things about Slytherins #149

Because of their natural ambition, Slytherins get both motivated and bored extremely easily. The trouble is the motivation usually only lasts a few hours or a few days depending on the task the motivation is for. Also when we get extremely bored, we seem to have this habit to cause mischief. *ties both of a friends shoe laces together during class*

For the people complaining and refusing The Final Frontier as canon, so don’t like Spock suddenly having another sibling in Discovery, remember that it is still canon for Spock and his family to just not mention things anyway!

In TOS, even Kirk and Mccoy didn’t know who Spock’s parents were until they were DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM ON THE ENTERPRISE.

Or how about Spock not mentioning TPring till they had to go back to Vulcan because Spock was going to DIE of Pon Farr 

And in TAS, he is own “long lost uncle” from his childhood.

So Spock either has to be DYING or have the family RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and his trusted FRIENDS to go “oh yeah, by the way guys…”.

Plus T’pol in Enterprise talks about how in Vulcan culture, talking about family is very intimate. So Spock isn’t just going to go round spouting about his family history too much. 

And quite frankly, if we have to accept Star Trek Nemesis as canon (which is a bloody miserable film), you can at least have some damn fun with the fact that Vulcans just don’t talk about this stuff and have family everywhere. And that TFF is a hilarious film. Not great. But hilarious.

And still canon.

ST TAS Episode 3. So here’s the deal: Spock just MINDMELDS with a space cloud monster (hey i guess TMP wasn’t the first time for him), then kirk is like “oh don’t worry let spock/alien fusion mindmeld with ME too i don’t mind” all gentle uhhh, then kirk’s like “don’t self destruct WAIT spock WILL save the day just give him a little more time” THEN afterwards jim is like sunshine rainbows fondness and asks spock what it was like. And spock gushes about it. And jim is just So Fond hearing his bf rant about space miracles. Just like… jim is so Ultra nonchalant about getting mindmelded Anywhere Anytime by his bf, and absolutely the most I Support Whatever U Love Tell Me About it bf type. Babe.

*bonus that Bones is That Overprotective Friend, ready to fight a vulcan-space-cloud-monster hybrid if he has to, just to keep jim safe.