supernatural bow ties

Bow Ties and New Beginnings

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 873

Warnings: all kinds of fluff

Prompt: Dean is ready to start his new life with Y/N. And it all starts with their wedding day.

A/N: This is written for @amanda-teaches . Thank you so so much for donating to my buy me coffee fund. It really is going to help me out with school this fall. She requested: Dean proposing or wedding day (cheesy romance, I know! I’m a cliche)

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Dean began to thread the ends of his tie through one another, forming a simple bow tie knot securely in front of his neck. Sammy leaned against the door frame, black tie draped over his own neck, watching as Dean made the final touches to his suit.

“You ready?” Sam’s voice startled him, enough to make him jump. He tended to be jumpy these days. Every since he quit the family business he was jumpy; always cautious of the sounds around him. Especially now that he had people to protect: his own family.

Dean never fully stopped hunting. He took cases in the surrounding cities, went with Sam if he needed backup, but he no longer crossed the country, taking case after case after case. He gave up the life when his daughter was born.

“Didn’t mean to startle you,” Sam apologized, entering the room Dean was given to dress in. It was just him and Sam in that room, as the wedding was going to be small; him and his brother, Y/N, Jody, and of course their daughter.

“It’s alright,” Dean brushed it off, folding his regular pants up and storing them beside his garment bag. “Is Y/N ready?”

“Just about,” Sam answered, glancing down at his watch. “Need anything?”

Dean shook his head, taking a look around the room to make sure that everything was cleaned up. “Just Y/N… but of course, she had to go the traditional route and won’t let me see her in her dress.”

Sam chuckled, “you know it’s important to her, Dean. It’s bad luck.”

“Yeah, I know.” Dean sat down on the wooden bench in the room, carefully slipping his dress shoes onto his socket feet. “How’s Rosie doin’?”

“Well, she’s managed not to destroy the place, if that’s what you’re asking.” Dean’s lips turned into a frown at Sam’s sentence and he rolled his eyes. That was definitely not what he was asking, but it gave him an idea as to how the toddler was holding up.

“Wow, do you boys clean up nice,” Jody complimented as she stood in the doorway next to Sam. He smiled at her, giving her a quick hug before she continued, “Y/N is ready. You think you’re ready?”

Dean nodded, straightening his tie for the third time. “Yeah. I’m ready.”

“We’ll meet you out there,” Sam said as he took Jody under his arm and began making his way to the little chapel.

Dean closed his eyes, calming his nerves. Ten years ago he would’ve never believed this would happen. Hell, five years ago, even when he was with Y/N, he never thought they’d get married and have a kid together.

Dean proposed when Rosie was just a few months old. It wasn’t the perfect moment, but he never thought he’d get a perfect moment. It was a rough night, actually. Rosie was screaming, neither of them could console her and both of them were stressed and tired. It took hours to get Rosie to calm down, and once she had and she was swaddled up, asleep in her crib for the night, Dean took that moment to ask.

Y/N’s face, when he asked, was probably his favorite memory. He wished he had taken a picture or video or something. She had tear marks on her cheeks from all the work she put in with their daughter, and then she had such a face of relief and joy that more tears began to flow. It was a no brainer; an obvious yes.

Dean made his way out to the chapel. It was very empty, but they had everyone they needed. In another life, Dean would’ve liked a big wedding with his family and friends, but he had the most important people there, and that was all that mattered.

He stood on stage for quite a while. There was soft music playing through the speakers. Y/N chose the songs to play, she was always better at that kind of stuff. She was also more in tune with other genres, where as Dean stuck to his classic rock most of the time.

Rosie came running down the aisle, leaping into Dean’s arms the second she was at his feet. Rosie was their flower girl, but in her sprint over to him, she hadn’t dropped many of the petals. Sam took Rosie as the music seemed to get louder, and then, he was staring down at the most beautiful woman he’d ever met.

Y/N’s dress was a traditional white. It was inexpensive, but perfect for the two of them. Her hair was curled back and out of her face. She looked like a queen in his eyes. Y/N took careful steps down to the front of the church, one foot in front of the other, giggling about how there were no flower petals on the ground.

When she reached the altar, she handed her bouquet off to Jody and turned to face Dean. Their hands intertwined easily. Dean kept a tight hold on her hands, except when he brought his own up to dry his eyes.

This was the beginning of their new life together, and Dean was anxious to start it.

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