First Look: The New Nissan Micra

Now in its fifth generation, this new model is a massive progression from the one it is replacing, and from the trio of highly successful superminis which date back to the Micra’s debut in Europe in 1983.

  • Dynamic hatchback proportions, with expressive and athletic exterior design and strong character lines
  • Uplifting interior with high-quality materials, class-leading driving position and intuitive segment-first technologies
  • Unique-to-Micra BOSE audio system w/speakers in the driver head rest
  • Three responsive and efficient downsized engines available
  • Vivid colors and extensive personalization program

The new Micra is longer, wider and lower than ever before. The car has been repositioned at the very heart of the European B-hatchback segment.


Making small boring engines go „…very, very fast…" was Carlo’s obsession: A112 Abarth 70 HP (51 kW/70 PS), marketed either by Autobianchi or as Lancia like in Sweden and in Switzerland. These „hot hatch” versions were made at Abarth & Co’s Turin factory under the watchful eye of the founder himself. This little poison dwarf is a rare sight nowadays due to rust and full throttle operation.


model: Gong (Supermini Models) - photographer: Olivier Yoan - stylist / art direction: Florent Thiebaut - hair & makeup: Karen Yiu - location: Hong Kong -  MR Style Spring / Summer 2016

  • Lanvin - Bally