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Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective

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Just Jensen acting like Dean and suddenly remembering he’s not really that kinda guy i guess xD

Btw bts of Jared up next. I thought it was super cute ^_^

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UPDATE: Jared’s BTS vid is up. Enjoy ^_^
Supernatural Pilot - Behind the scenes

Eric Kripke: “Supernatural is about two brothers, who travel the dusty backroads of America, with chainsaws and axes in their trunk. Battling all the things, that go bump in the night.”

David Nutter: “With ghosts and paranormal activities and different urban legends, that they deal with, these young men end up becoming warriors, they become warriors against evil.”

Eric Kripke: “The reason we cast Jared and Jensen is: these guys were so far the way the best. They just owned their parts.”

Jared Padalecki: “I think what works well about this script is, that though it takes place and also works with extraordinary circumstances and though it’s things, that people don’t normally deal with; ultimately revolves around these two brothers, who would just do anything for each other.”

Jensen Ackles: “There’s a lot of dynamics between the two brothers, there’s a lot of history between them, there’s a lot of banter between them. It’s got a lot of suspense, it’s something you don’t get to see every day, you know. They are two Ghost Hunters.”

David Nutter: “There hasn’t been really a show like the X-Files out there for a very long time, wich is a show I was involved with in the first three seasons. With the success of films like The Ring and the horror genres around there, we really wanted to step into that world.”

Peter Johnson: “It’s perfect timing from the Pop Culture standpoint. It’s a kinda popcorn mixture of scare and humour. There’s nothing like it.”

Eric Kripke: “Audiences are going to connect with the show because it’s gonna scare the living crap out of them. And on top of that, they’re gonna love it because underneath all the scares and all the comedy, this is a show about two brothers.”

David Nutter: “Out in the dark, there’s bad things going on and what’s out there is what we’re after.”