#Sending #OurWorldLeaders #SoMuchLoveAndLight for at some level we are all victims of the same timeless (it seems) plight. And the #RealChange that #Humanity is now ready for transcends all governments or organizations of on #Earth. May the #GlobalAwakening proceed and may it be #Peaceful and in #Harmony with as much of #HumanLife as possible. #SuperNamaste #Obama #AlexGrey #LoveAndLight #PeaceOnEarth By @hollandjonmarc “#AlexGrey” via @PhotoRepost_app

#ILoveAbbyMartin for tirelessly doing what she does daily for us all ON TOP of being a #PhenomenalArtist for prints. I have one in my room by my door that I gaze at every day. All of you need to #Subscribe to her #YouTube channel #BreakingTheSet at ESPECIALLY now that the warmongers of the Earth are attempting to gear up for another attempt at starting World War 3. Abby and people like her are doing some of the #GreatestService to #Consciousness by reporting on #TheTruth and helping everyday people to #WakeUp. It is only Tuesday, but like I’ve said before, Abby is my #PermaWCW My hope is that other women will aspire to contribute with their strength and leadership as she does. #SuperNamaste to her ;] By @fababs @breakingtheset “‘tacenda’ new #art #collage #paintpen #ink #mixedmedia | prints available at” via @PhotoRepost_app

A big #ThankYOU to Adrienne @littleblackdiamond for brightening my morning with her wonderful post, I do try people, some times I spend a long time looking for things to repost that I think will inspire people, skipping over things I’ve already seen too much or which I find less meaningful haha, some times it all just comes together quickly, but heartfelt #ThankYOUs are always appreciated. Make sure if you make one though you add me to the photo, I think I miss a ton of people tagging me because honestly when I’m logged into this and have posted in the last hour or so everything gets all slow so I usually just log back out haha, i’m glad i saw Addriene’s when I did. Anyway #Gratitude for everyone out there who posts great stuff for me to repost and I’m endlessly happy if anything I’ve reposted has impacted you positively in any way #SuperNamaste to you all #FamilyOfLight By @littleblackdiamond “so charmed by this dope sunflower crown I bought from ✨@kulturshop✨! 🌻 it has a yin yang medallion, hanging chains, tie die rainbow leaves and 10 LEDs. 🐞 I love supporting my friends’ businesses! 😻” via @PhotoRepost_app