This is for our favourites

For the ones that put everyone else first

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For the ones we spent our live with

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For the ones that were brave, even though they were scared

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For the ones that kept going

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Even though it was hard sometimes

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And the ones that never stopped believing

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For the ones who see things differently

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The round pegs in square holes

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The ones that want to change things

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The ones that showed us the universe

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The ones we could identify with

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Even the bad guys

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The outcast

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The “misfits”

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The lunatics

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And of course the troublemakers

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The ones that only follow their own lead

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The ones that take us into different worlds

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They are like our family

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And while some think of them as the crazy ones

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We see genius.

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Iam vos ego nomine vero
Eliciam, Stygiasque canes in luce superna
Destituam: per busta sequar, per funera custos;
Expellam tumulis, abigam vos omnibus urnis.
Now I will lure you
by your true names,
and Stygian hounds in the light of day 
forsake: through pyres I will pursue you, through burials your jailer;
I will hurl you from barrows, I will drive you from every urn.
—  Lucan, Pharsalia 6.732-35
Two Prompt Tuesday #15

Prompt: “I thought you forgot about me.” … “Never.”
Word Count: 1565
Warnings: Hospital environment, surgery (not discussed in detail), pregnancy. Also, I like unique baby names. You’ve been warned. 

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