O que eu penso depois de assistir Supernanny:

(xxxxx)Ah, que legal! Ela ajudou essa família e eles vão se relacionar melhor agora!

(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)Daqui a uma semana essa família vai estar do mesmo jeito de antes da Supernanny chegar, ou até pior!

If you put your child down for nap, and he doesn’t sleep, he’s probably not tired. If you say “his hour starts when he falls asleep” you’ll be waiting a while and your whole routine is thrown off. If your child doesn’t sleep, they may have an easier time going down at night. Yes, they may be cranky, but seriously, if Supernanny didn’t say “lets go check on him” you wouldn’t have known that he wasn’t sleeping, resting quietly is just as important as napping. If he’s old enough to be in the top bunk, he doesn’t need a daily nap.

Also, you raised your voice, not supernanny, you woke up your other child.

Yet, people think I can’t be a good mother…



I cannot wait for the day...

Americans stop misdiagnosing and then medicating their children. You cannot feed your child soda and sugar all day, sit them in front of the tv and expect them to stay still. And when they misbehave you give up (because you’re lazy), take them to a doctor and put them on meds to “relax” them. SMH I cannot wait to have children. I already know what to expect and even if my kids are a little hyper (mind you, they will not have a TV in their room or get a lot of sugar, if any, they WILL be playing outside or using their imagination somehow) I am not going to automatically ASSUME they have ADD or ADHD. If their doctors/teachers think they have it, then we are going to have a few therapy sessions before my child goes on ANY type of medication. Some of these kids are just bored, hyped off of sugar and seeking attention. If you address those issues early on, you won’t have to deal with it later.

And I still cannot get over the woman on SuperNanny last night who gave her children melatonin before bed. Seriously? At least sneak it to them! Don’t let a child know you’re giving them some sort of substance for them to fall asleep. What is wrong with American parents? STOP BEING LAZY! Like Deborah the Nanny said, “The easy route is not always the right route." 

So there's British Supernanny and American Supernanny...what if they had Asgardian Supernanny? What if Loki disciplined children?
  • Loki:I'm Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened to train your child.
  • Loki:What kind of madness is this?
  • Loki:The slobbering brat just punched you in the face.
  • Loki:Did he really just sass me?
  • Loki:I swear to Valhalla.
  • Loki:This is ridiculous. Stop your pathetic blubbering and take charge, you quim.
  • Loki:As you see, they just need to be ruled.
  • Loki:Oh. I suppose I'll just watch while you all lovingly embrace.
  • Loki:...I'm adopted.