Date a being of wind and thunder who embraces his return home and newfound freedom with fervent enthusiasm, who cannot be tied down and bursts free of his bindings with the speed and grace of gale force winds. The locals think he is human, and maybe they’re half right, but there’s an uncanny lightness in his eyes, and his face seems to shift and change in flux with his whims. He loves cities with tall buildings and long, wide streets, the lifeblood of his home, and cannot stand stagnant air. 


“Well, isn’t this a surprise?” Gabriel was smiling at you broadly as you approached. “I thought you were ‘retired’ from the field?” he said. He was overjoyed to see you, a very unexpected and joyous surprise.

“When I heard you were going to be involved I figured I better make an exception,” you said, returning his smile and feeling your heart flutter.

“Missed me that much, did you?” he asked, bouncing a little on the balls of his feet.

“More like someone needs to keep you in line,” you teased. 

“Oh, please… you love when I’m out of line…” He raised his eyebrows at you and his tone was flirtatious. You let out a light, heartfelt laugh and felt your cheeks coloring a little pink. 

“I’ll admit to nothing.” You gave him a more serious, fond look. “It is really, really good to see you.”

He licked his lips a little nervously and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “More than good to see you.”

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