supernatural fan and proud of it

Know what’s so important about fandoms?

This is how we meet our brothers and sisters. Our fav shows/books/movies/comics/bands teach us to see the right and the wrong, to appreciate particulat things…

So when I see a fan of: Harry Potter, the Silmarillion, Tolkien in general, Sherlock, Supernatural, Rick and Morty, Adventure time, World of Warcraft, Marvel, Merlin, etc etc…. I know I see a pesron who understands me. Who cries over the same thing I cry over. Who knows the lore, the backstory, the tragedy, the fun. 

No matter what fandom you belong to, if you do, you have a family and soulmates all over the world, who you share the wrongs and rights with. Be proud of it and appreciate it.

Proud To Be Unique

Osric x Fan!Reader

Warnings: None?

Words: 815

Request From Anon: Have you ever done an Osric oneshot? He is just so genuine and caring and sweet and I’d love to see one for him.  Maybe the reader is wearing his Proud to be Unique campaign shirt and he sees her on the street and they start talking about it and she tells him about her struggles?

Sorry it’s short Anon, but hopefully you love it! I love Osric, but this is the first time I’ve written him. Hopefully I didn’t butcher it.

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Dean loved the way Sam dipped his head back in the midst of ecstasy, baring the slender, muscled column of his throat. His hair frayed out, fanning over the pillow and bed sheets long and gorgeous like the legs he had wrapped around him. The sounds Sam would make when Dean would nip and suck at the tender, sun-kissed skin under his jaw, following the gentle curve of his neck, drove him absolutely crazy. The attention always seemed to have the same effect on Sam, too. He’d moan, deep and guttural, giving Dean the chance to kiss the place where his Adam’s apple bobbed. Then high like a whine whenever Dean would move his hips just right, digging his heels into Dean’s lower back as a nonverbal plea for more. He was loud enough as it was, but somehow Dean always found himself craving more. Wanting more validation, wanting more assurance that what he was doing was making Sam feel fucking amazing - because his baby boy, full grown man or not, deserved nothing less.


Last days on set of The Vampire Diaries. I am so proud of the cast and I am proud to be involved as a fan to this amazing show. I watched TVD since my 10th birthday and I am anyway in love with the story line about mystic falls and it’s people.
It started with a young woman, who lost her parents and found her first big real love. And it ended 8 years later with seasons over seasons and a really passionate fandom.
So thank you Julie Plec for creating this world of supernatural being. It’s a wrap!😭💖😭

Proud Alpha - Alpha!Crowley x Omega!Reader

Title: Proud Alpha (yeah it sucks, couldn’t think of anything else sorry)

Pairing: Crowley x Reader 

Word count: 2,804

Warnings: Teacher & Student relationship (sort of), Reader is 18 though, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics

Summary: Reader is pretty deviant and defies the rules but always manages to get by with it thanks to Crowley, her favorite teacher who has a soft spot for her and happens to be an Alpha. What will happen this time though, when young Omega Reader gets in trouble?

A/N: Was asked to do something to My Beautiful Omega, with teacher & reader relationship including the A/B/O dynamics. I’ve been asked to do one with Sam as well which I am going to start working on pretty soon and I am really excited about. Alpha and Teacher Sam. What more would somebody want?

“So don’t expect me to do you any favors. I want you to have handed me your essays by… tomorrow” Crowley said with a smile and groans could be heard throughout the classroom.

“But sir, it’s way too early. We won’t have time” one voice could be heard from the back of the class.

“Well, then I suggest you start working on it as soon as possible.” he smiled smugly again and before anyone could say anything more the bell was heard and everybody walked out of the classroom, some were muttering incoherent things.

“Can you wait a little bit?” his voice made you stop on your tracks.

Of course you thought.

You waited as all the students walked out of the classroom, some giving small smiles as a way of trying to reassure for what you were about to go through. Sympathetic smiles and soft pats on the shoulder were the only things they could give you because they knew that no matter what, you were not going to come alive out of that classroom. Hell, most of the times he asked to speak with a student the poor kid would come out crying. It really made everyone wonder if he was actually torturing people in there. Probably he was, seeing as he always closed the door and took his time. Crowley was known for being strict most of the time, sarcastic and funny when he wanted to, yes, sometimes, but above all he was strict. Everybody feared him, especially when he asked from a student to stay after class so that he would ‘talk’ with them. The fact that he was an Alpha made things all the more worse.

So to sum it up?

You were not probably going to live to see the sun rise the following day.

“Sit” he said, voice always calm.

Just as the last student exited the classroom and closed the door behind him you set your books on a desk and let out a breath.

“Just get over with it Crowley” you said with a roll of your eyes and crossing your arms.

Yeah, that’s right. No Mr. Crowley, no sir, just Crowley. Behind closed doors of course. Your relationship with him was nothing like the one the other students had with him.

“Getting straight to the point I see” he chuckled and you couldn’t help but smile just a little bit.

You had known Crowley for what seemed like your whole life, what with him being close friends with your parents and whatnot, and now that he was also your teacher you felt more at ease. Of course you kept the formalities every time somebody was present but the truth was that he was a dear friend of yours… and maybe just a little bit more, but you were never going to admit that. Not even to yourself.

In the beginning he was just a really close friend, family even, but when you started to grow up (during your teenage years) there was no point in hiding from yourself that you were attracted to the man. You couldn’t help it anyway. At moments, it felt as if the man himself was daring you make a move. He flirted a lot, you had to admit that, and the fact that he always called you 'love’ or 'darling’ made your knees go weak. In the beginning you blamed it on the fact that he was an Alpha and you, being an Omega, were attracted to him because of that but now, at 18 years, you realized that it was not only that and… it honestly scared you.

Being in love with your teacher, who happened to be quite older than you, was not the easiest and most ideal thing in the world.

“Isn’t that what I always do?” you smirked at him, raising an eyebrow.

You always had this kind of relationship with Crowley.

“True but this time me having a soft spot for you won’t get you out of trouble, love” he said suddenly getting serious and you let out a sigh, knowing that probably this time this was not going to end well.

“I don’t care Crowley. Just- just save me the talk and tell me what my punishment will be this time. I have to go to my next class” you muttered and went to grab your book but were stopped from Crowley himself.

“Not so fast, love.” he smirked at you “Sit, first, we have a lot of things to talk about”

“Crowley-” you started protesting again but were cut off by him.

“I said sit, (Y/n).” he said in such a firm and loud (enough) voice that you were sure that he had the room shaking.

Or maybe it was just you. Because he surely had you shaking to the core, right now. You had rarely heard him speak in such an authoritative voice and now that he used your name as well… well, you were shaking for sure. Moments like this, when he looked deep in your eyes and so intensely, voice tone so stern and posture straight, you really got to realize that he was an Alpha. True leader, as most Alphas were.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and giving him a small nod as if you were intimidated - while you just had a hard time not thinking about how he had you feeling right now - you slowly sat down on one of the chairs that were for students.

“Great” he said with a smile, sitting on his own chair “Now where were we? Uh yes, to the part where you were telling me the reason to why I will have to give you a detention this time”

“Well, I guess we both know that don’t we?” you said with a small chuckle and he laughed as well.

“You know what I mean, love. Now come on. You know I don’t bite hard, tell me” he said and looked at you with an expecting look in his eyes.

You let out a sigh and ran a hand through your hair. No matter how many time you had to tell your teachers the reasons to why you would do things that were against the rules it always was tiring. You would admit that you were pretty deviant and you found it hard to comply with the rules but you were lucky enough to get away with just being scolded… thanks to Crowley. This time, though, you were sure that even though he wanted to get you out of trouble there was no saving.

“Do I really have to?” you looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Well, no I guess. But you know I always get what I want so I’m going to get it out of you one way or another, as well.” he said with a small smile.

“Well, too bad I know all of your tactics then” you said with a smug smile.

“True but you said I don’t have a few for you too? I know you better than anyone, darling. Don’t forget that” he was quick to reply.

“True” you muttered “It’s just… I don’t really want to talk about it Crowley”

“(Y/n), come on now. You would tell me everything ever since you were a kid what happened now?” he said voice soft and calm like you had never heard Crowley.

You let out a sigh and spoke “They were picking on a girl, that’s all.”

“They were picking on a girl?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, Carrie I think her name is. You must know her. She’s a shy girl, doesn’t speak much. And they were there making fun of her again after the incident in the showers.” you said with a little shrug.

“Yeah, yeah I heard about her. Chris, Sue and those girls right?”

“Yeah, it was them. Well, not Sue but anyway. They were there making fun of her and Chris would not stop bugging her. I couldn’t stand just like that, Crowley. Someone had to defend her. So I did.” you replied.

“And you got in that big fight with her because… you were protecting Carrie White?” he raised an eyebrow and you nodded, not looking in his eyes “Now come on, love. You know I can tell when you’re lying. Just tell me the truth” he added.

“I’m telling you the truth Crowley. She-” you started but he cut you off once again.

“(Y/n)” he said once again in that Alpha voice tone that had you frozen in your place “The truth” he added in the same tone and for some odd reason you found yourself unable to do anything else but tell him the truth. It was as if you were under compulsion. Which you found completely strange because even though other Alphas from your school (teachers and students) had tried that before it was never like this.

“They said… They said that I should be ashamed and that so would me Alpha” you muttered and you saw Crowley stiffen “They said that my Alpha would not be proud of me because I am not a nice and obedient little Omega like most. That neither he nor any other Alpha would want me because I am not obedient and always do as told. That- that because I am 'deviant’ and don’t follow orders, that he- that he would never want me and I- I couldn’t take it Crowley. What they said just- I- I couldn’t take it” you ended up saying in a low voice and before you could realize it, tears were rolling down your cheeks.

“Hey, no. No, (Y/n), no.” he had by now come by your side and held onto your shoulders “(Y/n), hey, look at me. Look at me” he said firmly and you couldn’t do anything but obey. His voice was soft and you had not heard him talk to you like this many times but you surely could get used to it.

“No, tears ok? They are not worth it. Hey, no. No tears” he spoke looking at you and the tears that would not stop to roll.

“Hey what did I say? No tears!” he said firmly and as if by magic you found your tears stopping to roll, little by little.

“They are not worth it. No one is worth your tears. Don’t forget that, love. Now, brush them off and go to your next class.” he said cupping your cheek.

“I-I don’t have one. I have a free period” you said with a small smile and he looked at you with a fake glare.

“Maybe I have to practice a little bit more on getting to know when you lie or not” he said mostly to himself.

“I would never lie to you, Crowley- Ok yeah maybe I just did but- You know what I mean” you said with a light chuckle and small shrug.

“I know, darling. Now go to your friends, I have some business to take care of” he said and you nodded, taking your books “See you later Crowley.”

“See you later little Omega” he said and kissed your hand that he had taken hold of.

You giggled slightly and brushing a few strands from your face you walked out of the class, after of course glancing one last time at Crowley who… despite trying to mask it had an angry look on his face as if he was about to murder somebody.

Well, he might as well would.


You let out a sigh, rubbing your temples with your hand as you got out of the library. School was over a couple hours ago but you stayed behind because you needed to do research for your essay for Crowley. Being so close to him had it’s perks, like him being a little bit more lenient when it came to you than other students, but that didn’t change the fact that you were still his student and had to do what everyone else did - which of course was to hand your essay tomorrow. There were moments, actually, that he was strict with you as much as he was with the rest of his students.

Maybe if I was more than just a student or really close friend then he would consider being a little bit more lenient. He’s an Alpha after all so- you thought but shook your head at the crazy ideas. As much attracted to him you were and as much as you’d wish to be with him inthat way you knew that there was probably no chance.

You looked down at your feet as you walked down the hallway of your school, making your way to Crowley’s office. He had accompanied you many times when you returned home and you always enjoyed talking with him during that time. So that is what you were going to do today.

As you walked, though, something caught your attention. It was Chris’ obnoxious voice, complaining that… she shouldn’t be in detention? What was she doing in detention class?

You looked through the window and sure as hell she was there. Her as well as her gang.

What? was your only thought.

You made your way quickly to Crowley’s office and you knocked the door but entered without waiting for a response.

“Well, by all means. Suit yourself” he said with a chuckle as he saw you walk in.

“What is Chris and all of her friends doing in detention?” you asked him quickly.

“Ah so you saw them, didn’t you? I was thinking of what punishment they deserved but couldn’t really think of one that could actually be considered a punishment for them. But then I thought better and… prom is in about a week, right? Whoever gets detention though is forbidden of that privilege so…” he asked with a proud smirk and a wink, trailing off because he knew that you could understand what he meant.

“Yeah, but- I don’t understand. Maybe a little bit, ok. But still- shouldn’t I be there too? I was involved in the fight as well. You said it yourself, there was no way of saving me from it” you looked at him frowning.

“Uh maybe but what can I say… you made your Alpha really proud today so consider it a reward for it.” he smiled at you cheekily and your frown got deeper.

“My- My what? My Alpha? Crowley what- what are you talking about?” you asked, your breathing becoming faster and faster.

“What? You want me to say it out loud, now?” he raised and eyebrow and got up from his desk to come closer to you “I am the Alpha here, little one. Let’s not forget that, right?”

“Wh-what?” you could only breath out.

You honestly found it impossible to believe it.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” he smirked as you looked up at him with almost wide eyes “I don’t blame you. It’s hard for you little Omegas to know who your Alpha is but I expected more from you, (Y/n)”

“You- what? Then- then why didn’t you say anything, huh?” you asked suddenly getting defensive.

“I don’t know if you have realized it but I am actually your teacher, despite any fantasy you may have in you pretty little head about me. Yes, you are 18 but either way- you get it” he said with a small shrug.

“And you just decided to say it now? Why?” you raised an eyebrow and waited for his answer, watching him closely as he purred some more whiskey in his glass.

“Eh well, can’t stand back and just watch when they don’t treat my little Omega right, can I? Besides, believe it or not-” he set his glass down and walked closer to you “-it does hurt to see you cry, darling.” he said cupping your cheek and giving you a soft smile.

This.. was a side of Crowley you were sure you could get used to seeing more often.

And maybe you would… even for the rest of your life.

“So- you’re basically saying that you are…” you trailed off and looked at him with a smirk.

“You want to hear it, don’t you?” he chuckled slightly and you smirked more.

“Oh by all means” you said in a low and seductive voice.

“Well then… I am not going give you that pleasure, darling” he smirked more when he saw your smile fall but of course it soon returned when in a swift movement he had lifted you from the ground and wrapping your legs around his waist he had you sitting on his desk; lips soon crashing to yours and kissing you roughly and full of passion.

Your eyes were wide and your cheeks burning hot, your lips pink and kiss-swollen and above all heart hammering in your chest, reading to break out. It was as if electricity shot through you and it was a feeling that you’ve never had before with any guy.

“But I am surely inclined to give you other kinds of pleasure” he smirked winking at you and you couldn’t help the slight giggle that left your lips at the sight in front of you.

Crowley’s eyes shining with mischief, maybe hunger as well, happiness for sure and…


Black Rainbow

Crowley x Reader

Prompt: “Two can play this game.”

Words: 2798

a/n: For @marksheppardischarming’s May Mayhem Challenge! This took very long to write, but I am very proud of it…

Warnings: Swearing, Implied smut, Fluffy, Angst

Summary: Crowley decides to play a prank on you, which leads to some interesting actions.

Tags: @bloodysideofhell @evilrocknroll @a-s-s-t-i-el @boxer-pup @crowleysplaythings @faith-in-dean @ruby-loves-supernatural @talesoftheimpala @kittenofdoomage

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So, I made I thing. This is my first ever fan vid, it’s a Destiel AU of the movie The Vow. 

Prophet City: Part One

A Dean x Reader / Superhero!Au

A/N: Here is my superhero!au I promised. I had a really fun/terrible time writing this, but I’m pretty proud of what came out. This is more so Batman/DC-esque than Marvel, so keep that in mind when reading it. Thank you to @balthazars-muse for betaing the first half of this, and to @theerinpage and @leatherandwinchesters for helping me with fine details and being so supportive. Please, let me know what you think and if you want me to keep going with this. I love hearing from you!

Word Count: 2,881

Other Characters: Jo, Gabriel, Rowena

- for now, just language.

Tags: At the bottom. Everyone who asked me to tag them, will be tagged. If you’d like to be tagged in future parts, please shoot me an ask or message!

*gifs are not mine.

Prophet City.

Whenever anyone hears the name, they can’t help but think of the obvious - wealth, money; regardless of the spelling difference. While sections of Prophet City are extremely profitable, thanks to big businessmen who invest their money into mostly shady deals, these are only small parts of a vast network. The biggest parts of the city, especially downtown, are littered with criminals; men and women who make their profits in the only way they know how - gambling, drug dealing, and prostitution. Some people say that the small time criminals actually work for the big businessmen uptown, but this has yet to be proven. At least, not yet.

Many citizens view the name Prophet City in a different way. When times are tough and the police have no desire to clean up the streets, we have The Hunter; a ruthless vigilante who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit, taking it upon himself to manage the especially raunchy and vile criminals that run downtown. The Hunter patrols the streets at night, opting only to cover his body with bulletproof black armor, his face always covered with an even darker mask. The only thing that can be seen are his sharp, emerald green eyes peeking out of the eye holes deliberately cut from the fabric. 

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Reblog if you're a proud fan of these TV shows.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
American Horror Story
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
The X-Files
The Tribe
The Addams Family
Once Upon a Time

Pain & Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader gets hurt on a hunt, and she remembers some of her and Dean’s favorite moments

Warnings: mention of blood/injuries, fluff, feels, smut

Words: 2312

Note: No idea where this came from, but I’m really kinda proud of this one, let me know what you think? 

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Two Weddings and A Baby?

(gif credit x)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,537

Warnings: None?

Song: None

A/N: I’m kinda really proud of this one! I hope you all enjoy it! Special thanks to @iwantthedean for being my beta for this!!! 

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond

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anonymous asked:

They could've taken their time on it, I wouldn't care if that setted back the whole premier date. The whole point of TW is to relate to the characters & going to high school excluding the relevance of the supernatural. They didn't have a prom & likely won't see them walk across the stage to get their diploma so fans at home can sit there & feel like proud parents for their babies graduating. You can't relate to this season as much. I do think it's a perfect time to end but they're ruining it

I feel the same. I wish they’d showed us a prom where Stiles and Lydia were like making out in the corner and Scott and Malia where just smiling on like proud parents


Requested by anon.


“What do you think about Y/N winning an Oscar for best actress?” The interviewer asked.

Jared flashed a smile as he glanced down at you. “I’m so happy for her! I knew she was amazing and this just proves my point even more.” He exclaimed. “I am so proud of how far Y/N has come. Seriously, this girl deserves it.”

You patted his arm and chuckled, trying to hide the blush that slowly crept up to your cheeks. “Good job! Just how we rehearsed it!” You teased.

He belted out into laughter. “Sweet. Now do I get my cookie?” He winked.

You rolled your eyes, not able to hide the embarrassment any longer.

“I’m kidding. Y/N is really great and I am so happy for her.” He smirked. “Just don’t get cocky.”

Team Yellow

Team Yellow believes that the key to success is following one’s intuition and believing in their own innate abilities. They can close their eyes before falling forward because they know that their teammates will be there to support them.
A fan of the underdog as that’s the position they usually find themselves in, and they’re oh so proud of it.
If you have faith and trust that things will work out in the end, Team Yellow is the team for you.

Team Blue

While Team Yellow is guided by trust and gut-feelings, Team Blue is guided by calmness, wisdom, and intellect.
Team Blue is a group that is defined by their ability in maintaining a cool collected demeanour in any situation rather than giving into their emotions which could cloud their judgement.
If you see adversity simply as a puzzle that needs to be solved, then Team Blue will be a good match for you.

Team Red

Finally, there’s Team Red, whose members are motivated by passion and strength above all else, as opposed to the tranquility of Blue and the faith of Yellow. If you’re in this game primarily to be the very best like no one ever was, this team is known for being the fiercest and most competitive of the three.
Though they may have some unrealistic goals, Team Red is not afraid to try anyways.
If you’re not afraid of working hard and stubbornly working towards your goals, Team Red will be there to cheer you on.