supernatural crossover




Alex Summers

“It’s your lucky day”  


“I’m sorry”


Rough day

Matt Murdock

Forgive me

Frank Castle


Steve Rogers

Forgive me

Pietro Maximoff


Bucky Barnes

I love you


Peter Maximoff 


Kurt Wagner

I think you’re cute

I like you




Maths and cuddles

Teen wolf

Theo Raeken

Football,part 2,part 3

Isaac Lahey


Derek Hale

New Teacher

Not a good idea

Thank you, Jealousy


Theo Raeken

Not your tipe


Everything’s fine

The wolves, part2, part 3, part 4




Bonded, ch.1, ch. 2, ch. 3, ch. 4, ch.5  , ch.6 , ch.7 , ch.8 , ch.9

Why I love you

First time*



Motel California


Back to you

Liam Dunbar

Anger issue


Cody Christian



Scott Mccall



You’re perfect


I’m here


Brett Talbot


Only for you

Jordan Parrish



Archie Andrews


Jughead Jones

It’s over

Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo

Flyers, pt.2

Jon Snow


The 100

Finn Collins

I’m here

Winchester- Supernatural and Teen wolf crossover

Nephilim- Teen wolf and Shadowhunters crossover

another funny edit




imagine if Supernatural ever have a crossover with Shadowhunters


I’d die instantly

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Hey have you any teen wolf supernatural crossover fics?


Well I know these ones.

9/10ths of the Law by  tsukinofaerii | 6.8K

Stiles discovers the hazards of growing up a real boy when, at heart, he’s not a real boy at all.

Hold the Door by  Hatteress (goddammitstacey), maichan808 (maichan) | 16.7K

When Derek is killed by a rival alpha, the pack will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if that means blackmailing the most dangerous hunter duo this side of hell. Whatever. That whole devil thing was probably totally exaggerated, anyway.

This Is My Kingdom Come by  Salomonderiel | 64.8K

Stiles has managed to avoid Hell and its natives for near 16 years. He’s almost managed to fool himself he’s human. And best friend who smells of wet dog or not, he thinks he’d got a pretty good deal with this second chance at a life, and is planning to stick with it. But, unknown to Stiles, the new king of Hell has other ideas…

the smell of farewell and gasoline by  Coshledak | 28.8K

It’s the summer before his pack is due to head off to their separate colleges, but something is killing people in Beacon Hills. So when Dean Winchester shows up to investigate, Derek is confronted with something new.

And something old.

Once Upon a Forest Full of Monsters | 2.8K

“What are you?” Dean snapped, wishing he had a better weapon than the sharpened stick he’d mostly been reduced to. In the distance, a few of the shadows whipped between the trees.

“Stiles,” the kid squeaked. “I’m Stiles, I’m mean I’m a human, I’m - do you know where we are?”

not french and probably a mistake by  bleep0bleep | 7.7K

A witch’s curse sends Derek into a parallel universe where his life is a TV show. At first, Derek thinks he’s lucky Stiles got sent into this universe with him. He’s a little confused when Stiles starts kissing him furiously.

Dylan isn’t sure why his boyfriend is acting so shy all of a sudden. It’s kinda cute. And he’s totally down to roleplay Sterek again, that’s always hot.



Commodore (in the Royal Navy) James Novak        

Supernatural (TV)  / Castiel /  James “Jimmy” Novak / Misha Collins / Photomanipulation

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P.S. - I can do crossover imagines like this but I won’t write for Pennywise.

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I present to you two very similar beans who deserve better, being 184529367% done with their friends’ talking, in a very similar fashion

Dean Winchester 12.07 / Tony Stark CA:CW


It had been quiet in the bunker for a while now, both Sam, Dean, Cas and the Doctor (who had joined Team Free Will temporary to help them   defeat the monster they were currently hunting, as he ‘didn’t have anything else to do in all of time and space,’ he had said, which had earned him an eyeroll from Dean).were all busy with research. Or they were, until the silence was interupted by giggles coming from the other side of the room, causing Dean and Sam to look up from their books with a questioning look in their eyes. ‘‘What is so funny, doc?’‘ Dean asked, caught by surprise on seeing the angel and the timelord chuckling like schoolgirls. It seemed they were laughing about something Cas had said, and knowing the Angel’s… unique sense of humor, Dean was curious to know what was so funny. Cas looked up to him with a happy look on his face. ‘‘I just told him a joke,’‘ he smiled proudly. Sam raised his eyebrows. ‘‘A joke?’‘ he said, not sure whether he had heard his friend correctly. The doctor also looked up now, a grin still plastered on his face. ‘‘You never told me your friend was such a comedian in Enochian,’‘ he declared amused.

‘‘Hold on a minute,’‘ Dean interrupted him. ‘‘You speak Enochian?’‘ The Doctor smiled as he sat back with a smug look on his face and answered: ‘‘I am a Timelord, Dean, I speak everything.’‘

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