Title: Spark

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 2,741

Theme song: Spark by Amber Run

Request: HI KAZZY! First off, I MISS YOU! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your work & honestly seeing your name on my feed instantly makes me so happy! Secondly, I saw your requests are open so, I figured I’d take a shot & try to submit one! So, I found this soulmate AU prompt & I believe you wrote one similar to it. “AU where the world is B&W until you meet your Soulmate. Your world then goes back to B&W if your soulmate dies” I’m hoping that you can write a SamxReader based on this! Thank you so much if you do! ILY

A/N: This might be a two parter. *whispers* if you guys want it!

x x

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Dean was the spark. Standing shoulder to shoulder in the dusty back shelves near the antiquated books room of the little shop where you worked, and with him telling you that if you happened to know of any other places around town he might find books on medieval ritualistic seances it would be ‘awesome’.

“Um, off the top of my head I can’t really think of anywhere,” you replied with a small laugh.

“Yeah. I get that. It’s not exactly on the New York Times Bestseller list,” he said, giving you a smile. You crouched low and ran your fingers over the spines of the books there, eyes scanning until you found the one he’d requested, right where your computer system had said it would be. You pulled it free and gave it a perfunctory brush of your hand, clearing it of at least some of its dust before handing it to him. He reached for it, his fingertips just barely brushing yours, and there it was; your whole world suddenly in technicolor.

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Enjoying the View

This is for @roxy-davenport ‘s July challenge. My prompt was filming your sexy times with Sam. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2800ish

Warning: smut, dirty talk, masturbation, filming sex

A/N: I do love a dirty, naughty Sam. Hope you do, too!

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Old Bar. New Face.

Originally posted by sexonthechevyimpala

Summary - Written for @d-s-winchester ‘s birthday challenege and inspired by the song Piano Man by Billy Joel, the reader ends up at her local bar where she runs into a stranger she never quite expected to. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Drinking 

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1470

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Okay guys, i just finished the second and last part, and i’m so excited to post it! Is the first fic that so many people wanted to the tagged!!! The only thing stopping me from posting it right now, is because there are some things i still have to review (Of course with @realdiepie’s help)(Thank you) and those kind of stuff. 

I’m so afraid that you’re not going to like it… i admite, i went a little far away with the emocional part, but yeah… i hope you like it!

Sooooo….. here’s a little spoiler!! 

Originally posted by hunterchesters

“I just saw (Y/N)’s father at the hotel bar, completely drunk.” Mark said and Jensen’s eyes widened.

“But he said he was taking (Y/N) out for dinner in the city.” Jensen said confused, starting to get really worried.“ (…)

"It was my father, wasn’t it?” You asked (…) “Wh-why i don’t remember anything?”

“(Y/N), after the boys found you, Jensen came with you to the hospital, but Jared… well he was so angry.” Danneel started (…) 

Are you guys excited??? What do you think that is going to happen??


Read Daddy Issues 

Kissing Kevin

This is for @ellen-reincarnated1967‘s gif challenge. I got the gif above. So freaking excited cause this is my first Kevin story.

Summary: You’re a hunter crashing with Sam, Dean and Kevin in the bunker. You’re got a crush on Kevin and finally fess up one day when you’ve got the bunker to yourselves. 

Also, I’m not sure how old Kevin Tran is, but in this story you’re both 18, for, ya know, legal reasons.

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, Kevin, and gotta give a shout out to Kevin’s pencil ;)

Pairing: KevinxReader

Warnings: Profanity, and I think that’s it?

Words: 1,104

“Aww, look, the brainiacs are back at it.”

“Piss off Dean, we’re busy. We actually do our research, unlike some people.” You reply, shifting your position to face him. You and Kevin have been in the library for hours, trying to find any information you could about the tablets.

“Well, lots of luck kiddies. Sam and I are off to gank some demons.” Dean smirks at the two of you. “Don’t destroy the place, and no sex on the tables okay? It leaves streaks.” Sam pushes Dean out of the room, shooting you and Kevin an apologetic glance.

You roll your eyes at Kevin and he smiles at you, tapping his pencil against his lip. “Dean is such an idiot.” You mumble. “Totally. You and me? Not likely.” He agrees with a laugh. You can’t help but feel a little insulted.

“What’s that supposed to mean, exactly?” you ask, frowning at him. He looks up from his book, surprised at your expression. “I just mean you and I would never happen, ya know?” he answers, sitting back in his seat. He taps his pencil against his lip again and studies your face. “What’s wrong, Y/N?”

“Nothing. I just didn’t know you found me so repulsive, that’s all. I mean, I realize I’m a hunter and I’m not as smart as the girl you were seeing before, but still, ouch.” Kevin gapes at you. “Wait, you think I’m saying I’m not into you?” he asks, looking confused. “Um, that’s what you just said.” You snap. You’re getting angry. You get that you’re not his type, you’re not smart enough or sweet enough or maybe even not pretty enough, but he didn’t have to be so blunt about it. You have feelings after all.

“Y/N, you idiot. I meant that you would never notice me, what with Sam and Dean around all the time. They’re like free eye candy and I’m just, well, I’m just me.” He says. He’s blushing and before you can say anything, he’s hunched back over his book, signaling the end of the conversation.

Sure, Sam and Dean were freaking gorgeous, but you’d made up your mind a long time ago to not get involved with another hunter. It throws you off balance during hunts, clouds your judgment. Besides, you preferred brains over brawns any day. You’d much rather be cooped up in the library with Kevin then out watching Sam and Dean kill monsters, throwing their weight around. Last time you’d join them on a hunt they’d all but suffocated you, convinced you needed their protection. It was sweet and endearing, but also annoying.

Kevin was the exact opposite. He was sweet and protective, sure, but he also understood that you could handle yourself. You couldn’t help but like him. He was brilliant and adorable, especially when he was freaking out over all the new things that were happening to him. You thought it was just too cute.

You can’t help but stare at him. He’s completely engrossed in his book, tapping his pencil on his pursed lips as he reads. On impulse, you stand up and walk around the table. He looks up and you push him back in his chair, sitting in his lap.

“Holy crap, Y/N, what are you doing?” he asks in a shocked voice. “You know Kevin, you’re right. Sam and Dean are free eye candy, but they’re not here right now. The only eye candy I can see is you.” You lean down to press a kiss to his lips, but he pulls back.

“Y/N, this isn’t a game to me. I like you. I don’t want to fool around if it doesn’t mean anything to you.” He says uncomfortably. You shift in the seat so that you’re straddling him. “Kevin, of course I like you. Why do you think I’ve skipped the past few hunts to stay here and do research? No one likes doing research!” He gives you a dirty look. “Well, except you.” You mumble sheepishly.

“I had no idea. Honestly, I thought with the way Dean teases you, maybe you guys were involved.”

You throw back your head and laugh. “Dean’s a doll, but a totally asshat. Come on Kevin, you really didn’t know that I’m into you?” He’s blushing now. You lean down and kiss his cheek, earning you a sweet smile. When he presses his lips to yours, so gentle and tentative, you melt into him. His lips are soft and sweet. He’s so careful, so damn careful, that he doesn’t do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with.

His hands rest on your thighs, but they don’t move. His mouth is pressed against yours, but he doesn’t deepen the kiss, doesn’t use his tongue. Frustrated, you thread your fingers through his hair and thrust your tongue into his mouth. He makes a surprised noise, then moves his hands up to your hips.

“Kevin, you aren’t going to break me. You’re always so stressed, so worried. Let me take your mind of all of that. I want to.” You whisper in his ear. His whole face lights up, and his sweet smile is so infectious that you can’t help but grin back. You hear a noise from the stairs, and then Dean’s voice.

“Holy shit Sammy, Y/N finally made her move!” he yells out. Kevin’s face couldn’t be more red.

You quickly shift around so that you’re sitting in Kevin’s lap, facing Dean. “What the hell? I thought you guys were going to be out hunting a while.” You hiss. “Yeah, well Sam isn’t feeling so well. Food poisoning or something.” Dean replies with a smirk. You look at Sam. He’s clutching his stomach and his face is green.

“Shit Sam, you look terrible. Go lay down; I’ll get you some Pepto. And maybe a barf bag.” You say with sympathy.  Dean helps Sam to his room and you stand up. Kevin suddenly grabs your arm and pulls you down to him, kissing you hard. His tongue is in your mouth and you can’t help but moan. He breaks away and you stare down at him, panting. “Whoa.” You murmur. He smiles. “Go take care of Sam, I’ll be here.” He says.

You start to leave the room, then turn to stare at him. He’s engrossed in his book again, tapping his pencil against his lip. You hope Sam feels better soon, so you can get back to your “research.” Your stomach clenches at the delicious thought of you and Kevin researching on the library table, your bed, the shower. Neither of you will be getting much research done tonight.

More Than They Bargained For  (Part 1)

Originally posted by imperfectcas

|  Part 2  |

Pairings:  None yet. ;) Eventual Sam Winchester/Reader, Dean Winchester/Reader, and Castiel/Reader

Warnings:  Language; Violence; Dead characters; Badass reader; Indecisive writer; discardable OC’s

Word Count:  2,957

Reader Gender:  Female

Summary:  When a girl calls Bobby’s phone out of the blue, not knowing that he’d passed a few months ago, the Winchesters are left to figure out what she’s calling for, not expecting for her to become an important part of the days to come.

Author:  Meg

A/N:  This is part 1. There will be a part 2 eventually! I really want to take my time on this story though and make it good for everyone. (Also, if anyone has suggestions for plot points they’d like to see, I’m open to hearing them! Lord knows I need ideas!) I was thinking of endgame being like an interactive, you choose your relationship fic, where I’d write 3 endings: one for Sam, one for Dean, and one for Castiel since I’ve always thought fics like that were cool.

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Elementary Part 24: The Reichenbach Death

Word Count: 5682

Characters: Eventual Sam x Reader, Dean, Lucifer, Bobby, mentions Cas, Ellen, and Jo

Warnings: Language, Sam being a (loveable) cocky son of a bitch, violence, talks of crime, main character death {Maybe ;) }, all the angst.

Tags: @superwholockbooknerd526, @mrssamfuckingwinchester@faegal04 @fandomgirl120

Y/N= Your Name

Y/L/N= Your Last Name

Y/E/C= Your Eye Color

Y/H/C= Your Hair Color

Summary: Sam and Lucifer meet on the roof of Bart’s, where Lucifer explains that assassins will kill Dean, Bobby, and Ellen and Jo, as well as “have some fun” with you, if Sam doesn’t do exactly as he commands. Before Sam can find a way out of Lucifer’s scheme, the criminal mastermind does the unspeakable. Which flips Sam’s chances of wiggling out of Lucifer’s plan and forces him to give in to the man that many would call the devil.

Sherlock!AU Masterlist

    You gazed up at him as he stopped within a few a few inches of you. “What do you need?” You repeated with a bit more intensity.

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Wanna Hear You

Anon Request: Dean x reader where the two of you get loud, because Dean wants Sam and everyone else to know you’re his.

Warning: smutty smut smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 2700ish

A/N: This was a fun request! Hope you enjoy it, anon!

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Imagine Sam being called Daddy by your daughter....

Originally posted by spnsamwinchester

“Sam where are you?” You called as you wandered through the bunker, your daughter, Carlee, following behind you as you called throughout the bunker looking for your moose of a boyfriend. 

“Mommy let’s face it, Daddy isn’t coming out.” She pouted as you quickly looked at her little face, her brown waves hung down around her face, her cheek was slightly pink and her eyes were hazel, but even though she looked like Sam, she wasn’t his. 

For you met Sam after the birth of your daughter, he was working a case with Dean when you met him, at the time Carlee was two. She knew that Sam wasn’t her father, for her father checked out before Carlee was even born, but Sam had been there for three years. She however had never called him daddy before, and he wasn’t even there to hear it.

“Well Carlee maybe he is with Dean.” You said, trying to hold back the tears as she looked at you.

“DEAN!” She said running down the hall towards the kitchen, where she knew he would be drinking a beer and making her favorite for dinner, The famous Winchester Burgers. At the sound of the little girl calling for him, he exited the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel, and looked for the little girl.

“Carlee, I promise the burgers will be done soon honey, I just have to finish…”

“Do you know where my Daddy is?” She asked as his face went white, he looked to you for help, which you worded to him, “Sammy”

“Well honey, I haven’t seen Sammy, last I knew he was in the library hiding from you.” Dean smiled as she went running down the hall, leaving you to look at Dean.

“So that’s new.” Dean said as he leaned against the door.

“Yea, she just started doing it.” You said as you looked at him, “I mean though, it makes sense. You and Sam, are the only father figures she has ever had. I am just shocked she….”

You were cut off by the voice of Sam, “HONEY!” 

“Better go make sure Carlee hasn’t tickled him to death.” You smiled as you started walking away.

“Wonder when I will be called uncle Dean?” He asked you as you started walking away, laughing as you replied, “One day, probably not today though.” 

You jogged to the library to see Sam had Carlee seated on the long chestnut table. His back turned to you, however Carlee saw you, “Mommy!”

“Yes Sam?” You asked as you looked up at him, a small smile on his face.

“She just called me Daddy, she has never…”

“Actually she has called you Daddy twice today already, once to me, and again to Dean, but looks like you are now Daddy Sam.”

“So does that mean..”

“Yes Sam, you are a better father then John ever was.” You whispered as you kissed his check.

“Now can we go eat some of Uncle Dean’s burgers?” Carlee asked as she swung her legs of the side of the table, your mouth hung open as you thought of the words you said less then five minutes ago.

“Yes you may honey, if you ask him exactly what you just asked me.” You answered as she ran towards the kitchen, your hand reaching out to stop him, “Wait for it.”

Several Seconds later you heard Dean run into the entryway, “She called me Uncle! I am Uncle Dean now.” and then he ran off, leaving you laughing at the little family you had made.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 3,783

Imagine: The reader confronts Dean about his feelings for her, and when he refuses to admit how he feels, the reader gives him an ultimatum. 


A/N: Taking a little break from Night Falls to bring you some juicy smut, Enjoy.

You kept replaying it over and over, trying to figure out what went wrong.

You took your sixth shot, slamming the glass down before Dean and throwing your hands up in victory. 

“That’s four!” You yell, your voice echoing off the bookshelves.

You look across the table, the oldest Winchester pouting as he drops his glass in a clattering defeat.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waves you off and you roll your eyes.

“Sounds to me like someone’s a sore Losechester if you ask me.”

Losechester? Really?” His voice is deep and rough, and if you didn’t know him, you’d think he was angry.

“Well,” you lean back in your chair. “You definitely aren’t a Winchester, that’s for damn sure.” You snicker.

Dean just rolls his eyes at you, but you can see the slight smirk on his lips.

You push yourself out of your chair and stumble around the table, lowering yourself onto his armrest, not really thinking about what you’re doing, but not liking the huge space between you.

His dopey green eyes look up at you, a rare moment with your usual height difference. 

His hand finds you knee in a touch that would have been innocent enough had there not been enough tension between the two of you to ignite a room on fire.

You were so sick of the back and forth these past months. All the looks, the touches, every little thing he did to you, without ever doing anything. And with whiskey flowing through your veins, you can’t stand it a moment longer.

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“I’m not Mr. debonair suave. I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes. That doesn’t sound very hot to me.” -Jensen Ackles

And that, sweet Jensen, is exactly what makes you so damn hot.


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam, Ellen, Jo

Summary:  The reader visits the Roadhouse with Sam and Dean, only to find that Jo wants Dean and hates you.

Word Count:  2970

Warnings:  Language, SMUT, a teensy tiny bit of violence (not graphic)

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Tags are at the bottom lovely people!

Originally posted by jensenfans


Sam pushes open the door and holds it opens so that you can follow, shaking the dust from your boots before you enter the bar.  The bar is dimly lit and smells of beer, but it’s clean and welcoming.

The woman behind the bar looks up and her face breaks into a wide smile.  “Why, Sam Winchester, as I live and breathe!”  The older brunette scurries around the bar and wraps Sam in a big hug.  “Good to see you!”

“You too, Ellen.  It’s been too long.”  Sam releases Ellen and indicates you, standing next to him.  “Ellen, this is (Y/N, Y/L/N), a good friend of mine.”

Ellen raises her eyebrows. “Any relation to Jim (Y/L/N)?”

“Yes,” you say, your heart aching for a moment. “He was my father.”

“Oh, honey!”  Ellen surprises you by pulling you into her arms and rubbing your back.  “I’m so sorry.  Jim was a good hunter and an even better man.”

“Thank you, Ellen.”  Blinking away the tears, you pull away and offer her a genuine smile, touched by her kindness.

“Mom?”  The voice precedes the young blonde woman who walks in. “Sam?!”  She rushes over and gives Sam a big hug.  “Is Dean here?”

“Uh, yeah.  He’ll be here in a minute.  Listen, Jo, this is (Y/N)”.

You extend a hand, but Jo doesn’t see it as her eyes are glued to the door.  “Huh?  Oh, hey.” She gives you a distracted look before returning to door duty.  Dean chooses that moment to grace everyone with his presence.  Jo’s face lights up like the 4th of July as she practically skips over to greet the handsome, rugged hunter.  

Sam pokes you in the side and you swat his hand away.  He knows just how damn ticklish you are.  Turning to him, you see a mischievous grin plastered on his face.  “Told ya!” he teases.

He had told you that Jo has a school girl crush on Dean. You just weren’t prepared for the intensity of it.  Women flirt with Dean all the time, it doesn’t bother you at all.  You aren’t the jealous type.  You don’t feel threatened by Jo, just a little uneasy by just how much she liked Dean.  This can only end in heartache.  

Sam slings an arm lazily around your shoulders and steers you to the bar.  “Buy you a drink?”

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Yes, Daddy (Playtime with Dom!Sam)

Summary: Pure dom!Sam smut, no plot to be found here.

Warning: smut, dom/sub, dirty talk, daddy!kink, nsfw gifs throughout

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: I have never written daddy!kink before, but I have now fallen so deep in the kinks that I actually enjoyed writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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Caught In A Storm

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2,161

Song: Hooked On A Feeling

A/N: This is my first time writing a quirky character – bear with me! Hopefully you enjoy it, as I plan to make it into a series. By the way, I would NOT have been able to write this without Fem! She literally had to deal with me writing some of this tipsy, and even dealt with my dancing breaks. So really, let me know if this is all worth it – do you want a part two?

_ _ _ _ _

“It’s just one more day.” Sam shut the Impala door.

“You said that three days ago!” Dean locked the car with a huff.

Sam swung open the door to the precinct. “You were the one who burned the wrong bones!”

Dean rolled his eyes and straightened his suit.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Dean strided towards the front desk.

A man not younger than fifty looked up from a computer that belonged to the last century.

“How can I help you?” He asked.

Sam took out his badge along with Dean.

“FBI?” The old officer furrowed his brows. “What brings you down here?”

“We need any files you have on the Rodriguez case. 1978.” Dean clasped his hands over the desk bar.  

“The FBI wants to know about a homicide case that was solved in the 80’s?”

Sam nodded while Dean looked to the side, then back at the man.

“I’ll pull up the files.” The man said and grabbed a key from his desk before retreating into a room behind his chair that seemed to be full of file cabinets.

Sam leaned an elbow against the bar while Dean looked around the precinct.

“It seems as if the FBI already checked out all the files on the Rodriguez case.” The man, Harvey according to his nametag, informed them.

“Who took them?” Dean raised a brow at Harvey.

“That woman, there.” He pointed towards the swinging door which Sam and Dean immediately sprinted towards.

“Hey!” Dean shouted, “Hey, lady!”

You turned around, gripping the yellow envelope. Two men stood before you.

“Are those the Rodriguez files?” The shorter one began reaching his hand towards them.

You stepped back. “They are.”

“We’re going to need you to hand those over.” He took out his badge. It glinted against the sunlight.

You politely smiled and took yours out as well. You flashed it towards both of them before lifting your hand so it flipped shut before tucking it back into your jacket.

The man exhaled.

“Look,” The taller one began, “We’ve been working on this case for nearly two weeks now and we desperately need those files.” He motioned to the envelope in your hands.

The shorter one was clenching his jaw tight.

“How do you feel about sharing them?” You asked.

“That would be perfect.” The taller one settled. “I’m Sam by the way, and that’s my brother Dean.” He stuck his hand out.

“Y/N.” You shook it.

_ _ _ _ _

Sam and Dean agreed to meet you at the library in a few hours, so you got into your car and drove to your motel.

The cheap FBI suit was beginning to itch and you nearly tore your skirt off. You kicked your heels off and heard them hit against the table leg with a loud thump.

“Finally.” You muttered and slipped on a pair of jeans. You tied your hair back and grabbed a water bottle before sitting down and opening the files. At least you would have a chance to read them over before having to share.

Two hours later you finally finished the stack and looked at the clock. It was shaped like the sun.

“Three?” You shot up from your seat. Shit. You told them you would be there by three. Quickly, you grabbed the envelope, your gun, and car keys before running to the car.

“Fuck!” You shouted and ran back inside. You forgot your shoes, wearing only your kitten covered socks. So, you grabbed your boots and slipped them on before running back out.

Hastily, you shoved the key into the ignition.

It seemed like you couldn’t drive fast enough. You managed to hit every red light and little old lady crossing the street.

_ _ _ _ _

“I knew we should’ve just taken the file and ran.” Dean was sitting on a table, one foot pressed against the floor. People shuffled around the shelves behind him.

“Dean.” Sam threw his brother a bitch-face. “She’s FBI. We aren’t.” He whispered.

Dean exhaled, “She doesn’t know that.” He checked his watch.

“Sorry!” Your voice rang from across the room. Dean looked up.

The librarian gave you a stern glance.

“Sorry!” You whispered loudly to her with wide eyes.

Dean smiled as he watched you stumble through the room. His green eyes locked with yours.

You dropped the envelope onto the table. “I was looking it over before I got here,” You pulled out a chair, “And apparently, there’s no known location for Lara Rodriguez’s bones.”

Sam looked at you.

“Burial site, I mean.”

Sam grabbed a paper from his brother and began to read it.

Dean glanced at you, “Why do you care where the owner was buried?”

“As you know the FBI obviously wants to cover every aspect of th-”

“What are you even looking for in this case?” Dean interrupted.

You swallowed. How could you explain that you were trying to find the Rodriguez bones to burn them before another ghost attack? And then that would mean explaining that you’re fake FBI!

“Y/N?” Dean pushed.

“Listen, every kid who went into that stupid house as a dare never came back out.” You began. The brothers looked at each other.

“But, when I listened to the outgoing calls from these kids, I heard them yelling about some woman in the house. I bet it’s Lara Rodriguez.” You bit your lip and waited for them to answer.

“She’s dead.” Dean said.


Sam looked at Dean.

“Are you by any chance not FBI?” Sam leaned forward.

You smiled.

Dean exhaled, “Thank God.” He pushed the stack of papers away from him.

For the next hour, you filled in the brothers on everything you knew about the case, and they did the same. You had been one step behind them the whole time. They were the ones who burned the bones you wanted to.

“So, where are her actual bones?” You twirled the end of your hair.

“Good question.” Dean stared at you. He slipped off his jacket and revealed a shirt whose material was easily moved by his muscles. You flicked your eyes away.

_ _ _ _ _

The Impala came to life with a satisfying rumble.

“What do you think?” Dean said as he turned on the windshield wipers.

“About?” Sam looked over.


He shrugged, “She seems nice. Why?”

“Just wondering.” Dean reached over for his soda and took a gulp.   

“She smiles all the time.” Sam added, watching his brothers reaction. “And when she was explaining how the case went, she made it sound… fun?”

“Yeah.” Dean nearly cracked a smile. Sam saw his brothers lip twitch upward, and smiled himself.

By the time they got back to the motel, Sam’s eyes were shutting and Dean’s stomach was growling. He parked the car and practically had to push Sam out.

“Goodnight.” Sam said with a yawn as he dropped onto the bed. Dean grabbed his jacket from the chair and shrugged it on before going back outside.

He began walking along the sidewalk to the other side of the motel where he swore he saw a vending machine the day before.

The rain pattered down against his jacket. Not a storm, but a drizzle with thunder that warned of one.

“Goddammit.” Dean heard someone mutter up ahead. He picked up his pace.

“All I wanted was some chips!” He heard, and then banging on glass.

“Chips for my hungry tummy!” Dean laughed to himself as he rounded the corner and saw a hooded figure slamming their palm against the vending machine window.

“Need some help?” Dean leaned against the vending machine.

You looked up once you heard his voice.

“Dean?” You pulled your wet hood off your head. His green eyes were sparkling against his wet lashes.

“Hey?” He sounded surprised. “Y/N?”

“That’s me…” You looked back at the machine, “How much of that did you hear?”

Dean smiled and stuffed his hands in his pockets, “Oh, you mean the part about your ‘hungry tummy’? Nope, didn’t hear a thing.” He was smiling wide.

You were positive your entire face was crimson. You began biting on your lip, not sure what to say next.

“Here.” Dean broke the silence. He placed a hand on your shoulder, physically moving you over, before beginning to shake the machine. In one movement the machine tilted over and out came your chips.

“Thank you!” You exclaimed, grabbing the bag. It crinkled in your hand. You shoved it in Dean’s direction.

“Want some?” You asked.

Dean nodded and you opened it. He took one and you watched him crunch into it.

“So,” He started mid-chew. “Are you staying here?”

You grabbed two potato chips and made them into a duck beak, squeezing them open and shut with your fingers. Dean watched, amused.

“Yeah. Room 204.” You said before biting into both chips at once. When he didn’t answer you looked up to find him smiling wide.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He shook his head and took another chip out of the bag.

The rain began to hit harder and you put your hood back on with the only fingers that weren’t covered in chip dust.

Dean’s hair was dripping wet and you laughed as he tried to brush it back, only to splash water everywhere.

“Shit!” You shouted as lightning ripped through the sky. A storm hit with a raging noise.

Dean grabbed your hand and began to run. He had to drag you at first – you froze from the sudden contact.

“My room is right here!” He shouted over the downpour as he ran, dragging you behind. He crammed his key in the lock and shoved you into the room before himself.

Looking between Dean and yourself, sopping wet, a laugh bubbled up from your throat.

Dean pointed at Sam and your hand flew to your mouth.

“Sorry!” You whispered. Sam was sprawled on his bed, his boots still on. When you looked back Dean was beginning to peel his shirt off.

Without noticing, you stared.

“Oh,” Dean began, “Sorry, do you need a shirt?” He walked over to his duffle bag and lifted a shirt. “You’re probably freezing.”

“Nah, I’m cool.” You waited for his reaction.

Dean shook his head and dropped his hand on his bag.

“Very punny.” He looked at you with a wide smile.

You walked over and kicked off your boots. Water leaked out of them onto the carpet.

“I know,” You snatched the shirt from his hand, “I’m very punderful.”

Dean watched as you walked to the bathroom, until you shut the door. Quickly, he slipped out from his jeans and laid them over the chair to dry. Rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a pair of boxers that were crumpled into a ball. He was an excellent packer, after all.

The sink was cold beneath your fingers. With one hand gripping the porcelain, the other was pulling your wet jeans over your ankles. Carefully, you swung them over the shower curtain. Dean’s shirt reached halfway down your thigh.

“It’s kinda like I’m wearing a dress, right?” You whispered to yourself, spinning around in Dean’s shirt.

You opened the door a crack, “Dean?” You whispered. He nearly fell over himself as he ran to the door.

Dean’s eyes roamed over you. “Yes?”

“Can I borrow some socks?” You asked, wiggling your toes.

Dean looked down and held back a smile. Kittens were staring back at him.

“Sure thing.” You followed him back to his duffle, where he rummaged around for what seemed like an hour.

Finally he pulled out a pair and tossed it your way. While you changed your socks Dean walked over to the fridge.

“I should get going.” You said, “Thanks for the clothes, though. I’ll bring them back tom-”

“What?” Dean asked. “It’s freaking pouring out there.”

“I’m just on the other side.” You pointed out, as it didn’t seem like an issue to you.

Dean shut the fridge.

“You’ll freeze out there.”

“I’m freezing in here!” You exclaimed, “I mean seriously, do you even know what a heater is?”

Sam rolled over onto his other side.

Without another word, Dean grabbed one of three pillows on the bed and threw it onto the couch. He took the sheet off the bed and dropped himself onto the couch.

“You’re longer than the damn thing.” You crossed your arms.

Dean shuffled around in his sheet, “You said you’re cold. So I took the couch. The bed has a blanket.”

“Oh, just because I say something you do it? Are you Ella Enchanted?” You whispered at him.

“Ella who?”  Dean’s face contorted.

Sighing, you walked over to the bed. The blanket was scratchy against your skin as you rolled over into it. You swore you felt a spring pop under you, but it was better than Dean’s couch.

“Thank you.” You whispered into the silence.

Dean was already snoring.

Say My Name

Imagine Cas’ kink is you saying his full name.

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“So Cas,” You started, looking up at your angel of a boyfriend, quite literally. He smiled at how silky your voice sounded as you said his name. “Yes, (y/n)?” He asked. “Dean and Sam said they’ll be back for dinner so we could all eat together.” You said. He nodded. “I think we should get some dinner, mind popping us somewhere to get some dinner?” You asked and he smiled, nodding.

He offered his hand to you and you took it. You both popped into a local family diner and thankfully it was quite packed and your sudden appearance isn’t startling. After buying food, you and him were back in the bunker. You were setting up the table with him then you heard the bunker door being unlocked. You smiled as you finished setting up. “Castiel, can you go grab a few bottles of beer?” You asked, not looking up.

Cas tensed as you called him ‘Castiel’ instead of his usual nickname. You sensed his lack of movement and you looked up. “Cas?” You asked and he looked at you. You could see the stiffness in his shoulder. “You okay?” You asked. Once again, he did not reply. “Castiel?” You repeated. The bunker door lightly slammed closed and that cut off Cas from his trance. “Oh, yeah, sure…” He replied, rushing to the kitchen.

“That’s weird.” You mumbled and you looked up to meet your brothers. They smiled and you ran to their waiting arms. “How was the hunt?” You asked. “Easy, like we said, it didn’t need three people.” Dean replied, kissing the side of your head. Sam kissed the top of your head and you three proceeded to the table to eat. Cas came back with a handful of beers and ou four sat down.

“Hey, Cas.” The brothers greeted and Cas smiled in return. “So how did your day go?” Sam asked as Dean started to unwrap the food. “Castiel and I cleaned up this morning around here then we went to check out the park into town then got food.” You replied. Once again, Cas stilled, this time, both brothers noticed. “You okay, Cas?” Dean asked. Cas nodded.

Just then, something clicked in your mind. You smirked, which Dean immediately understood while Sam was a bit confused. “Castiel?” You softly asked, looking up at him. You could practically see him melting right in front of you. “Would you look at that…” Dean breathed. Sam realized and then he smirked.

Cas faked a smile to hide his pleasure uneasiness but you could see right through him. “Castiel?” You asked again as he did not reply to your first one. “Yes, (y/n).” He replied immediately. You giggled. “Hi.” Was all you replied. He sighed. “Someone’s got a kink.” Dean teased. You and Sam laughed as Cas blushed. “Hi Castiel…” You continued to torture him and you can see him squirming in his seat. Your brothers were in laughing fits and Castiel frowned at you.

Finally you let it go and stood up. You pecked his cheek and smiled. “Thank you (y/n).” He said and you grinned. “You’re welcome, Castiel.” You replied and you saw him shiver causing you and your brothers to once again to erupt in a fit of giggles.


Imagine Dean talking to your baby girl when he thinks you fell asleep.

You felt Dean’s weight leave the bed. He had gotten up and quietly walked over to the baby’s bassinet. Raising a baby in a bunker wasn’t ideal, but its not like you and Dean had planned for it. One night of passion and throwing caution to the wind, and here the two of you were nine months later. 

What had gone from the two of you sharing Dean’s small room in the bunker had turned into a party of three. Emmary, a combination of your moms’ names Emily and Mary, had been the best thing to happen to you, next to Dean. 

You heard Dean gently pick her up, she was fussing a little bit, and sit down in the corner rocking chair with her. You started to roll over and ask if she needed fed until you heard Dean’s low, soft voice talking to her.

“Hey my sweet Emmary Jane,” he whispered to her in the dark. “Is my baby girl gonna be a night owl like her daddy?” With that question you heard Emmary coo almost in response to Dean’s question. Listening to him to talk to her made your heart sing and you couldn’t bring yourself to interrupt. You lay there listening as Dean continued to talk to her. 

Emmary fussed a little more and Dean started bargaining with her. “Okay, baby girl. Let’s make a deal,” he offered as he rocked her gently. “How about you be okay with Daddy for a little bit tonight, huh? Let your beautiful momma sleep for a little while longer,” he suggested. “Your mom over there,” you felt his eyes look up at you and gaze at you “asleep” on the bed. “She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Emmary you don’t know how lucky you are that she is your mom.” 

You felt a tear slide down your cheek as Emmary’s cry rose slightly.

“I’ll tell you, you get your sweet stubbornness from her,” he said with a chuckle as he tried to calm her down. “You’re lucky you don’t have your daddy’s looks either. Your momma’s a knockout,” he whispered to her. “When you grow up, you’ll look just like her, so no dating until…” he thought for a moment, “well until ever,” he said decisively. 

You chuckled silently to yourself, trying not to give away the fact that you were listening. 

He continued, “I definitely never expected someone as honest and intelligent and drop dead gorgeous to ever go for an ass like me. And don’t tell her I said ass. That better not be your first word, young lady, I’ll be dead meat.” He laughed.

“You know, you are absolutely beautiful when you sleep,” he said even more quietly. “Just like your momma,” he said. 

You could hear the soft, slow breathing of the baby. You heard Dean get up out of the chair and lay Emmary back in the bassinet. He slowly made his way back to the bed and you felt his weight sink in the mattress as he got back under the quilt and snuggled up close to you.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck, kissing it sweetly. You sighed and turned to look at him, your lips meeting slowly, exploring the familiarity of the each other. He slowly pulled away and looked into your eyes as you smiled up at him. “You heard every word, didn’t you noesy rosey?” he asked with a fake irritated look on his face. The way his smile reached his ears gave him away though. 

“Maybe,” you said before kissing him sweetly. “But trust me when I say, Emmary Jane has plenty of her daddy in her too. When she doesn’t get her food the moment she wants it, that girl has got a mean streak in her. And she is only a few weeks old,” you said with a laugh as you rolled over to face Dean wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling him close to you.

“Winchester’s gotta eat, sweetheart. I can’t say I blame her there,” he said with a chuckle. 

You looked up at him and kissed his collarbone trailing up his neck and jawline until you reached his mouth. As your lips connected, Dean’s tongue slowly moved along your bottom lip, parting your lips and immediately exploring your mouth. A groan escaped your throat as the kiss deepened. 

You pulled away and said, “I love you, Dean Winchester.” He kissed the spot below your ear and immediately you felt a current flow through your body. Dean’s hands had found their way under your shirt and were exploring your stomach making their way up your body. Just as his hand had reached your breast, Emmary let out a cry.

Dean threw his head back on the pillow with a sigh, knowing that his playtime was over. 

You gave him a peck on the lips, placing your hands on his chest.“She knew you were about to mess with the goods,” you said suggestively with eyebrows raised. “No one comes between a Winchester and their food,” you added with a wink as you straddled him to get out of the bed. He grabbed your waist and flipped you over, pinning you beneath him. He kissed you deeply as Emmary’s cries became more insistent. 

“I better let you go, momma,” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “Or Daddy is gonna pay for it more ways than one,” he said with a laugh. You smiled as you gently pushed him off you. He rolled over wrapping himself in the blanket once more. “Besides, I don’t mind the view from here,”  he said as he watched you get out of bed, slapping you on the ass as you walked away. 

You playfully swatted away his hand and laughed.You were in love with Dean. The two of you had a baby. Dean was a good dad, it came so naturally to him, all those years taking care of Sammy. 

You picked up Emmary and whispered soothingly to her noticing Dean was already snoring. “We are two lucky girls, you know that Emmary? Your Daddy is the bravest, most selfless man I’ve ever known,” you said as you kissed her forehead and sat down to feed her with a sigh.

Life Unexpected Pt. 6 - Not Gonna Happen

Imagine Dean being jealous over your crush on Chris Evans.

“Uh (Y/n) I don’t think we’re going to need that many tissues on the hunt you know.” Dean’s voice made your head snap in his direction as you closed your bag.

“Yeah well it’s not for the hunt and trust me I didn’t get enough!”

“Then what is it for?”

“Uh Civil War? Obviously! Look guys as much as I want to jump into action after so much time there is no way I am not going to see Civil War, or you for that matter! Because I am not going alone!”

“What?! We got a hunt there is no way we are going to see some chick flisk movie just for the heck of it!”

“Ok one; it is no chick flick, two; the hunt can wait a few hours and thre and most important; that is Chris fucking Evans in Captain America suit. You think I’d let it go fo anything in this world?” you raised an eyebrow and he immediately rolled his eyes.

“Seriously? That dude again! I honestly can’t see what the hell you like so much in him!”

“Oh you know if I started I wouldn’t finish till tomorrow morning!” you laughed but he just shot you a glare.

“You have told me and I still don’t get it. There’s nothing special about him. What? I can dress in a fucking Captain America suit and be ten times better! You like him so much, adore him too, when there are much better men out there that you haven’t noticed! Hell they might be even next to you but you will be too focused on your Chris-crush to take notice!”

“Oh sheesh Dean if I am to hear this talk again! Just get your jealous ass and let’s get going, I don’t plan on missing it!” you huffed, pushing by him to get out. You knew he’d follow anyway.

“M-My- wh-what? I’m- I’m not jealous! (Y/n). (Y/n)!” he shouted “Damn it.” he growled through his teeth.

Magic Fingers

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  This is for my 2K drabble celebration.  The prompt was “Shit! Uh, I think we broke it.”  Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and also @scorpiongirl1

Beta’d by @for-the-love-of-dean.  Thanks girlie!

Word Count:  1195 (I know, it’s supposed to be a drabble.  It got away from me.)

Warnings:  SMUT, language 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tagging the squad at the end cause this ended up a one-shot.

Magic Fingers

“Oh my god, YES!”  Dean drops his duffel bag and crosses the motel room in two long strides and flings himself across the bed.

Sam groans.  “Oh god, NO.”

“What?” you question, certain that you are missing some private Winchester conversation.

“Magic Fingers,” Dean answers, digging in his pocket.  

“NO WAY!  I’ve heard of Magic Fingers, but I’ve never actually seen one.”

“Get your ass over here.  And bring quarters,” Dean says, patting the empty space next to him on the bed.

Rummaging through your pockets, you produce some change and climb onto the bed next to Dean.  

“Your life is about to change forever, sweetheart,” Dean says, taking the quarters from you and depositing one into the metal box next to the bed.

The bed immediately begins to vibrate. Leaning back against the pillow, you imitate Dean, arms folded over your chest, eyes closed.

You hear Sam huffing around the room. “I’m gonna go to the library,” he says.  

“Fine,” Dean replies. Sam closes the door, leaving you and Dean to enjoy the magical vibrating bed.  

“This is amazing,” you murmur. Dean grunts in agreement. The vibrating seems to move your body slowly, closer to Dean’s. Eventually the bed stops moving. Dean sits up and drops another quarter in the machine. The vibrating starts again and he flops down on the bed again.  This time he’s close enough that you can feel the heat of his body next to yours.  

Were you attracted to Dean? Hell fucking yes. The two of you had a made out a few times, bodies pressed together, tongues tangled in the corner of some dive bar after a hunt. Timing had always been an issue. There had never been an opportunity to take things further. And on some level, there was reluctance. Would it change the dynamic of the team? Hooking up with hunters had always been disastrous in your experience.

As you drift in a blissful state of semi consciousness on the vibrating bed, you idly think about making a move. When Dean moves his arm so that it brushes yours slightly, your body become hypersensitive, every nerve on fire. Was it an accident? Was he thinking the same thing? He doesn’t pull his arm away, the vibrations of the bed causing your arms to brush against each other every so often. You feel the bed dip as he rolls on to his side, facing you. His large hand lands on your forearm, gently stroking circles with his thumb. You hold your breath for a moment, then exhale slowly before rolling to face him.  

“This okay?” he asks. You can hear in his voice that he wants to be certain. And you know that he’ll back off if you tell him to.  No questions asked.

“Yes,” you whisper. Dean leans forward and stops just shy of your lips. Your heart is hammering in your chest, trying to break out of your ribcage. You can feel the heat of his breath ghost across your lips before he presses his mouth to yours. All those sloppy, drunk bar kisses leave this one in the dust. His lips are soft and plush and taste faintly of chapstick. His hand moves to your hip, leisurely running up your rib cage. You moan against his mouth, allowing him an opening to slip his tongue past your teeth. Dear god, he’s thorough as he sweeps your mouth with his tongue. All the heat in your body pools low in your abdomen.

He pushes you onto your back and straddles your hips, pushing your shirt up and over you head. Off come his shirt as well. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as you run your hands over his broad chest, up over his shoulders, down his well muscled biceps. Leaning over you, he spreads his palms next to your head and captures your mouth again. His hips press to yours and you can feel his impressive length against your core. The gentle pulsing of the bed moves you slightly back and forth against his cock. A large hand finds your breast and cups it, kneading and squeezing. Pulling down the cup, Dean rolls the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. He grinds his hips against you in time with the rolling of the bed.

Breaking away from his mouth, you moan as the pressure builds between your thighs. Dean grins, cock sure and pleasedd with himself at the moan and presses harder in response.  “Oh…god…oh…shit,” you murmur as he grinds shamelessly against you. “Fuck, Dean…ah!”  Your hands flail about searching for purchase. Your fingernails dig into the flesh of Dean’s lower back as the waves of pleasure crashed through you, smashing you to bits. The orgasm leaves you a panting, quivering, gasping mess. Dean ceases his grinding and pulls his hips back to give you a moment to recover. The bed stops shaking at the same time.

“Shit!  Uh, I think we broke it,” Dean jokes. You giggle as you reach for the button on his jeans.  “One sec, sweetheart.” He reaches over and drops another quarter into the machine.  Shimmying out of your shorts, you watch as Dean removes his jeans and boxers. Your eyes widen in appreciation. Dear lord, this man is genetically blessed.

Reaching a hand between your bodies, you wrap your hand around his length.  He closes his eyes and moans in response. Guiding him to your slick folds, you rub the tip up and down your slit.  Inserting the blunt head into your pussy, you release your hand and he pushes into you with a groan, stretching you, filling you completely.

“Jesus,” you rasp. “Fuck me, Dean, need you so bad.”

Dean doesn’t hesitate, pulling his hips back and snapping into you. Every muscle in his glorious body tenses as he pushes and pulls. You meet every thrust, your ankles hooked around his waist. He nips at your neck, sure to leave a mark that his brother will notice. When his teeth scrape your earlobe shivers cascade down your spine.  

His breath tickles against your ear when he whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).  Wanted this forever.”

His words send you over the edge into a sea of pure ecstasy. “Oh god.  Fuck…Christ…Just like that…oh…oh…Dean!” Your entire body goes rigid as you pulse around his cock.

Dean lets out a guttural sound when he feels you clamp down hard on his thick cock. “Fucking Christ,” he says into your shoulder, before biting down on the skin.  He shudders, his thighs shaking, as he cums inside of you. The hot liquid fills you, spilling over and pooling between your thighs.

Dean remains inside of you, growing soft while he catches his breath. You lazily run your fingertips up and down his back, coming slowly back to earth, the bed still humming away.

Dean’s lips find yours again, swollen and plump. He rolls off you and pulls you into the crook of his arm. He nuzzles your hair and inhales. “Mmm. That was awesome.”

“Mmm,” you murmur in response as the Magic Fingers lull you into a blissful sleep.

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“Dean…” Your voice comes out smaller than you intend, caught off-guard by the sheen of tears in his eyes. “Dean, I’m s-”

“Don’t,” he cuts you off, and now there’s anger in his tone, something darker than the exhaustion he’d displayed before. “Don’t you dare tell me you’re sorry. If you were sorry, you would’ve done something about it. You would’ve left me a note or picked up a damn phone or not left in the first place.” His smile is brittle as broken glass. “But you didn’t. So don’t try to tell me you’re sorry.”

You open your mouth to respond, but no words will come. You’d known he would be angry, but you weren’t expecting this.

“Fine,” you say quietly after a long silence. “I won’t apologize. Because you’re right, I’m not sorry. I left to protect you, Dean. I didn’t have any other options. And I won’t pretend I’m sorry for doing what I had to do; for saving your life. Because if you were me, if it had all been reversed? You would’ve done the same damn thing.”