Daddy, Daddy (Sam x Reader)

Title: Daddy, Daddy

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warning: protective!Sam

Summary: Imagine Sam finding out you’re pregnant while on a hunt.

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You and your boyfriend, Sam, had decided to go out on a hunt together.

Usually, Sam wouldn’t want you to tag along but you were able to convince him. And since Dean went off with Cas somewhere to check some things out, he didn’t have much of a choice.

At first you thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea, recently you have been feeling quite sick. But you pushed the thought aside, thinking it was probably an effect of being cooped up for way too long.

So you and Sam worked the case. It didn’t take long before you had the thing caught. Turned out to be a demon.

“You guys are adorable.” The demon mocked, watching you carefully from inside the devil’s trap. “A Winchester and his little slut.”

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Started writing episode 3 of spn: the next generation. Hope Friday online

Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone

Supernatural: The Movie

1. Crowley comes back.

2. Chuck & Amara come back from Vacation

3. Bobby comes back.

5. Gabriel comes back.

6. Kevin comes back.

7. Benny comes back.

8. Charlie comes back.

9. Ellen comes back.

10. Adam is let out of the cage.

11. Castiel: I love you.

12. Dean: I know.

13. Sam finds his shoes.

14. There is pie.

The end. 

(Post Credit Scene: Jo comes back and Lucifer is an Olympic Figure Skater)