superman: the sun king

Okay so I’ve done a lot of critcising of Huxley’s book, but I’ll grant him this line, because it’s hilarious:

On behalf of the five-year-old King, Anne of Austria and her lover, Cardinal Mazarin, ineptly ruled the country.

(Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun)

It sounds like the beginning of an amazing adventure novel about the brave souls trying to keep Her Brainlessness afloat from behind the scenes.


On this day in history, September 1st, in 1715, the reign of the infamous Sun King came to an end.

Louis XIV, who had been King of France for 72 years and 110 days, died of gangrene at the Palace of Versailles, four days before he would have turned 77. He left as his heir his five year old great grandson, who would reign as Louis XV.

Louis XIV’s reign still stands as the longest of any monarch of a major country in European history.

I have to say that KAMAU is one of those artists that when you hear them on the radio you will just instantly know that its him and his latest track Jusfayu which features No Wyld adds more to that statement. The combination of hip hop beats, soulful RnB tones, gospel elements and of course that slick rap its hard not to listen to the track and not notice the creativity of the song. Honestly the song feels like its in a genre of its own and is so inventive that I think KAMAU could make it big in the music industry - Jakk

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