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Getting Inked

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week #4. The prompt is “Your supposed to talk me out of this.”

A/N: I was almost gonna skip this one, but them an idea popped into my head today.  Here goes!

Master List

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

“I’m not going.” You said stubbornly.  "I don’t care how many times I get possessed.  I’m not doing it.  You can’t make me.”

Life as a hunter was not without its share of injuries.  You had been slashed, cut, burned, and hit so many times you had lost count.  You cleaned up and moved on.  That’s what hunters did. 

But a bad experience with a tetanus shot as a kid had left you with a deathly fear of needles.  It was ridiculous really.  Sam and Dean had stitched you up many times, and you barely flinched.  But get a flu shot? No freaking way!

You had been hunting with the Winchesters for about a year now, and sleeping with Sam for about half of that.  They both knew you didn’t like shots, but they had no idea how phobic you were until a hunt went wrong and you were possessed.  Then your dirty little secret was exposed.

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So I was at Indigos/Chapters (book store) the other day. 

Look what I found:


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Makings of a Queen Part IV

Sorry this took so long guys! I’ve been trying to figure out a real plot to this story, and I think I’m finally coming up with one. Hope you like it xo

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Words: 2012

Thoughts flew through your mind. Do you give in?

“I’m waiting, darling.”

You looked Crowley dead in the eyes and nodded.

He took the gag off and after coughing for a second, “You win,” you say softly. “I’m done.”

He grinned, but this time, it was softer. “How long has it been?”

“Since I met you. I never wanted to admit it. You’re a demon, I’m a hunter. How are we ever supposed to be together?”

With a snap of his fingers, the chains disappeared and you sat up. He moved his hands up to your chin and pulled your face to his. His demeanor changed and you felt him relax. His lips kissed your softly, as he ran his hands through your hair. “I told you,” he muttered against your lips. “You can be my queen. I could give you anything.”

“Forever?” you ask.

He leaned his forehead against yours. “Forever.”

You laughed nervously. “You know…you said if I agreed, you wouldn’t let me out of this bed.”

Crowley leaned back and laughed. “Well yes…but not this bed.”

With another snap, you were standing in another room, but it was not the torture room. A bit of disappointment hit you in your gut, but you looked around and noticed you must be in Crowley’s bedroom. “You need to sleep?” you ask, eyeing the king-sized bed draped in black velvet and large, six foot poles holding see-through black curtains.

“You’d be surprised. It is nice to have a rest once in a while.”

You turned back to Crowley and stepped closer to him, looking up at him as you could feel your cheeks turning pink again. “So…you said that you weren’t going to let me out of that bed,” you said shyly. “I was counting on that…”

Crowley set his hands on your hips, and pulled them to meet his. Your chest met his and you looked down, nervous to meet his gaze. “Why are you shy?” he asked.

He took a hand from your hip and moved it under your chin, and tilted your head up so you looked into his eyes. He was so gentle…so much different than what Sam and Dean always made him up to be. “I…I never thought that we…”

Crowley didn’t let you finish your sentence. He smashed his face into yours, with a heated passion that you hadn’t felt yet. Your shoulders were bare- your shirt must have fallen off coming to his bedroom. You shivered, but Crowley’s hands running up and down your bare arms quickly warmed you up. “I wanted you in a more comfortable bed,” he whispered against your lips.

Your heartbeat sped up and you slowly wrapped your arms around his neck. Your fingers gripped the back of his shoulders, trying to pull him closer. The scruff of his beard scraped against your chin, tickling you, but you hardly noticed. His hands were roaming your body, feeling it…scouting it.

He suddenly broke away from you, but didn’t let go of your arm. Pulling you over to the bed, he pulled back two of the curtains and pushed you down. You fell back onto the soft, cushion-y surface, and was shocked at how warm it was considered how cold the rest of Hell had been. But you could only admire it for a second, then your attention shifted to Crowley beginning to undress. He did it painfully slow- unbuttoning his jacket, brushing it off so it fell to the floor. He took his time with the buttons on his shirt- undoing them one by one until you were shivering with anticipation. He chuckled at your reaction. “Feeling antsy now, love?”

“It isn’t my fault, you’re the one that started this whole thing,” you said, unzipping your boots and swinging your legs onto the bed.

You rested your head on your hand, and propped yourself up with your elbow. With the other, you rested in on your hip, and swung your head to make sure that all of your hair was out of the way and that nothing but your lacy (y/f/c) bra, muscular stomach and slimming legs in tight jeans were the center of attention. Crowley looked at you and bit his lip, his eyes roaming your body, as his hands had done just moments before. You’d never experienced this- a fiery passion spreading through your chest at the sight of a angelic (no pun intended) man, wanting you so badly. “Let me ask you this then, Crowley,” you said, as he continued to unbutton his shirt. “What is it that made you pick me?”

“I told you, love. You’re kind, you’re beautiful, and you’re a fabulous hunter. I have never seen someone who was so…perfect. There’s only two things I have yet to discover about you.”

“And what’s that?”

He pulled off his tie and undershirt, and naughtily smiled at you. “How protective you are of me, and how good you are in bed.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you admired his body.  He stood in the soft, yellow light, his skin was flawless, and his muscles seemed almost carved. Crowley looked down at you with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “Time to find one out.”

He moved towards you and you sat up, kneeling on the bed, just at his height. His face was only an inch from yours, then he kissed your cheek with utter softness. He ran little pecks down your jaw, and as you took a deep breath in, you turned your head to one side, allowing your neck to be exposed to Crowley’s lips. They trailed down your skin and you shivered, as his warm breath marked your flesh with a shimmering, lingering trail. You were so consumed with Crowley’s neck kisses, you hardly noticed him reach around you to unclasp your bra. The tightness of the wire vanished and you inhaled sharply, as it fell to the floor. To be honest, you felt a little exposed. But before you could think about it too hard, Crowley’s lips moved down from your neck, down one breast and over to the other. He was so gentle, leaving only feather-like kisses on the tender skin.

That is, until he reached your nipple, and he flicked his tongue out to meet the small, pink lump. You arched your back, and let out a moan. He licked it again, and your hands went to the back of his head, trying to pull him closer. He closed his mouth over the front part of your breast and you threw your head back as he started to suck- hard. While his mouth was occupied, his hands moved to try and undo your jeans. With a little more confidence than before, you moved to help him. You managed to get the buttons undone and the zipper down, and were just about to moved back to take them off when Crowley shoved his hand downwards. With one hand, he held your neck and, still sucking on your breast, he moved your underwear to the side and shoved two fingers inside you.

You screamed in pleasure, shocked at the sudden progression. Your hands went to his neck, and you dug your nails into his skin as he moved his thumb to your clit and began making long, slow, circular movements around it. “Oh my god Crowley…” you moan. “Please…please don’t stop…”

He moved his fingers slowly, in and out, curling them slightly as his did so, sending hot waves of pleasure through your body. He stopped sucking on your breast and moved back to kissing the sensitive skin of your neck. Your legs began to shake you leaned your head into his shoulder. The little pants that you were making came fast and hard, and with each movement of his hand, Crowley sent you back into a wave of euphoria.

“Had enough?” he whispered in your ear.

You shook your head, unable to speak, you just groaned.

Suddenly, Crowley pulled his hand from your pants and pushed you down onto the bed. You were extremely disappointed that he had stopped, but when you looked up at him, his smirk filled your heart with excitement. “Take the rest of it off,” he said gruffly.

You hurried to pull your pants off, and your underwear followed, and then, you lay there, shivering and exposed. You watched as Crowley began to remove his pants and looking down at his hands, you saw that the bulge in his pants was about ready to burst through the material. When he was fully undressed, he pointed to the head of the bed. “Move,” he commanded.

You obeyed.

You lay with your head on one of the pillows and eagerly awaited as you felt Crowley get into the bed. He loomed over you, holding his cock, which was already dripping with precum. “Are you ready, darling?” he asked.

Not able to do anything but nod, he pushed your legs open with one hand and laid over top of you, propping himself up with one arm. You could feel the tip of his cock at your entrance and at this point, you whole body was shaking. “Love, there is no need to be nervous,” Crowley whispered. “Just relax…”

You took a breath, and it was taken away as Crowley shoved his cock inside of you.

You let out a scream, not realizing until he was inside of you how…big Crowley was. His thrusts came slow and he gripped the back of your neck with one hand and your hip with the other, ensuring you were in motion with him. “Look at me,” he whispered.

You looked at him, and he grinned. “Y/N, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

His thrusts got faster, and you could already feel yourself starting to climax. “Oh no, no,” Crowley whispered. “That’s not going to happen yet. At least, not your real one.”

You frowned, confused for a moment. Then, he kissed your forehead and waves of pleasure hit you so hard, you came. Over and over again.

And you couldn’t do anything but scream. Crowley didn’t seem to mind, although you were right beside his ear. But whatever magic he was using, you loved it. Only one name echoed in that room, and you yelled it so many times it didn’t sound natural anymore. Sweat bled from your forehead until Crowley let you go. You arched your back, gasping for air. “One more, Y/N, one more,” he growled.

He moved his cock faster and faster and it wasn’t long before you let out one more pleasure-filled cry before collapsing back on the bed, shaking harder than you ever had in your life. Crowley finished at the same time, erupting inside of you. “Fuck, Y/N!” he yelled.

He pulled out and laid on the bed beside you, watching you, without even a drop of sweat on his forehead.

“H-how…the hell…a-are you…s-so…calm?!” you exclaim, breathless.

“King of Hell, darling. That was only a taste of what I could do to you.”

Your shaking subsided some, and Crowley snapped his fingers once, and you felt fabric drape your skin. Looking down, you saw yourself dressed in a white, velvet nightgown. You even felt…fresh.

“I cleaned you up,” Crowley said. “You should get some sleep.”

“Will you stay?”

Crowley smiled at you and kissed your forehead. He pulled the thick black comforter up over your shoulders and set a hand on your head, stroking your hair. “Of course, my queen,” he whispered.

You leaned into the one of the pillows, closing your eyes and felt Crowley slide closer to you and wrap you in his arms. Your shoulders relaxed as you took a long breath out. You were happy, thrilled even.

Until there came a knock on the door and someone burst in. You couldn’t turn to look, Crowley held you tightly, blocking you from view. “Can you not see I’m busy?” he said angrily.

“It’s the Winchesters, sir,” a deep male voice said. “They’ve called a crossroads demon, and they’re wanting to speak to you.”

Fandoms by Month- 2016
  • September: RICK, RICK, RICK AND MORTY!
  • October: hot and school no time for fandom but I watched Steven Universe
  • November: Yuri on ice??? OMFG, YURI!!! ON!!! ICE!!! !!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
  • December: Hmm... Supernatural? What's this? SAMMY! NO! DEAN! CAAAAS!!!! LUCI! WHY? NO! NUUUU!!!! SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!