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Prompts List 31-40

31: “I’m a master of avoiding my problems.”

32: “Aw, your anger towards me is so cute.”

33: “Everyone wants to appear tougher than they really are.”

34: “Who do you think your talking to? I got this.” 

35: “I hope you know I’m holding this against you.”

36: “Careful, you might make me fall for you.”

37: “You’re not nearly as alone as you make yourself out to be.”

38: “You keep looking at me like I’m going to hurt you.” 

39: “Destroying lives, one person at a time.” 

40: “Honestly, the worst thing you can do is stare.” 


Elijah: These are the infamous Winchesters? Is this a joke?

Stefan: They might be a challenge *trying to sound serious*

Klaus: Shh, they might hear us. *sarcastic humor*

Damon: Oh this is going to be fun.


Requested by Anonymous

(Sorry if you didn’t like the humorous route I took with it. If you like I can remake this in a more ‘serious’ tone)

After School Session - Project

Teacher/Professor AUs 

A few of us have come together to fulfill your PorfessorxStudent fantasies. We are doing a few each, with a character of our choosing, and will post it when we are finished . There are no deadlines, so please be patient with us! No need to rush out a story. Also, I will make a master list once we have finished all the stories. 

We want to make sure the stories are filled with nothing but hot, steamy, mouth watering smut! 

You may catch up with the Project, tagged under #Professor Prompts


  • “Because I tend to get very decent grades on my English work, my roommate sorta hired me to write their papers for them. It went very well for a couple of months…that is until I found a note attached to my paper that said “I know you write their papers. See me in my office as soon as you can. - Prof. ___” AU @deans-colette​ (Sam x Reader)
  • “My friend and I lied our way into a bar last night and you were super cute. I went over to talk to you and holy crap you are gorgeous. You notice I cant stop staring at your lips which leads us to the bathroom, having a pretty hot make out sesh. This morning, going to class, holy crap, its you! Wait, what are you doing up in the front? And why are you writing your name on the board. Oh, crap.” AU @bovaria (Ben Solo x Reader)
  • “You are the asshole Professor who I despise. I dread going to your class. Going home is my sanctuary and- wait, is that a moving truck? Did I just see you with a box of stuff walking in to the house next door?” AU @bovaria (Dean x Reader)
  • I bought my roommate a really realistic dick cake, and you’re my professor who’s both super cute and super conservative, and you are buying a personal cake to eat but you notice mine, so, hey. Want a slice? It’s red velvet. @ellen-reincarnated1967 (Dean x Reader)
  • “you rescued me from the creepy person that was hitting on me in the bar and aren’t you the new TA?” au @sincerelysaraahh Barry Allen
  • “You are my TA and whenever you lecture I cant stop staring at you. Damn, you are beautiful.” AU @bovaria (Draco x Reader)
  • “I needed a room to rent and saw one on the message board in the dormitory. We talked on the phone a couple of times and texted and now I am moving in. But oh shit, Aren’t you My Psychology Professor?!” AU @deans-colette (Cas x Reader)
  • “I don’t tolerate tardiness. If you can’t get here on time, Drop the class.” @winchester-writes (Dean x Reader)
  • Senior Year, I am new here and have no friends. But you and I have a lot in common. Who cares if you’re my teacher? Oh crap, were you always this good looking? @cassgracie (Steve Rogers x Reader)
  • How the hell am I suppose to take down notes when you go so fast! You notice me groan and curse under my breath so you ask me to stay after class. @bovaria (Steve x Reader)
  • An F?! This is my first F ever! Please there has to be something I can do to get an A! @winchester-writes(Sam x Reader)
  • My dad invites my english teacher over for dinner to discuss my grade. Why are you playing with my hand? @itsemmyb (Sam x Reader)
  • I am the new professor and my best friend’s sister is in my class. Damn why does she have to wear a tiny skirt? Focus!  @sincerelysaraahh (Dean xReader)
  • I know you are my professor, but every time you come into the cafe where I work and crack a new joke, I fall a little more for that smile. Am I crazy? Screw it, maybe I should just go and tell you how I feel. @bookshido (Sam x Reader)
  • I got forced to take this class because the one I wanted was full. I really don’t want and care to be here. @cassgracie (Sam x Reader) 
  • Class Debate. Why am I getting turned on from you getting angry trying to get your point across? @abaddonwithyall (Dean x Reader)
  • Did you seriously lock the door on me just because I was Five minutes late? What the hell man! And don’;t give me that smug look. Open this damn door! @cassgracie (Damon x Reader)
  • I had two essays, one which was my real essay and the other which was about all the things I wish I could do to you. And oh shit, I gave you the wrong one! @supernaturally-potter​ (Dean x Reader)
  • *“Although the two of us are meant to have a student-teacher relationship, that can become very difficult when I, the teacher, am teaching my high school teacher who is attempting to get a second degree. By the way, I used to have the biggest crush on you back in high school - here’s an A.” AU - @sincerelysaraahh (Chris Hemsworth x Reader) 
  • I am drunk and pissed off so I thought it would be funny to write you an email about how big of an asshole you are. @abaddonwithyall (Cas x Reader)
  • Crap, I forgot to turn in my essay. I will just drop it off on your desk, in your office. Oh shit, I just caught you jerking off. @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Sam x Reader)
  • Teacher catches you getting changed for gym class
  • You cheated on a test and offer sexual favours to avoid a resit
  •  Discussing a book and I catch you glancing at me every time you mention sex. 
  • This is embarrassing, I am failing your class but you offer to tutor me. 
  • You “surreptitiously” play with yourself under the desk. He catches you.
  • ‘Never in my whole teaching career have I had such a troublemaker - OMG YOU DID NOT BRING 20 PUPPIES INTO MY LECTURE. I guess I’ll just have to show you who’s really in charge.’ @hernameiswhatt (Jensen x Reader)

If you want to write one of the free prompts and join us, shoot me a message! xo

Reasons to love Deanlena:

1. Both are loving and selfless and would do anything for the people they love.

2. Both are older siblings who would rather die than lose their little brothers.

3. Both have lost their families because of the supernatural and have experienced horrible amounts of grief.

4. Both have parents who were hunters.

5. Both were victims of fate and destiny (Dean as Michael’s vessel and Elena as a doppelganger).

6. Both harbor intense feelings of guilt for the lives they’re responsible for taking (humanity-less Elena and Demon Dean), as well as all the friends that have been hurt or killed because of them.

7. Both have shitty luck when it comes to love.

8. Both have faced death more than three times.

9. Both were vampires then were not vampires.

10. Both have had several mother and father figures that have come and gone.

11. Amazing best friend with powers (Castiel and Bonnie).

12. Cool vampire best friend (Benny and Caroline).

13. Little brothers who have non-human girlfriends. (Jeremy with several ghost ex-girlfriends and Sam with a demon).

14. Elena is forgiving when Dean so often needs forgiveness.

15. Dean has a sense of humor when Elena tends get stuck in darkness.

16. Elena sees the good in people when Dean only sees the bad in himself.

17. Both are loyal to a fault.

18. Jensen and Nina.

19. Nina and Jensen.

20. They’re both freaking badass.


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