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Do you guys have any fics about supernatural animals / familiars / etc.?

  • Character A owns a small house in the middle of a field outside of a small town. No one really questions what they do there all alone, but they do know that Character A has a lot of dogs that come and go. Many have guessed what they are trained for – be it professional competition, handicap service, military intelligence, etc. – but it’s none of those things. Honestly, if you had asked Character A what they wanted to be when they grew old, the last thing they would have expected to say was that they train dogs to hunt down spiritual entities.
  • “My familiar keeps wandering underneath my porch and won’t come out unless I beg it to. I’ve been wondering why it has spent so much time under there these past few weeks and I found my answer when I went looking myself only to find another person’s familiar cowering in the dirt.”
  • When the cat café came to town, everyone was thrilled and looked forward to being able to sip a cup of tea around dozens of furry felines. What they don’t know is that each and every cat is an ex-familiar - well, they do find out once one of the cats takes a special liking to a small girl in a witch’s hat.
  • When a supernaturally large wolf wanders into the city and terrifies its citizens, they have no idea who to call until they realize that they have to call in every huntsman and butcher in town to take it down (cue many arguments between the two groups on how they should go about taking it down).
  • An all natural food company comes into town featuring a special recipe specifically for familiars and many people are skeptical at first but eventually fall in love with it as their animals are happier than ever. The question is: what’s in it?
  • A retelling of the Golden Compass wherein a person’s soul is encapsulated within an animal companion, and separating them would mean certain death for both parties.
  • “Once a person is assigned a job in the Capitol, you’re meant to be thrilled as you’ll finally be given the familiar companion you’ve been looking forward to meeting all your life. The trouble is that my familiar and I have been assigned to manage the archives…and we don’t like that one bit…nor do we like one another.”
  • Opening a door to someone knocking on the other side isn’t really supposed to be a strange and almost ethereal experience, yet there Character A was, standing in their doorway and looking onto their porch where about thirty ghostly dogs sat whining for treats. Ghosts don’t need dog biscuits, right??

In celebration of another week where we learn nothing about the Mark of Cain!  

I told myself I’d do one of these for every episode they ignore it, but that first pic took way too long.  I signed up to do art for a fic that has a noir theme so I wanted to practice something before I get to disappoint someone else.  Also my tablet cord broke after I did the lines, so there’s that.  Loosely inspired by the art in Sin City, which I have not read in far too long.

If they stall for another week, I’m tossing Cas in a dress, too.

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