supernatural gag reel season 5

Supernatural season 5 gag reel highlights

Let me start by saying that this was the gag reel I got the very least out of. I would like to connect that with what went on in J2′s lives at that point of time - it was the start of serious bearding and Jared’s faux marriage. Someone must’ve sat at the editing room, commanding what should and what shouldn’t be added. There were some nice moments to capture in the gag reel nevertheless!

How about this? Jared goes all kissy-kissy and Jensen pretends to be disgusted. You don’t fool me, Jensen!

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“.. and then I give him a shot in the face?” Yes, Jared, how about you do that? Oh, and let the camera roll.

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Giggles were had. These two always seem to have a lot of fun at work. I wonder how different the SPN set would’ve been if different actors had been chosen to play Sam and Dean.

Jared catches his sweetheart just in time. I love how playful they continue to be with each other.

WELL THEN. I’m sure that can be arranged.

Watch the entire gag reel here! I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be doing two each day of Christmas, last one coming out on Wednesday the 28th. Happy holidays!


Supernatural Gag Reels: Part 1/2 

[Seasons 1- 5]