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Imagine: Dean loving you more than anything and he just needs you to know that even if he can’t be with you right now.

“Dean, what are you doing here?” you ask as he walks up to you. It’s been two years since you last saw Dean, but seeing him now brings back all the feelings and the memories. He hasn’t changed one bit. 

“I just needed to see you,” he says and you’ve missed his voice. You pull him in for a hug and he tightens his grip on you. 

“Listen, I can’t stay for long,” he says looking around. And you recognize that look. He’s never able to relax and you never quite understood why. 

“But I needed you to know something. When I left, I didn’t want to. But I had to and I’m sorry. There wasn’t room for you in my life and I don’t know if there ever will be,” he says almost choking up. 

“Dean, why are you saying all this?” you ask and you know something is up.

“I wanted you to know that when I do picture myself happy, it’s with you.”


Worst Nightmare Part 1

The most terrifying thing for a parent, is having your child taken away from you. It leaves a hole in your heart that you can’t filled, no matter how hard you try, nothing will work. I didn’t know how true that was, until that unfaithful day.

Worst Nightmare Part 1

Chapter  1

“Zoe Jane,” I said walking up to my daughter who was playing in the living  room. “Zoe Jane , I’m talking to you miss thing.”

“What mommy?” Zoe said, with a bit of an attitude as she turned and looked at me.

Zoe, I told you to pick up your toys in your room. Not bring them in here.” I said, pointing at her toys. “Get those toys.” then I pointed to her room. “And put them in your room. You’re grounded for the rest of the day.”

“What? That’s not fair.” Zoe said  crossing her arms and stomping her feet. “You’re breaking my heart mommy.”

“I don’t care Zoe. You are being a pain and not listening.“ I said putting my hands on my hips. “Now go do what I said Zoe Jane.”

Zoe grabbed her toys and storm off to her room. She slammed her bedroom door behind her, as she continued to yell about how I  was breaking her heart. I rolled my eyes as I let out a sigh as I started picking up. Then I heard a high pitch screaming coming from her room. I dropped what was in my hands and ran to her room.

Chapter 2

“Zoe!” I yelled as I ran into her room. I saw something had ahold of her hair, dragging her into the closet. “No!”

I jumped onto her, fighting to keep my grip on her. I tried to pray this dark and cold hand from her hair, but it refuse to let go. I screamed for it to let her go as Zoe screamed for me to help her.

“You can’t have her! You can’t have her!” I yelled as I dig my nails into it’s cold flesh and pulling some of it’s  skin off. Black blood ooze out of it as it hiss at me. “Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done…”

I’ve begin saying the Catholic prayer as loud as I could. The creature started to hiss and growl at me. It looked up at it, it looked almost human if it wasn’t for some of its features. It’s eyes were white, skin black, and razor sharp teeth. It lunged at me with its fangs.

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I turned my body, as much as I could, it dug its teeth in my shoulders. Then it release me when my silver necklace, touch it’s face. Then it each it’s other hand out, clawing at my hands and face. I screamed as it prayed Zoe out of my arms and suck her into the closet walls

“No. No. No!” I yelled crawling into the closet and started clawing at the closet walls. “Zoe! Zoe! Baby!”

I could hear fate screaming coming from the wall. “Baby! Mommy’s coming!” I yelled as I went to her bed and grabbed the metal bat I had under it. “Keep fighting baby! Keep fighting!”

I pulled the pole down in the closet, knocking the clothes down. I pulled the closet doors down and started swinging the bat at the walls.

I made holes all over the closet walls, over and over again. I started pulling back the drywall and insulation out onto the floor.

“Zoe.” I said in almost in a whisper as looked at the inside of the wall. She was nowhere in sight. “Zoe. No. No I won’t give up.”

I dropped the bat and got on my knees. I throw the clothes out of my way and I started tiring the carpet off the floor. My eyes widen when I saw what should have been in there, wasn’t  there.

“The salt. What happened to the salt?” I said, ripping the rest of the carpet out. “Who took the salt out? No. No. No.”

I throw my head back and started screaming Zoe’s name, over and over again. I grabbed the bat again, making more holes in the wall, trying to find away to Zoe.

Chapter 3

After away the cops came in, because of the neighbors called about my screaming. They dragged me out as I continued to scream for Zoe and about the creature in the closet. They dragged me into the cop car and throw me in the backseat.

They slammed the door and I started pounding at the windows. “Please! Save my daughter! The creature as her! Save her! It’s a demon! Please help me! It’s blood is in the closet! The skin is in the closet! Believe me!” I yelled as I continue to pound on the window.

A cop got in and started driving me to the hospital for my wounds. As we did a u turn a front of my house, I saw two young men, in suits standing by a black Chevy Impala.

They were both staring at me. “Save my daughter! The blood and skin is in the closet! It’s in the closet! Save her! Please save her!” I yelled to them. They nod at me and they headed into my house.

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“Please save her.”

To Be Continued  

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What would you say?

So, I’m actually writing Pt. 9 of On Location.

I have the end of the series outlined, so I get this out, and I think we can finish the series by the end of October with a part released each week.

What say you, my lovelies?

Catch up on the first 8 parts here if you missed it:

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“Honestly, I think the world’s going to end bloody. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices.”

… didn’t think we would leave all of you hanging on #SupernaturalDay did you? Afterall it’s one of our most requested!

Debuting Sam and Dean Winchester!

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