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Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it! ♥ *PERSONAL NOTE FROM MAHSELF (If this type of thing pisses you off, I'm SOO sorry, I'm new-ish on Tumblr and I just thought I'd try to get into the Tumblr spirit.)

Hi! Welcome to Tumblr :)

  1. My favorite Pokémon is Porygon - I even made a blog about it!
  2. I have 13 chickens; two of them are roosters, which wake me up each morning!
  3. I have a drawing tablet, which I use to spawn (mediocre) TNG fanart, among other things.
  4. My mom was born in Norway, which means that I have relatives there - I get to visit them once in a while!
  5. I love Minecraft, and one of my worlds has a cookie farm!
  6. In real life, I’m super-shy, but on Tumblr, I’m not!
  7. I absolutely love shoes.
  8. I openly ship Data and Geordi.
  9. My favorite season is autumn. It isn’t too hot or too cold!
  10. I love using my fake southern accent, y'all.

I feel flattered to be someone’s favorite blog :D Thanks!

~ Erika

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that awkward moment when you realize that you have more followers than the main five of the teen titans.

and then you realize that you’re getting to the point of crewing serenity.

alrighty, fight to the death for the captain’s seat. revives will be administered after the placement is settled.

on a more serious note, hello! i post things about the teen titans, avatar: tla, god, morals and things that occur to me.

i follow, including everything that i’ve already mentioned, firefly, mlp:fim, star trek, doctor who, and various animes.

so, hello, thank you for finding my ramblings interesting. i’m not sure why you do, but thanks all the same!

but seriously, who’s going to be captain?