It occurs to me that not everyone will have seen pannenkoek’s previous videos about completing mario levels in 0 A-Presses. He isn’t commentating, so there’s no quantum-theory type shit, but it’s a magical watch in its own way

More Tribbles More Trouble

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Anyone who claims that the animated series is not canon makes claim that Kirk being unable to sit in his chair once because of a giant pink tribble did not happen and I’m afraid that is simply unacceptable.

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Y/N: “You know one day I’ll just ignore you until you learn to use the front door.”

Peter: “Who actually uses the front door?”

Y/N: “The people that aren’t Spiderman, for example.”

Peter: “Valid point.”

Y/N: “You’re an idiot.”

Peter: “But I’m your idiot.”

THE RESULTS ARE HERE! sorry this took me so long, but at last, here are the winners of my first ever tumblr awards :) thank you all so much for participating, I got to know so many new blogs and choosing was really difficult !  you’re all amazing!

Clara Oswald Award: best Theme

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Luna Lovegood Award: best Harry Potter**

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marth is so fucking beautiful

Seriously though, if breaking games in fucking awesome ways like building speed for 12 hours for the sake of saving a button press or manipulating memory data to beat pokemon in less than a minute, you should really check out some of the TAS Blocks in the GDQ events.

In particular, let me highlight these two, one from last years ADGQ, the other from the one just been.

Fans of Twitch Plays Pokemon may appreciate this one (Caution for some slurs, the video includes some live chat stuff and people are douchebags so)

And this one was particularly mindblowing for me. (There’s a lot of faffing about at the start, skip to 6:35 for the beginning of the run)

TASBot blocks are always super interesting because each time they do a showcase they’ve found new ways to just absolutely destroy games. For runs that are actual speed runs, their Mario Kart 64 run showcases are particularly impressive.