Brandon Flowers Speaks With Expressen

Brandon Flowers recently spoke with Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, while in Stockholm.

In this interview, Flowers sheds more light on working with Avicii and ‘I Can Change’.

You can read the original article here and the translated version here.

Taken from Sweet Talk.

On ‘I Can Change’:

Supermode (Angello and Ingrosso).
• Speaking of 80s resample Bronski Beat on the new album (“I Can Change”). Or is it the Swedish Super Mode’s “Tell Me Why” is heard?
- It’s Bronski Beat. It was only later I heard that Ingrosso sampled Bronski Beat before me. It’s a crazy coincidence. He is Swedish huh? Axwell and Ingrosso are Swedes? 

• Yes.
- This is incredible: but I was contacted by their manager who wondered if I wanted to work with them for their albums. When I wrote “I Can Change”, but Axwell and Ingrosso had no time to record it so I took back the song and recorded it himself.

On working on ‘The Days’ with Avicii:

“The Days” - single, Brandon and Avicii worked out.
• Tell us about the story behind the song.
- Yes … It was an attempt to do something big, but in the end I felt that the song did not go in the direction I wanted it to go. That was why Robbie Williams got to sing it instead. 

• Because you did not think it was?
- No disrespect to Tim, I like to work with him again, but the song was not good enough. I’m not against it. Robbie sings well, but I’m just not that fond of the result. The chorus is really good though.

I can’t have an Exigent of Porcelain Goddess since super ceramic sounds way too silly. Plus she already has that demon-blooded apprentice.

A Porcelain daiklaive is okay though :)

There should be a high-end supermode Evocation where each of the “wheel” in the blade’s hilt start to spin and the porcelain patterns begin to move independent to your sword movements, it kinda looks like the sword’s flat is a portal to another dimension and stuff.

I should probably put a glass coating on the hilt though, holding something spinning with your bare-hand is a recipe for disaster, not to mention that each of those wheel spins in the opposite direction :p

Also, sword scabbard, I don’t think I have ever seen one of those thing for any canon daiklaive ever. Do people just hang their Artifact weapon on their back or something ? @_@