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A supermarket for cats.

Via Tastefully Offensive


There’s something awesome about a thing that’s so cute, it transcends cuteness to become nightmarishly creepy. That’s precisely the case with these impressively freaky pears, photographed last year at a supermarket in Beijing, China.

The pears are shaped like this by placing them inside special molds when they’re still very small. As they grow they fill the mold and take on its shape. They were marketed at the grocery store as “happy/joyful doll pears,” but we think they look like they’re patiently waiting for you to try taking a bite out of them, at which point they’ll start screaming bloody murder, or worse, turn you into a creepy pear-doll-person too.

[via Neatorama and RocketNews24]

Exo at the supermarket
  • Suho:*happily goes through grocery list*
  • D.O:wtf why is this 10 cents more expensive than last time wtf
  • Kai:did i srsly just get kicked out for dancing provocatively in the cucumber aisle
  • Baekhyun:i got bacon!
  • Sehun:is this where poor ppl shop for food
  • Kris:where the maple syrup at
  • Luhan:oh my god all these potatoes are dirtying my precious hands, time for a mani pedi
  • Xiumin:*gets lost in the ice cream section*
  • Chen:lol im gonna go tell everything that the stuff here is expired
  • Tao:what is this? 9 dollars for water? wtf? is this holy water?