“Champagne Nights” Fantasy Bra

It’s that time of year again! Victoria’s Secret just revealed the annual fantasy bra design by Mouawad. and model that will have the rare honor of wearing the one-of-a-kind-piece on the VS runway in December, is the brazilian bombshell Lais Ribeiro.


The one-of-a-kind piece weights over 600 carats, and features a combination of handset diamonds, yellow sapphires, blue topaz. The stunning work of art took almost 350 hours to create and totals almost 6,000 gemstones. The work of art is valued at $2 million.

Tune in on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 10/9c on CBS see this beauty on the runway. See you in Shanghai!  

mrsjadecurtiss  asked:

I know its probably an old post by now but what on earth does a "female transformer" look like and how can they have body diversity.. i only know michael bay + some cartoon ones and they all looked like the same built

Well, alright, this is gonna take a bit of typing but I’m gonna try to keep it brief. 

Transformers is, historically, a “boy’s toy” series, meaning that the cast of the original 1984 show was largely male-dominated. The show was, after all, all about robots, cars, trucks, jetplanes, guns, and construction vehicles. In a marketer’s eyes, this is the PERFECT boy’s toy. Series writers wanted to include a few female characters, but the idea was shot down by the higher-ups because Transformers are “boys toys.” 

The franchise went on for another two years before the first female transformer was introduced: Arcee.

Arcee was described by her designer, Floro Dery, as as being “a giant naked robot princess Leia.” She was relegated to “eye candy,” “love interest,” and “mother figure to the human characters.” Not exactly a good start for all female transformers. 

Oh, also? Arcee never got a toy in the original toyline. Her first toy didn’t come until 2001, and it was just a recolored version of an already existing toy of a later female transformer. 

Later female transformers were relegated to similar roles. Blackarachnia in Beast Wars was the show’s sexy femme fatale, with her character model actually based off of a stripper the animators at Mainframe saw while they were out partying. Minerva from Japan’s Headmasters cartoon was a sort of moe schoolgirl type robot. T-AI from Robots in Disguise 2001 was straight up just a hologram of an anime girl. Thunderblast from the Cybertron anime was really horny for Megatron and had fully modeled anime tiddies hidden under mechanical chest detail that would sneak out sometimes. 

In short, it wasn’t great for a while. A long while. 

I’d say the worst part was when IDW Comics hired Transformers writing veteran Simon Furman to write for the modern-day Transformers comic reboot. 

Furman, who often threw in-comic tantrums when he was forced to include female characters in the past (including a comic where Arcee was built to appease an angry mob of psycho feminist humans), decided that in this reboot, Transformers were all male. Well, no, he decided that they were “gender neutral,” but all looked and sounded masculine and referred to each other with male pronouns.

Until very recently, like “within the last five years” recently, was just accepted to be the case. Transformers were all male except for Arcee, who was forcibly converted to be female by a mad scientist “just to see what would happen,” in Furman’s words. Some writers and artists protested this by drawing female transformers in to crowd scenes, but Furman’s seniority ruled. 

Fast forward to when Transformers: More than Meets the Eye started. James Roberts, the writer for the miniseries, was less than pleased with the restrictions Furman put on the universe, and decided to turn them on their head. If all Transformers were male, and they were eternally living sentient beings, then it stands to reason that they’d fall in love, right? So, basically, James Roberts spat in Furman’s face by making his Perfect Male Race all gay. 

MTMTE went on to become IDW Comics most successful comic, winning several awards and drawing in tons of new readers that would have never considered reading anything about Transformers otherwise. This included a lot of female readers who began to wonder why the comics had no female characters in them.

IDW responded by launching a campaign to clean up Furman’s mess by introducing a bunch of new female characters through long-lost “colony worlds.” Basically, transformers all went off of their home planet and populated new ones entirely separate from the main war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and on those worlds female transformers just kinda happened. An intentionally vague explanation meant to spit in Simon Furman’s sexist stupid face and to introduce a bunch of new female cast members that could also act as audience surrogates so that new readers could have their questions answered in the comics. 

Alex Milne, lead artist and character designer for MTMTE, wanted to design the female cast as subtly as possible, making the only REAL indication that these transformers were female being the pronouns used to refer to them. IDW shot that down, sadly, because they wanted female characters to be easily recognized by new readers. Transformers had a wide variety of female characters, but they all looked like naked, skinny supermodels with lipstick and makeup on. Two steps forward, one step back depending on your perspective. 

Milne later went on to design a bunch of female characters with greater body diversity. A really hulky, buff robot called Roadmaster, a very gender-neutrally designed boxy robot named Proxima, a more alien one named Javelin, and so on. Unfortunately the only one that got to join the main cast was Velocity, whose body was a bit less supermodely but was still the most “recognizably female” to a man in a suit with a fat wad of cash. 

It’s been getting slightly better recently, though. Nickel, a short, broad-shouldered robot joined MTMTE’s “B-Cast” of Decepticons. A new all-female team of combining robots called the Torchbearers all have pretty non-supermodely designs and are featuring prominently in the non-mtmte transformers comics, and recently in the 2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon we got Strongarm, a buff autobot cop, and a whole smattering of animalistic female decepticons. Most of the female decepticons didn’t get toys, unfortunately, but one did! Her name is Scatterspike and she’s a weird, squat dragon lady with a rough-and-tumble cowboy type personality. Her design is modified from a previously used male decepticon, but the design is different enough to look unique on its own! Unfortunately nobody seems to have noticed that she got a toy or even showed up in the cartoon at all, which sucks. Toys of female decepticons are already rare enough because Hasbro is afraid of releasing toys of evil girls for some reason, but Scatterspike is an evil girl that also doesn’t look like a robot supermodel! I’m really disappointed that everyone slept on the toy’s release! 

In short, body diversity in female transformers is pretty important. For three decades, “female transformer” meant “naked robot supermodel that was a male robot’s love interest.” Only within the last five years did it start to mean something else. Hasbro is probably testing the waters for female decepticons with Scatterspike’s toy release, which is why I’m really disappointed to see nobody really paying any mind to it. Everyone’s too damn busy drawing Windblade and Chromia making out. 

I can’t have an Exigent of Porcelain Goddess since super ceramic sounds way too silly. Plus she already has that demon-blooded apprentice.

A Porcelain daiklaive is okay though :)

There should be a high-end supermode Evocation where each of the “wheel” in the blade’s hilt start to spin and the porcelain patterns begin to move independent to your sword movements, it kinda looks like the sword’s flat is a portal to another dimension and stuff.

I should probably put a glass coating on the hilt though, holding something spinning with your bare-hand is a recipe for disaster, not to mention that each of those wheel spins in the opposite direction :p

Also, sword scabbard, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those thing for any canon daiklaive ever. Do people just hang their Artifact weapon on their back or something ? @_@

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