A supermarket for cats.

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Shopping with 707!!
Deep in Mystic Messenger hell

This was what first popped into my head first when I saw the photo HAHAHA


Exo at the supermarket
  • Suho: *happily goes through grocery list*
  • D.O: wtf why is this 10 cents more expensive than last time wtf
  • Kai: did i srsly just get kicked out for dancing provocatively in the cucumber aisle
  • Baekhyun: i got bacon!
  • Sehun: is this where poor ppl shop for food
  • Kris: where the maple syrup at
  • Luhan: oh my god all these potatoes are dirtying my precious hands, time for a mani pedi
  • Xiumin: *gets lost in the ice cream section*
  • Chen: lol im gonna go tell everything that the stuff here is expired
  • Tao: what is this? 9 dollars for water? wtf? is this holy water?
  • Lay: ....I FORGOT MY WALLET.