26. “I got you a present.” / 27. “I’m pregnant.”

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„(Y/N) we are home! Where are you? “A very familiar voice called and you sat up groaning. This was the third time you had to puke this morning and every time you tried to drink or eat something, you had to spit it out so you wouldn’t puke again. You took a few sips of water and brushed your teeth, waiting a few seconds to leave the bathroom. “(Y/N)?” You heard your name again and you opened the door, walking towards the kitchen where the brothers sat. They put the burgers and fries on the table and like always, they brought you your favourite chicken wrap. You walked over to your boyfriend, bringing your arms around his neck and giving him a short peck on the cheek. “How’s Garth?” You asked and took a seat on the table. You set everyone’s food in front of the right chair and waited till the Winchesters sat down. “He’s good, still helping out every hunter he meets.” Dean said and you smiled. You really wanted to tag along and meet up with Garth, but you were stuck with research for a rather difficult hunt. “He’s a good guy.” You smiled and the brothers nodded their head at you.

“Beer?” Sam held a beer in your direction and you shook your head. “Thanks, I guess I’ll take water. I’m not feeling that well.” You explained and he shrugged his shoulders. Dean immediately sat down next to you, sensing that something was up. “What’s up? Are you ill? Why didn’t you call me?” he asked and you giggled. “I’m fine, I guess I just had something wrong to eat yesterday. Don’t worry.” You assured him and he nodded his head. You all stared to dig in and you were glad that this time your stomach seemed to appreciate the food you swallowed. You ended up eating half of Sam’s food as well as you were that hungry. The boys didn’t question you, it was normal for you to have a big appetite. After the last fry was gone and it was all wrappers and crumbles, you decided to clean the table and give the boys a break as they sat in the car half of the day.

Taking a break was something unusual for hunters as the next case was always calling, which was also why Sam and Dean proceeded to do research for the case not too far from here. “Guys, you should take a break. A real break. Grab a beer and watch a movie or something.” You scolded them and Dean reluctantly gave up after seeing your serious face, but Sam sat still. “Sam.” You said in a stern voice and he nodded. “I’ll just find a good route for us to take and figure out how we are going to stay unnoticed.” He said and you nodded your head. You flopped down on the couch, cuddling into the cushions and waiting for your Boyfriend to join you. As you sat there and flipped through the channels, someone suddenly covered your eyes from behind. You gasped and lay your hands over them, recognizing Dean’s hands immediately.

You smiled and as he took his hands away, you saw a small bracelet dangling from his fingers. “I got you a present!” You wrinkled your forehead in confusion and grabbed the bracelet, examining it closer. It was silver with a small D attached to it and no matter how cheesy it was, you loved it. “It may only be from a gas station, but I heard the thought is what counts, right?” He sat next to you and you laughed, nodding your head. You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “I love it, thank you.” You slipped the bracelet on and you could tell by the lock of it that it was one of those cheap products, but that didn’t matter to you. Like Dean said, it was the idea that mattered. “I thought you weren’t the romantic kind of guy? No chick-flick moments and such?” You teased and nudged him with your elbow. “Shut up or you will never get a present again.” You laughed and pretended to lock your lips and throw a key away.

You both sat in a comfortable silence for a while, your head resting against Dean’s shoulder and his hand drawing symbols on your arm. You started to shift in your seat as you thought about your next action and grabbed Dean’s arm, moving it away from your shoulder. His body turned towards you questionably and you sat on one of your legs, the other dangling down from the couch. You grabbed one of his hands in yours. “I have a present for you, too.” You whispered and you stared into his face. You slowly moved his hand toward your stomach and he put it flat against it. You moved his hand up and down and you knew he felt it. He knew your body in and out and you knew he’d feel the little extra bump that had formed there. His eyes snapped from his hand to your eyes. “I’m pregnant.” You whispered, scared of his reaction.

He kept his hand on your stomach whilst the other moved over his lips. He was still for a few seconds until a small smile formed on his lips and his eyes stared to light up. “I-I’m going to be a…a father?” He asked you and you nodded softly, smiling at him. His other hand moved your shirt out of the way and he examined your stomach. The difference was small, but visible. He took a deep breath and then hugged you tight to him. “I’m gonna be a father.” He grinned.

You both stayed in that embrace for a few minutes, both of you running your hands through the others hair. At some point, Dean stood up and grabbed your hand, pulling you softly from the couch and on your two legs. As you started to walk behind him, he swept you off your feet and into his arms. “Sammy! You are going to be an uncle!” He yelled happily and you giggled. You heard a loud thud and as you walked into the library, you saw a heavy book on the floor and Sam standing next to a bookshelf. He looked at you questionably and you nodded your head, putting a hand on your still flat stomach. His smile went from ear to ear and he walked over, clapping his brother on the shoulder. “Congratulations man.” He walked over to you and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I’m so happy for you!” The two brothers shared a look you couldn’t understand, a look that was only meant for the two of them, which was why you looked away. It was a rare look, one that was full of happiness and pride.

“I’m going to be a father.” Dean whispered over and over again as he changed out of his jeans and flannel into a simple white shirt. You smiled softly at him, stroking your stomach as if the tiny baby could feel it. Dean walked over to the bed and sat on your legs, his hands pushing your shirt upwards so that your stomach was exposed. His head dipped down and he put a soft and tender kiss on your belly. “Welcome to the family, little Winchester.”

She pressed him against the wall, kissing his lips in a very unsatisfying way. The kiss wasn’t cutting it, wasn’t enough for him. This wasn’t what his body craved.

He craved you. Your lips pressed against his. Your hands slipping in the front of his jeans. The smell of your hair as he tangles his fingers into it.

The woman moaned and it was all wrong. It was too far from your voice to help him at all in this moment. He needed you.

Dean pushes the woman back and wipes his lips on the back of his hand. “Leave.” He points at the motel door, not bothering to look at her.

“But I-”

“I said go, now!” Dean growled and stepped into the bathroom. He leaned over the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. “You’re a son of a bitch, Winchester. Grow some balls and call her.”


You sigh and look out into the world around you. Kids were playing over by the playground, not a care in the world. They laughed and screamed and told jokes. You felt a pang of jealousy. You’d never be able to view the world as they did ever again.

You are sitting on a blanket under the biggest tree in the park. The wind is cooling you down on this hot day, even giving you a chill.

The sun beats down around you. You feel protected, in a sense. You breath in the fresh air. It smells like freshly mowed grass and burning plastic - not a great combo.


You look over your shoulder and see Dean Winchester standing on the other side of the tree trunk. He’s wearing his leather jacket and ripped up jeans, just the look you love. You find something soothing about it.

“How did you find me?” You cross your ankles and motion for him to sit beside you.

He does, quite slowly. He’s afraid of something. You can tell by the way he moves, the look in his eyes, the way he sits down and can’t stare at you.

“Your roommate told me.” He mumbles. “I stopped by. Listen, we need to talk.”

You nodded, agreeing with him. There was plenty to say between the two of you, and you needed to clear some things up. “Sure.”


Request: I know this is long but bare with me  I have a request for a DeanxReader where it’s when Sam is in the cage with Lucifer and instead of Dean going to Lisa’s, he goes a tries to find another partner He’s in a random bar and the Reader gets in a bar fight and kicks their ass easily  He chooses her and trains her to be a hunter and they both form feelings for each other but don’t tell one another  Then when Sam is freed, the Reader leaves, and Dean then tells the reader Thank you love

Pairing: Dean x Reader, a little of Dean x Sam

Word Count: 3,252

Warnings: A little bullying in the beginning, Angst near the middle and that’s about it.

A/N: I love this idea so much, I’m so sorry I’m late I’m not sure what happened. Thank you for the request and I really hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing this.


It’s been a long week. Your parents kicked you out, after realizing you could cause danger. You’ve been a hunter for a few years and kept it a secret until today, they found all your books in your room, your research papers, the guns, the blades and so on. This meant for a trip to the bar, then after that you had no clue after.

You arrived to the bar, tear stains on your face and your shirt wet from trying to dry them but there was no use. You walked in and ordered what you usually get when you’re upset, a bottle of whiskey. Not even thinking that you had to drive home after. You were lost in your thoughts after what happened tonight, thinking where to go, what to do and so on until some preppy girls caught your attention as the two of them sat in the booth seat in front of you, giggling and smiling.

“Can I help you?” You slurred, taking another sip out of your whiskey bottle, giving them the “I don’t want to talk” look. “Oh- we just wanted to chat. Hey how do you stay so slim? I’m jealous!” the one blonde said, giggling after. “Yeah! We’re all impressed.” the other blonde said, taking a sip of their fruity shot they brought with them. “I work hard.” You replied, looking at them with confusion. “Oh..*chuckles*..That’s..I’m sorry Amanda, I can’t keep going on with it!” She busted into laughter, nearly spilling her drink.

“Go away, thanks.” You said, giving them a stern look. “Awh, why are you drinking so much whiskey, are you realizing how pathetic you are?” “Fuck. Off.” You warned, slamming your bottle down hard against the wood, almost shattering it. “I bet your parents don’t even love you-” the blonde didn’t even get to finish her sentence before you got in. You grabbed her by the neck of her shirt and threw her on the ground, the other blonde following after. “You- *kick* have- *kick* no- *kick* fucking- *kick* idea!” you yelled in between sobs and deep breaths, kicking the first blonde in the ribs leaving her in pain on the ground. “and you” you warned, pinning the other blonde against the wall and getting in her face. “my body is fucking wonderful, you ass. Just because I don’t have plastic surgery and look like a barbie doll doesn’t mean I’m not- *punch in the jaw* fucking beautiful.” you left them both covered in their own blood, lying on the floor while “helpful” 40 year old perverts who were just drunk and wanted sex came to the rescue, leaving you alone until you heard a deep voice from behind.

“Hiya, quite a fight you put out there.” he said, taking a seat where the girls were sitting before, looking over at the crowd then looking back at you, giving you a nice smirk. He looked either really tired, or really drunk. His eyes were sunken in and his smirk seemed sad, like he’s hiding the pain. “Don’t tell me you’re going to tell me how worthless and fat I am too.” You sighed, looking down at your palms that are wrapped around your bottle. “More like the opposite. Names Dean Winchester, and yours?” “I don’t give out my name right away.”

“Ah, smart girl.” he smiled, taking a shot after. We sat in silence for a few minutes, awkward silence until he started up again, not realizing I just want to be left alone. “You from around here?” “Yup. You?” “Yeah, down the road actually. Where’d you learn your fighting moves from? I’m really impressed.” “What, don’t think a girl like me could fight?” You joked, trying to show him how strong headed you really are. “N-no! I just- you’re freaking awesome.” “I’ll take the complement, Winchester.” you shot him a wink, making him laugh and relax.

~Three years later~

It’s been three years since you’ve met Dean Winchester. Who would’ve guessed that random guy at the bar would become your best friend, well crush also. Lately you’ve been feeling things with Dean. Whenever he talks, all you could do was watch his lips move and wish they were on yours. His voice made your heart beat a thousand times a minute, and he made your knees weak just walking past you. You never planned to like him, hell maybe you’re in love. But he’d never feel the same, never. You two hunt together, after you two started getting close you told each other more and more every day.  That man has saved you more than you can count.

You two were sitting at the kitchen table eating mash potatoes that you made for him for dinner. Everything was fine until you brought up something you should’ve never brought up.. Family.

“So, I never got to know about your family. Brother? Sister? Parents? Spill it Dean.” you looked at him with love and care in your eyes, not knowing what to expect. He looked up at you with shock, then looking down at his food, ignoring your question. “Dean, please. You can trust me.” you begged, taking his hands in yours without even realizing it. When you realized what you did you felt your heart stop, looking at him with fear. He looked at you with sadness in his eyes, but comfort. Like he trusts you, like he was about to open up but was scared he’d scare you away.

“My mom died when I was just a kid, my dad when I was around 28. My baby brothers in..he’s dead. He’s been dead for years. Miss him every day. My mom was amazing, not a day goes by she doesn’t cross my mind. Same for Sammy and Dad, loved them to death but god my father was an ass. I started the hunting life when I was 4 and even on top of that I had to watch Sammy all day, all night. It was hard, but it made me who I am today.” he finally finished his story, letting you take in every bit of it in. He didn’t even take his hands out of yours. He looked tired when he finished, he looked drained. Like he just let everything out and now he’s empty.

“I’m not going anywhere, you know that right? You’re stuck with me for a very- very long time.” you laughed, trying to cheer him up. He smiled a little bit and looked down at both of your hands, then looking back up at you. “Hey, do you want to learn how to shoot my kind of guns? the REAL kind, not the tiny wussy ones.” he joked, making you laugh too. “Yeah yeah, let’s go.” you replied, walking down the spare room down the hall that had all their hunting things in, locked up.

“This is my favorite, it’s powerful and awesome..like me.” he winked at you, handing the gun to you. God he was right. “I uh- I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.” you sighed, passing the gun back to him. “Here, watch me.” he said, facing the gun to the targets they had hanged up and shooting it. “See, normal but it’s got more force on it, see watch place it in your hands like you normally would.” he passed the gun back to you, running his finger tips across yours after making you get butterflies. “Here, I’ll steady you.” he noticed you were struggling with how heavy it was. He stood behind you and placed his hands on top of yours, placing his fingers in between yours, making you blush thank god he was behind you so he couldn’t see that you were as red as a tomato.

“And…shoot!” you shot, got it right next to where he did. “Good job! I knew you could do it!” he yelled happily, kissing your cheek, tensing up after realizing what he did. “Fuck-uh..sorry I got a little over to happy..” he laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head and biting his lip. “It’s fine you dork, let’s go to bed it’s pretty late.” you played it off, not trying to act like you’re dying of happiness inside. “Ok, night y/n!” “N-night.” you stuttered, still in shock after what happened, touching the place he kissed on your cheek with your finger tips like a little school girl, god you were in love. Stupidly in love.

~Two years later~

It was 5 AM and you heard a knock on the door, a loud one too with a few bangs. Sadly Dean was a heavy sleeper and could sleep through an earth quake so you had to get up and see who it was, hoping it wasn’t a demon or something like that.

You put on your pj pants and walked to the door, taking a deep breath before opening. You opened it and saw a random, tall man with a brown jacket and plaid shirt on. “Oh- uh is Dean here?” he asked, taking you to shock. “Um..y-” a voice cut you off from behind, making you jump. “S-Sammy?” Dean trembled, almost falling to the floor. “H-hey'a man..” Sam replied, running into his arms. They both hugged each other tightly, even shedding some tears while you stood there, confused as ever.

“Is this your brother?” You asked. “Y-yeah..Sammy, how?” “I always find a way, I’m never going to stop being up your ass.” he laughed, making him laugh too. After a few moments of awkward silence Sam spoke up again. “So uh- you finally got a girlfriend man?” he nudged him with his shoulder, sending him a wink. “Uh, no she’s my best friend.” If only you were his girlfriend. “Yeah- Y/N Y/L/N. I’ve heard a lot about ya” you said, shaking his hand. “Ah, good things or bad?” “Good, all good.” you smiled.

~A month later~

Things have been okay the last month, but you couldn’t help but feel like you’re in the way. They need to be by their selves without you in the way, family comes first. Dean doesn’t need you anymore, he’s got Sam to help around. You got up, grabbed your suit case that was under your spare bed and packed everything you could in it. Your clothes, photos, and so on. You were looking through one of your boxes of things that meant a lot to you that you had, smiling at the memories you had with your friends before you had to leave them all behind for their sake then you came across a necklace Dean gave you a few years back for your birthday. It had a heart on it with the date that they first met. You felt a tear slide down your cheek and hit your lap. You packed everything in the suit case, and closed the door for the last time. Saying a quiet goodbye to what used to be your room and left, on your own..again.  Back from where you started.

~Dean POV~

It’s around 8 in the morning and I’m now waking up. Something felt weird, like something was wrong or today was going to be a bad day. I got up, pulled on my gray sweatpants, AC/DC shirt and walked into the bathroom. Did my usual morning things but something was different, something felt wrong.

It’s now 10, I’m in the kitchen reading the paper looking for hunts to do while Sammy makes toast. Usually Y/N would be up by now, she was always an early riser. Maybe she stayed up late or didn’t get any sleep, I’m not sure.

It’s 1 now. Something’s gotta be up, Y/N hasn’t came down the hall once and I’m really starting to get worried. Did Sammy scare her away? Did I? Is she sick? Depressed? So much to wonder. I really hope she’s feeling okay, I hate when she’s in pain. Whenever I see her bright beautiful smile, it makes my day no matter how shitty of a day it was. Her sparkly y/e/c  always lighting up so bright it could light up a dark room. Her laugh and voice makes my heart pound so fast-awh what am I kidding everything about her makes my heart pound fast, but she can never know. Never. I am poison, I am a bomb. Everyone who gets close to me, they die and I can’t add her to that list, I can’t. I’d never be able to live with it.

I walked into her bed room, hoping and praying to any angel up  there that she’s okay. I opened the door and saw nothing. Her bed was messy, and all her stuff was gone, my heart broke and I went into full panic mode. She can’t be gone, she can’t be. I ran down the hall into the library where my brother was and tried to hold the tears back.

“Have you seen y/n? She- she’s not in her room..” he looked at me with a confused but scared look. “No, I haven’t since yesterday evening. Maybe she went out?” “and she took all of her stuff with her?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. “I’ll track her down, you go look and think of somewhere where she’d be” Then it clicked, the bar where we first met that’s down the road. I grabbed my keys and drove off without even a goodbye.

10 minutes passed and I finally arrived to the bar, running straight in without a look, running into grumpy men and pushing girls who kept clinging to me away. “Have-have you seen a girl, y/h/c, y/e/c, about this tall?” I asked, trying to catch my breath. “Brown old rugged up car?” “Y-yeah.” “She’s outside, been here all night and won’t leave, maybe you can tell her this ain’t no free motel.” That’s all it took, I ran out the door without even thanking the man and ran straight to her car, the car I knew was hers.

~Normal POV~

I was sitting in my car, laying in the back seat and parked at the bar where Dean and I first met. I don’t even know how much I’ve cried the past night. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat. I got drunk off my ass and now I have a hangover from hell, nice. I heard a loud bang on the windows, making me jump out of my seat. I looked up and saw Dean soaked from the rain, looking at me with the sadness in his eyes kind of the same when he was telling me about his family that one day, that look I never ever forgot.

I opened my car door, allowing him to come in and sit in with me. He climbed in right away and climbed in the back with me, shivering. “Y/N? What- what are you doing here? Why aren’t you h-home?” he asked, looking at me with his jaw clenched. “I had to leave, okay?” “You didn’t have to, you chose to. Why?” “Dean, we don’t have to talk about this just let me be..” I begged, trying to hold back the tears and anger. “No. I’m not leaving. Now tell me why! You promised you’d never leave- right to my face and you left without even a goodbye, why!” I didn’t reply and looked away. “Fucking hell y/n am I not even good enough for an explanation? Are you going to leave me like everyone else did, oh wait you already di-” “CAUSE I LOVE YOU.” I snapped, looking at him with anger and tears running down my face.  He didn’t say a word and just looked at me with shock.

“Yeah, I fucking love you. You can be a douche bag, you can be so self hatred, so mean, so-so selfish when it comes to hunting! but damn it I love you. I love the way you smile, your laugh, your voice gives me chills, the way that day you taught me how to shoot your gun? and you snuck your fingers I in between mine? Yeah, it felt like it was fucking meant to be. Like they were finding a missing puzzle piece, our hands were the puzzle pieces and guess what? they connected, like it was meant to be.” He didn’t make me shut up, he didn’t take his eyes off me for a second, and he didn’t let me stop.

“But you know what sucks? I’m not good enough for you! I’m not some barbie look alike chick you hook up with a lot after we go to the bar, I’m not a beach blonde beauty, and I’m shit! I’m a sad, lonely, broken piece of shit and god damn it Dean I just want you to take my broken pieces and bring them back togeth-” he cut me off pressing his lips hard on mine, taking my breath away. I ran my fingers in his hair and he ran his over my jaw bone, bringing me in harder every second until we couldn’t take it anymore.

“Shut up you dork, and let me get my part in.” he laughed, face inches away from mine. “I love you, so, so much. I never told you cause I’m poison. People get close to me, and they die. I just don’t want to add you to that list, okay? I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself..” “Dean Winchester, you’re an idiot.” he sighed, looking down at his lap. “But you’re my idiot. Every day we get closer, and closer to death. Hell I could die tomorrow and it’d be over for me. But you know what? I’d rather spend every living day happy with you, than not with you at all.” he smiled, the biggest smile I ever saw. It was like all his sadness and doubt was thrown away. The crinkles next to his eyes lit up, and he looked so happy. Like a kid opening presents on Christmas day.

“God, could you be any more perfect?” he whispered, pulling me in for another kiss. “Please, promise me one thing?” he asked, pulling away. “Of course- what is it?” “Don’t tell Sammy I had this chick flic moment with you, I’d never hear the end of it.”  I laughed, making him laugh too. “Your secrets safe with me.” he pulled you onto his lap and kissed you so hard, your lips will probably be swollen by morning. And it was perfect, sitting with him in the rain, nothing but the sound of rain hitting the car and just being together, happily.


3. “Please, don’t leave.”

deanwinchestersboots requested: Are you still doing the Drabble games? If so can you do 3 with Dean pretty please? It would be freakin awesome!.

A/N: I actually wrote that as a oneshot, but because I’m a little behind I decided to use it as a drabble :) Hope you like it!

“Dean… please listen to me!” You heard Sam’s frantic voice from the kitchen and you sped up, making sure to not miss a part of their conversation. You stood in the door, where you watched Dean over a bottle of Jack Daniels, sulking and staring at the table in front of him. “Dean!” Sam’s fist collided with the table as he tried to get his brother to look at him, but it only made Dean take another sip of whiskey. “What happened?” You walked in the kitchen slowly, not daring to speak louder than a whisper due to the atmosphere in the room. “I’m not sure. He seems to blame himself for the last hunt.” Sam explained and you nodded in understanding.

The last hunt was three days ago and you were all beaten up pretty bad. You had a bruised rip and a deep, long cut down your back, starting at your shoulder. Not to mention the fractured foot and the cuts and gashed all over your arms and legs, even your face didn’t stay unharmed. Sam and Dean looked better, them having way more experience in fighting. The hunt you were on, a pack of werewolves, went terribly wrong. You estimated around three wolves, but there ended up to be more than seven in total. You managed to wipe out the whole pack in the end, but you lost three innocent people through the hunt. You motioned for Sam to leave the kitchen, as you would try and talk to Dean. Sam knew you and Dean shared a special bond and that there may be more, but neither you or him had made a move yet. “Dean…” You said softly and sat on the seat next to him. “None of the things that happened are your fault! We saved so many people, especially you Dean!” you placed your hand over his as he grabbed for his glass again.

“That’s not going to make it better!” You said softly, but his strong hand pushed past yours and grabbed the glass. “But it’ll make me forget for a while.” He said, his voice sounded hoarse and you knew Dean well enough to know that he was on the verge of tears. “And it numbs the pain. Baby, I know.” You whispered to yourself. You stood up to grab yourself a glass before you took the bottle and took a sip directly from it. Only now your realized two green eyes on you, staring at you like you said something life changing. “What do you mean by that?” He asks and you lower your look, staring at the bottle in your hands. “Dean, everyone has rough times. And I know what alcohol does to you, how it makes everything better for a while. But I had to learn that it was not the solution.” You explained and he didn’t move his eyes away from your face.

He took the bottle from your hands, the one you’ve been staring at during your last words, and put it away in the cupboard. “I just can’t keep pretending that everything’s alright.” He sighed and stared at you with big sad eyes. “Then don’t. Dean, you have Sam, Cas and you have me. All of us know what you go through, and we all support you and love you.” He stared at his hands that were locked with each other, and you scooted closer to him. “Dean. What happened wasn’t your fault! We did the best we could and if that’s not enough, then so be it. We have to be proud of what we did, not blame ourselves. Dean, I am proud of you.” Your voice got quiet towards the end and he nodded his head slowly.

He scooted closer to you this time and his intense stare made you feel insecure. You started fiddling with your hands in your lap and he placed one of his big hands over yours. As you lifted your head again, you saw just how close his face was to yours. You looked into his eyes and you saw something you never thought you’d see in them. “Were you serious? Do you love me?” He asked in a low and deep voice and all you could do was nod your head at him. Before you could react, his lips were pressed on yours and his hands were in your hair, pushing you closer to him. You awkwardly managed to scoot over and straddle his hips, his right hand moving down to your hip. His fingers dug in exposed skin, whilst his other hand grabbed a fistful of hair. You felt the passion in his kiss, the desire and the need for him to let go and get lost with you, and you were more than happy to help him with that. It felt like an eternity that you sat there and kissed, but after a while you pulled away, taking a deep breath.

“Come.” You whispered and you pulled him up, holding his hand and pulling him toward your bedroom. You passed the library on the way, but neither of you realised Sam in a corner, reading old Documents from the men of letters. He looked up as he heard your footsteps, but as he saw your protecting form, the way you held Dean’s hand and the way you looked at him whilst walking to your room blindly, he let out a relief breath and got up, ready to leave the bunker. As you entered your bedroom, Dean closed the door behind you and pressed you against the door. His actions were hard and mechanic, but at the same time his hands were gentler than any man’s hands you ever felt. You knew this was what he needed now, which was why his movements seemed so harsh. Dean wasn’t someone to act harsh towards you, ever. But his anger, his pain and his despair made him more emotional in a situation where he didn’t have to hide his feelings.

He pulled away from your kiss and his lips hovered over yours, his breath was fast and ragged. “I love you. Please, don’t leave.” He whispered and captured your lips again, his hands finding their way under your shirt. He caressed the skin there, but as you broke away, he pulled his hands off immediately. “I could never do that, I love you too much.” You said as you grabbed his hands and put them back on your waist, pulling your shirt off as he gave you enough space for it. You pushed him backwards towards the bed and as he fell on it, he pulled you on top and turned you around, so that he was hovering over you. “I love you so much!” He whispered again and his kisses stared to go down your neck…


Growing Castiel - part 1

I cherish the idea of an overprotecting Gabriel towards his siblings, especially Castiel.

I like to think Gabriel is the kind to worry so much about his family behind his casual and disinterested-like behavior, that he actually fled from Heaven because he couldn’t stand seeing his brethren tear each other apart. ಥ_ಥ 

So, as I absolutely adore Cas and Gabriel and felt they had some sort of a strong brotherhood, here is the first part of small drawings representing them throughout Castiel’s growth.  ・:*:・◝(˙꒳˙)◜・:*:・

SPN Fandom Census!
A five minute survey to gather info about people in the fandom :)

Hey guys, way back in 2011 I did a census of the glee fandom which was a huge success, and the information gained was really cool! So I decided to do another one for this fandom. It’s quick, anonymous, and the more personal questions have options to not respond.

Please reblog and spread the word! It’s not to promote myself, you do not have to be following me, it’s just that the more people who see this, the better, right?

Thanks!!!! Love y’all

A brief summary of the Supernatural Fandom at the moment.

Tumblr: Hey everyone, got a question for Misha Collins?

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Fans: Hi Misha! I got a question!

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Misha answers.

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And we can all die happily.