scarily like a female Cas, but I don’t know who that actress is)

this was really long, but I hope you enjoyed my headcanons

Chicks Have It So Much Easier - Masterpost

Summary: You, Sam, and Dean wake up in the wrong bodies. You’re all you, but the wrong sex. No surprise, Gabriel is to blame. Can you deal with a week with a dick? Can Sam and Dean deal with the things that go along with being a woman? Turns out, being a chick isn’t as easy as Dean thought. - Dean x Reader

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I know that Amber Heard is a particularly popular choice for gender-swapped Dean, but my choice is Evangeline Lilly, not only does she have similar physical features to Jensen or Dean, the eyes, the freckles, the lips, even the form of her face (she has those very soft features) and the hair, which isn’t actually blonde, an element which is kinda overlooked, but she’s also in the same age frame, and just look: 

she has the freckles and green eyes and even the full lips




she even has the eye crinkle

look at those angsty expressions

the one perfect tear

are you convinced yet?