Making small boring engines go „…very, very fast…" was Carlo’s obsession: A112 Abarth 70 HP (51 kW/70 PS), marketed either by Autobianchi or as Lancia like in Sweden and in Switzerland. These „hot hatch” versions were made at Abarth & Co’s Turin factory under the watchful eye of the founder himself. This little poison dwarf is a rare sight nowadays due to rust and full throttle operation.


Renault 5 Turbo 2

A mid-mounted and originally 1397 cc turbocharged engine, in a modified Renault 5 chassis with rear-wheel drive, or in other words a production line supermini injected with mechanical steroids to become a rally incarnation…and finally a legend.

Driven by Jean Ragnotti in 1981, the R5 Turbo won the Monte Carlo Rally on its first outing in the WRC. 

The first 400 production 5 Turbos were homologation models and just over 3500 Turbo 2s were built in France between 1980-4. By 1984 the factory pushed the engine output up to 350 PS in the R5 Maxi Turbo, with many mechanical parts derived straight from Renault V6 F1. It’s the Group B legendary era…

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~ Mandy (Female)
Party Color
Dob: 22 Juli 2016

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~ Morgan (Male)
Dob: 12 Juli 2016

Sire: F.P White Sands Amore (Ulfo Chiao Li Ya FCI Imp. Taiwan Daughter)

~ Hanna (Female)
Dob: 1 agustus 2016

Sire: F.P Wish You (Ulfo Chiao Li Ya FCI Imp. Taiwan Daughter)
Dam: Ch. Bai-Jen Meng of Chiao Li Ya Fci Daughter

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