Runaway Bride Part 5- Sam Winchester

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A/N: Welcome to part 5 of Runaway Bride- Can’t Hurry Love.

Summary: Dean has a talk with his brother about doing a job for him.

If you want to read other parts of this story. (Chap 1, Chap 2, Chap 3, Chap 4)

Sam had joined his brother on a photo shoot for Escada for G.Q.., but he didn’t know why his brother had brought him out of his apartment to join him on this shoot. After all he didn’t work there anymore. He watched his brother position the models into the places he deemed worthy while he stood in the back, arms crossed and feeling annoyed that he was there.

“Remember, we are putting the ‘fun’ back into formal wear,” Dean said with a smile, clapping his hands together. Dean turned around and looked at his little brother, shrugging. “I just say that for the agency. I don’t even know what that means. Now, come on Sammy,” Dean said, leading Sam back into the office he was recently fired from, getting onto the elevator, and pressing the button he needed.

“Dean, what the hell are you doing? Why am I here?” Sam questioned, wanting to know why his older brother had brought him back to the company. There had to be an important reason for why Dean had drug him there while he wallowed in self pity. Sam had acted mostly unaffected in front of Lisa at the office, but he was actually feeling pretty depressed.

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13 Days of Halloween! Day 9: Supernatural Creatures/Monsters AU

Welcome To Samwell University for the Supernatural!

Bitty: Vampire; European-style bloodsucker. No sunlight for this Georgian boy! He runs a blog based around dishes safe for vampires to consume, and likes to experiment with different ways to prepare blood. Came to Samwell for a fresh start, excited about attending a university specifically for supernatural creatures.

Jack: Loup Garou; French-Canadian-style werewolf. Turns into a wolf at will, but can be contagious in that state. His anxiety is a big factor in his transformations, and he usually goes wolf when he has panic attacks or is very stressed. Despite the wolf’s generally docile nature, he doesn’t trust him with others after a breakdown during the Q that ended his relationship with Kent and almost cost him his life. Came to Samwell to start over.

Dex: Poltergeist; He dead. And predominately incorporeal. He can make himself seen, but it takes a lot of energy, so he usually just moves shit around when he wants to make his presence known. He can expend the most energy when he’s angry, so Nursey probably sees him the most.

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  • yes im tiny, yes im sparkly, and yes i have a squeaky voice, so can you fuck right off and stop calling me cute
  • im a fairy, not a pixie, dont even call me that those guys are assholes
  • my fairy dust allows you to fly, but its only for a while and you constantly come back asking for another fix, what am i man, your drugdealer?
  • im your gardener to this exotic wilderness behind your house and you constantly ask how i manage to keep them all so healthy and i always say its ‘love’ but really its my bloom magic
  • people think im really badass cause i got this wingspan tattoo on my back but its just my real wings, im such a fraud i know i know
  • i accidentally walked into some weird ingrown tree house and stumbled upon a very serious looking fairy meeting, jesus fuck guys your magic looks more satanic than witches
  • fairies are really connected to the moon apparently so whenever theres a new moon you freak out and panic so bad because you think it’s gone forever and aw sweetie its gonna be okay
  • additionally, fairies are also very good friends with werewolves thanks to this fact, so dont be confused when you see a swarm of fairies riding a giant dog on a full moon
  • AND, fairy x werewolf for adorable innocence and curiosity about everything they come across together
  • i was running away from my friend and accidentally bumped into you and you crashed into the wall and diSAPPEARED IN FRONT OF ME JESUS FU—oh wait you just turned back into your tiny fairy form, okay—DONT DO THAT TO ME
  • listen, i understand you and animals are very connected and they are attracted to you, but you cant have a deer and five squirrels living with us, please put the rabbit down—no, the birds have to go too, please babe—pl—
  • say what you want but fairies party hard as shit, how the hell do they manage to drink a whole keg with their tiny little bodies omfg
a sip from the grail (m.)

Summary: Your usual feeding session with Jungkook takes a new, promising turn. (Vampire!Jungkook)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Drabble, Supernatural

Rating: 18+ (smut) (language, dry humping, blood drinking)

Length: 3.1k

Sweeter than Sweet Masterlist (series)

A/N: Prepare to switch lanes.

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“Noona, hurry up.”

You look up at Jungkook from over your jajangmyeon, eyebrow raised, before pointedly picking up slices of vegetables one by one with your chopsticks and lifting them ever so slowly to your mouth. On the other side of the table, Jungkook scowls, his fingers tapping impatiently. He’s fidgeting so hard that his leg is vibrating under the table, causing the water in your glass to slide dangerously close to the edge.


“Y/N,” he throws back before your eyes narrow. “Y/N-noona.”

“Would you be patient for once in your life and let me eat?”

“But I’m starving,” he whines, bending over and resting his chin on the table.

“Me fucking too, Jungkook,” you snap, whipping a broccoli floret into your mouth and glaring at him. “It’s been eight hours since I actually ate something more substantial than a granola bar, and I had two presentations this afternoon. What exactly have you done today? Apart from drinking all of Jimin’s bubble tea and playing Mario Cart with Taetae and Seokjin-sunbae.”

He turns his cheek flat on the table top, heaving a huge sigh and grumbling into the table top.

“That’s what I thought. I’ll feed you as soon as I’m finished, but unless you want me to pass out from anemia while you do it you’re just going to have to wait ten minutes, Kookie,” you huff, stirring the noodles again to spread the sauce. “Besides, my blood probably tastes like shit right now, with how little I’ve eaten today.”

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some supernatural aus
  • i can see spirits and for some reason whenever i hold your hand you can see them too au 
  • im the ghost of your new apartment. ill just be floating around, randomly turning the shower on and switching on the tv so you can leave but you never do au
  • my roomate is a werewolf and they love headrubs and treats and they keep on gnawing on random things
  • i accidentally summoned some sort of demon and now it’s just kind of hanging around my flat au

When you’re Supernatural and SU trash.

This scene always reminded me of these two for some reason and so I finally drew it :)

Inspired by this scene xx

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