TGIF & it’s Mario Day too! 😀 Double whammy! 😎 Super Mario Bros is one of my all time fav games! 🤓🎮 To celebrate I wanted to share this Mario Bros. themed piece I did called “Peach Pie.” 👸🍑 Princess Peach is so cute with freckles don’t you think? 😍 I have to thank the wonderful Amanda Duarte for her coloring! 😘 She used my original line work from my painting and made this stunning piece of work! 👏✨ I absolutely love it! 😁💖 So much so, that you might see her at future conventions 😉

PS fun fact about me! 🎊 My wedding cake was Super Mario Bros. themed! 🎂🎮⭐ I am a dedicated fan 😜



One of my favorite smart, young singer-songwriters has just unleashed this cheeky, seemingly mindless summer single. And it’s one hell of an earworm. 

Though she is a proper big star in her native Britain and beyond, Charli XCX is best known in the US for contributing the vocals to the chorus of the once ubiquitous “Fancy” by the oft-maligned Iggy Azalea. She has her fare share of other accomplishments, of course – did you know she wrote Icona Pop’s “I Love It”? – but this new lazy ode to lust could bring her back to the spotlight.  (Also, doesn’t that video game blip noise sound like Mario or Luigi grabbing a coin in the Super Mario Bros games? Brilliant.)

All that aside, the video is campy yet clever. It features dozens of dudes of all colors, shapes and sizes in role reversal mode – think guys in pillow fights, playing with puppies, and eating ice cream seductively. The twist? It includes some majorly famous hotties including Joe Jonas, Tom Daley, Ty Dolla $ign, Brendon Urie,, Diplo, and Charlie Puth, to name a few. I have a feeling this will get plenty of exposure at gay video bars across the world. Yowza! 

See also: “Superlove,” a one-off single that never appeared on one of Charli’s studio albums – a shame because the chorus is EPIC

Time 4 sad.

No really. After watching my little brother play Super Paper Mario again, I found myself looking at the goofy try-hard Mr. L again.

It hurts me knowing that even though the scene was mostly lighthearted dialogue, I’ve never thought Mario had to face his brainwashed

And regarding that, can you guys believe I found a bible verse regarding brotherhood? It’s this verse right here, actually.

Hebrews 13:1- Let brotherly love continue

How could I not draw some feels after both watching my brother playing and reading the bible afterwards? xDD

I imagined that even after Luigi were ever to find out who he was, there’d be a moment of reconciliation. Mario not only had to fight his brother but he also had to fight Super Dimentio. In some way, I feel like Mario was saving Luigi from himself?

And even after that (and a few games later), Mario never really looked at his little brother less.

Their bond is just that amazing.

That’s probably one of the reasons why I love these two dweebs since I was little. They hardly ever leave each other behind and they depend on each other.

And don’t even get me started on the Mario & Luigi series. Those bring out bro feels. lolololol

Do not repost, redraw or claim as your own.

Summer Sunshine

I should have had this finished WAY sooner. I started it during finals week when I did a really fast 100% play thru of Mario Sunshine, but I got really unmotivated when I started the background, which is why it’s pretty simple. I was going to do some shading, but I’m afraid I’ll never finish then.

Mario Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario so far, even though I’d probably say Galaxy is a better game. I’ve been replaying all the 3D Mario games recently, and I just feel like Sunshine gave me the most fun time…except for blue coins.