• So I'm watching Merlin and this just happened
  • Guinevere:The Prince has been on a hunting trip
  • Uther:When will he be home?
  • Guinevere:In a few days
  • And it reminded me of this
  • Dean:Dad's been on a hunting trip
  • Dean:And he hasn't been home in a few days
  • So if you'd write all the crossover fics now thank you

This supermerlin fic celebrates my milestone of three hundred followers and it’s a gift fic for thespywhospies for her supermerlin AU gifset

Dean growled angrily as he slammed the duffle bag onto the nearest bunker table, they had just come back from a case, a witch was sending people back into time as a way to ‘teach a lesson’, and Sam and Dean had lost the trail, and she was long gone by now.

Damn it!

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The night is eerily quiet.

He walks with his grocery bags in both hands, slowly making his way to his secluded house that resides 10 minutes away from town. He likes it there because his house sits on a hill that overlooks a nice beautiful lake. It’s nostalgic.

Suddenly, the wind shifts and picks up.

He freezes and something overwhelms him briefly. Then, it passes him, leaving him with a feeling.

His skin prickles with growing excitement as he looks up to the cloudy sky and just as he expected, or have been foretold, it starts.

Tons of meteors falling. But really, if he takes a closer look, he can tell it’s not actually meteors. Angels. Angels were falling.

Stranger things have happened but for whatever reason that it may be, it excites him incredibly. He drops his groceries and runs faster to his house, to the lake, mumbling with glee and relief: “It’s happening. And now, Arthur will rise to save the world.

if you don’t think merlin is flawless then you need to reevaluate your choices

also this episode was like a glorious supernatural-merlin crossover i just kept waiting for sam and dean to barge in and be like okay y'all where’s uther buried?

and then they’d get sam and dean in knight gear

and cas and merlin would have adorable little chats about being ~magic~

kjdahflhfldfjkahfjk i WANT THIS

In general, I’m usually not all that interested in crossovers like SuperWhoLock, simply because I’m not sure it would work (and I’m not into Doctor Who)…


I’m suddenly craving a Supernatural and future!Merlin crossover like you have no idea. It could work so well aaaaaaahh, the possibilities…

Like, Sam and Dean (and hopefully Cas) could run into a still young-looking Merlin thinking he’s some street kid and supernatural shit would go down that would reveal him to be THE Merlin and then Arthur could awaken and just… god I wish it was plausible!

call-me-emrys asked:

//dude dude you know I have a supermerlin verse? Yknow. Supernatural crossover and not... not like Superman Merlin. Tho that'd be interesting. Anyway. Idk if you still remember that plot idea I had about the Winchesters finding Merlin and them teaching him the ways (that was when you didnt watch it yet btw) but Im just having feelings cos I found a Dean hdkskksks

I totally don’t remember that! Possibly because I hadn’t seen SPN yet, but mostly because I have the worst memory ever. Awesome idea though! :D Glad you found a Dean to play it out with!

AHAHA! Supermerlin!

Don’t tempt me….. Donnnn’t tempt me….


Well they are his colours after all ;) LOL