It’s a Supermurgitroidz family picture!

The line up is Kait, Andy, Dave, Miguel, and Myself.

I kind of did this as a way of saying thanks to the other members of the group for being there for me during my last and most stressful year of school and also as a symbol of togetherness…

and also we are all cute and I wanted to draw us.

Portfolio Day at Ufarts.  Record breaking 6 out of 7 Supermurgitroidians in one picture.

From left to right:

Sam Schechter, Dave Curtis, Miguel Co, Kayla Miller, Andy Hood, Kait O’Donnell

Congrats to Dave, Sam, and Kayla.  They are graduating TOMORROW.

Also, I am not really that short.


This is what the show looked like prior to when people started showing up. Music courtesy of Kate Eagle.