The tree contains ten sephiroth or luminous emanations consisting of the Supernal Triad, an upper triplicity of divine force, (analogous to the Christian Trinity), along with a sepentary expression of energy and force, i.e., the seven rays. The Tree of Life can be likened to an immense circuit or vast energy system, where power flows from the apex of the Supernal Triad down the Tree and up again.

From Tiphareth we can ascend further up the Tree into the transpersonal or universal realms. But along the path and between Tiphareth and the direct influences of the supernal spheres, is the “invisible” sephira of Daath. Also known as the Door and the Abyss, Daath is said to “veil” the upper Triad. In terms of pure Qabalistic doctrine, Daath is not represented in the Tree and is not actually considered a sephira. But the experience of Daath is requisite to cross the Abyss (the gulf or gap in consciousness) separating theSupernal Triad (the creators) and the world below (the created.) The Qabalah states that the level of Daath is as far as the Higher Self or Soul can go. Those seeking union with the Divine “must leap across the Abyss, fearlessly and unaided, creating for him/herself the transition of Daath.” Another important idea associated with Daath is that of knowledge of or conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, i.e., Angel of the Presence. This idea refers to the fusion of personal light, Soul light and the light of the Presence. The ultimate experience of Daath, however, involves willfully relinquishing one’s acquired powers. In other words, Daath requires a willing sacrifice to God’s Will. These ideas are clearly suggestive of the need for building the Antahkarana and facing the encounter between the Angel and the Dweller. Entrance into Daath represents development of the intuitive faculties, the higher initiations and ultimately, Monadic realization.The sign allocated to this part of the path is Aquarius, and its symbolic representative is “The Star.” Our Sun’s present transit into the sign of Aquarius and its relationship to this part of the Tree should be looked at with special interest since it represents a highly potent confluence of energies.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy Goddess, I will also forget thy children.“
- Hosea 4: 6

Ok I was just thinking…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Nancy joined forces with Sam and Dean Winchester? Like to kick major ass and solve some mysteries? 

And they’s be totally down with her kleptomania issue, and they could teach her how to escape an elevator (and not get stuck in twelve hundred god dammit Nancy NoT AGAIN).


Boredom & Curiosity

Castiel needn’t ways to fight boredom.

Because angels never get bored and touchy-feely towards their boyfriends in not appropriated places, of course.

Hi everyone!

This fanart was made for my twin @iwanttoseehowitends, who ships Destiel, to thank her for being such an amazing, supportive friend, even at times when I feel so broken almost everyone else would want to run away from me asap.

And I no longer ship this so you know it was really born out of love^^

Of course this is also for all of my Destiel-shipping friends and for everyone who might enjoy it, so… Enjoy xD

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in purged icon

stephanie w.
your light ebbs in rustic flow
at clipped edges of my mind
cold wince, I’ve dreamed away
toward unruly glistens, peeled by

though resurrected in purged icon
of a soul that could not love
nor beat of timed forgiveness
whilst we move and breathe
to dream again

vile movement of my unlaced passions,
racing through my heart
sweet crimson tide that
bleeds unto the ocean, her
forgotten web that burns such pain

troubled fingers etch their bodies
boldly upon waspish plight
that gnarls in sync with
untold whispers, still plain and
hollow for a time

rich effigy of my cease, embodied
welded into sorcery that stings
of buried promise, treasured eye
that wanes in shadow,
holy supernal spilled
killed by other.

when a blog that says in their description they ship ph/an and like supern/atural reblogs ur post that specifically says that gay love isn’t for straight women…maybe i was too narrow…….i meant to say please stop fetishizing our love and perpetuating gross ideas about mlm because of your “ships” please. stop putting gay relationships on a pedestal it’s actually more harmful than helpful.