OK KO What if:

What if Supernanny (British TV show) was an actual hero within the universe of OK KO?

And Lord Boxman called her in to deal with his own robot kids? She may be a hero but she’s level 11 and he’s at his wit’s end.

Like just imagine superpowered Joe Frost herself strolling in, DUNKING Shannon into “the naughty chair” and putting the fear of god into some robo-brats…

It’s gotten to the point in the Marvel/MCU fandom where I don’t even know what is entirely fanon and what has a basis in the movies/comics

has Thor ever eaten a pop tart?? did Steve really have his last rites done twice before he got the serum?? is Coulson really Clint and Natasha’s handler?? Does SHIELD even have a position called “handler”?? Did Bucky and Steve share an apartment before the war?? Did Bucky work “at the docks” while they shared an apartment?? Has Nick Fury ever said “motherfucker”?? did Steve have a job with the WPA?? does Coulson like SuperNanny?? Were ‘Bucky Bears’ ever a thing?? 

I don’t even know anymore

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Super-nanny is teaching a parent to hug his children...seriously?!! This man needs to be taught this?!! He seemed to be of the opinion that it was 'unmanly' to show emotion to his own kids!

It can’t be just me who is pissed off by this surely?

alexdammit  asked:

I remember watching an episode of SuperNanny where the nanny showed a child's mother what its like to have ADHD by forcing her to read and memorize something with the TV blaring, music playing, and her children running around. Well, one thing led to the other and the mother said something along the lines of "oh my god he's trying to be good but he CAN'T" and man I sobbed while watching SuperNanny

There are problems with disability simulations, but I have to say that if it helps a specific person understand a specific person’s challenges then it might be helpful.