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Dream A Little Dream

A.N - My first what will be a smutty Crowley x Reader fic. Let me know what you think :) 

Warnings - Smut, mentions of BDSM and swearing.

The second you heard the damn accent flood the room you stiffened, Sam and Dean thought it was because you still harboured ill feelings towards the demon after he kidnapped you a few months back and used you as bait to make the Winchester’s more compliant. That was partly true, but that wasn’t the whole story.

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Imagine: your abusive bf gets punched by Dean so hard after finding out that he physically abused you and protects you from your abuser.

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“thank you Dean, I’m so sorry” you whisper, tears forming in your eyes. He notices this before you got a chance to wipe them away. He looks at you and his eyes travel to your abuser with intent.

“you touch her one more time, I’ll be using my gun next time, and you won’t be so lucky” Dean threatens to your bf whose clutching the side of his face. He carefully takes your hand and walks you behind him in a protective manner.

“your dead!” he mouths before making a gesture of a gun.

"Crowley  needed to die. This was good, he wasn't  even a main character. People need to get over it." - Person in the comments

Hold the fucking phone. Its one thing to say the character arc needed to end, it’s a stretch  to say it’s a ‘good thing' 

But not a main Character? Are you kidding me?

Maybe not when he first was introduced, but then again  Neither was Castiel. But People will burn down villages to defend the angel that has caused almost every single problem  for the boys, and if you say he’s not main. And will freake out if he is not there by their side. (BTWs you beleive  that Cas wasnt going to come back in season 13 you’re kidding yourself)

Cas’s popularity is one that makes me hate the character more than I already do beacuse  of how much this past season finale just overhwleming over  shadows Crowley’s death with his own, and more importantly how it over shadows Mark A. Sheppard.

Misha, Cas, has been on supernatural one year, just one year longer than Mark. One. Not 2, not 10. 1. 

The whole Fandom may just look past the fact that Sam and Dean. Are the main characters. And it is. It’s not. Not Sam, Dean,  and Cas. 

But that’s what people think, team free will. 

Crowley  earned the title as a main character,  Mark earned that. He’s not just “reaccouring cast” or “season regular” my ass.

When the main cast panel is called for Comic con, and not 2, not 3, but all four actors are there. You are a main character,  you are and are playing a main role.

When they put you on the poster, with all the main characters.


Sure, Crowley isn’t a part of team free will. But I never seen a character  express and fight for somthing more than what he believed in. That perfectly  exercised his free will.

You may disagree with me there.

All be damned if I let anyone go around saying Crowley wasn’t  a main character and not hear my two cents.

Mark deserved so much better than what he got. For his time and performance as the character,  and to be, how I feel, spit on and Crowley just brushed under the rug as 'just another SPN death’.

To see 'oh Cas, hes never coming back, I’m so mad at spn for killing cas' 

Inside of , 'Why…did they kill Crowley? Im mad they did that, thats not right, he’s never coming back' 

This death of this character  will haunt me forever. However, What is done is done. 

But I will always support Mark, in whatever he does. What ever kind of thing he does. 

He will always be the man, who’s smile makes my day and who’s character changed my life, along with this Fandom.

Also Fuck who ever thought it was a “good” idea to just photoshop Crowley out of the main poster of Supernatural. JUST MAKE A NEW ONE DAMN IT.

Comfort Me

A.N - My first fic in a while i hope you like it :)

Warnings - swearing 

You sat on the sofa sandwiched between the Winchester’s, Dean on your left and Sam on your right. Your arm threaded through Dean’s and Sam’s draped over your shoulders. You tried to calm your breathing and fight back the next round of tears that were making their presence known in the back of your throat. 

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Me 30 years from now
  • Me; Jim Moriarty has a twin! It's twins. It could only be twin
  • Grandchild; Grandma I only asked if you knew what sherlock was-
  • Grandchild; Hey grandma, what's time?
  • Me; People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.
  • Grandchild; ...Grandma that makes no sense...But ok, also I brought you a rose-
  • Me; ...*sniffles* To soon...
  • Grandchild; Do you beleive in the supernatural Grandma?
  • Me; Yes.
  • Grandchild; ...
  • Me; ...
  • Grandchild; You're gonna say somthing wierd arn't you-
Supernatural Series Finale Theory

I kind of hope it ends in a Thelma and Louise kinda way. Hear me out. 

 Like Dean and Sam have to die for some shit to happen. Something good. They manage to get an incredibly powerful witch to link them to  all the evil in the world. The second they both are dead, so is all the darkness in the world. No more monsters. No more demons. They drive the impala up to the edge of a cliff, dodging thousands of fucking demons who for once WANT them to live. They get to the edge. “Are you sure about this Dean?” Sam asks quietly, knowing its pointless, his mind is made up.

Dean looks at Sam. “Goodnight Sammy” he whispers. 

Sam smiles a painful half smile that breaks quickly. He wants to look strong for his big brother one last time, but he can’t. Dean slams on the gas. They shoot over the edge, they are 100’s of feet above ground, no surviving this one. Dean lets go of the wheel and turns and squeezes Sam as they fall down, to what seems like forever.

They hold each other, eyes closed.


Carry on my wayward son plays, slowly.

Their lives flash before our eyes.

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