New sculpt on the left (featuring Supernae Blue)
Old sculpt on the right (featuring Sine)

* The new dolls are just ever so slightly taller than the old ones.

* The new dolls have a slimmer waist from the side, but are less curvy from the front.

* The new dolls have narrower eyes than the old. It’s not by much, and at some angles you can’t really tell at all.

* The new dolls have a slightly longer neck than the old ones, as well as a different head shape. Another difference is in the shoulders. The new dolls have a ‘rim’ around the arms, while the old dolls are completely smooth over them.

* The new dolls seem to have thicker hair. Sine’s hair felt very thin after handling Supernae. The new dolls’ hair is also a higher quality. 

* The part on their head is very different. The new dolls have a straight part that goes across the top of their head, while the old dolls have a point part in the center. The long part on the new dolls makes their hair lay more evenly and avoids the little bump from the point part.

* The legs are a bit slimmer and maybe a bit longer on the new dolls.

* There’s also a slight color difference between these two. The new one is a tad more off-white in comparison, but you’d never notice it unless looking close.