Imagine Finally putting your foot down and standing up to women who try to flirt with Sam

You watched as she grinned and flaunted her body at Sam. He was the most powerful man you’d ever laid eyes on, and somehow he’d only had eyes for you once you’d met. You watched as she kissed his cheek, letting his name roll off her tongue like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever said. You bit your cheek to keep yourself from rolling your eyes. 

Sam introduced you both and she gave you a look, forcing the most fake smile you’d ever seen in your life on her face. “Pleasure to meet you” she said before leading you both in the house. 

Once inside you were completely ignored. “I can have this place designed anyway you want it Sam,” she said running her hand up his hand and forearm as he kept both palms pressed down on the plans. You clenched your jaw and still bit your tongue. Suddenly Sam’s phone ringing broke your thoughts. 

“Excuse me.” he said taking the cal in another room. You took his place sitting on the plans, laying your hand down making sure she got a full look at the giant rock that was your wedding ring, with the diamond studded band Sam had slid on your finger on your wedding day. “I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop talking to my husband as if I weren’t here,” you said keeping your face stern. 

She grinned giving you a look that simply said ‘Theres no way you can keep him happy’ “Oh Y/N…” she started but you quickly cut her off. “You may call me Mrs. Winchester.” You said sternly. unknown that Sam was watching the whole thing from the next room, his smirk growing as well as the front of his jeans. 

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I Thought I lost You.

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Sam Winchester X Reader

Summary: The Reader has nightmares and one night when she wakes up from a particularly brutal one, she clings to Sam for comfort. 

Warnings: Talk of death, Fluff 

Dream is in italics 

          You were running, all you could do was run. Your lungs were burning and your head was filled with the screams of the hellhounds that were running at your heels. You were terrified, everything in your body told you, you were going to die. You were still running down the long hallway that seemed to never end until you smacked into something that was solid and hard. Before you had time to react a large hand was gripping you, keeping you in place. You started to struggle, then your eyes landed on the person holding you captive. It was Sam. You were no longer as scared as you were, seeing Sam there calmed you down, but you knew you still needed to run, there were still hellhounds after you. “Sam we need to go.” You said trying to pull away from his grip, but he never budged, he didn’t even seem to be listening to you. You stopped your struggle for a split second to listen to how close the hounds were. Their vicious growls seemed to be right behind you know. You were dead now, there was no stopping it. Instead of the hellhounds coming for you, the stalked behind you and Sam and they did the one thing they knew would hurt you more than death. They killed Sam. 

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An itty bitty Castiel


Testing out a chibi style for super tiny charms (0.5-1.5″)

I just ordered one of these as a sample so I’ll let y’all know how it turns out when it arrives! <3


This episode was so freakin chaotic! It was funny at some points and it made me so mad at other points! It just makes me miss Crowley because tbh he was better at being the king of hell. He was less of an ass and he even liked the Winchesters a little bit. Ugh! But that Lucifer/Cas scene was everything! Also i kind of feel bad for Lucifer 😂 All i know is, Dean and Sam better save Cas!!! And quickly because i will not stand to see him locked up like that! 😡😂

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Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone