Batman vs. Superman

Me and my granny just argued about who should have won in Batman vs Superman. She thought Superman should have won and I thought Batman. I then explained that in most universes that they would never fight and that Batman has a kriptonion(?) bullet that could kill Superman should he ever stray from the side of good, in most cases given to him by Superman himself.

I may have also revealed a bit of my shipping heart as well. Oops.

Just a normal day (act II)
  • Henry: *checks Benry tag on his new phone*
  • Ben: hey man, can I borrow your phone, mine is dead.
  • Henry: *panics* no, no you can't mine is dead too.
  • Ben: ... But you bought it just yesterday. And it's in your hands right now.
  • Henry: *throws the phone out of the window again*
  • Ben: ...
  • -they're in the same room-
  • Ben: *checks the Benry tag*
  • Henry: *posts something about Benry on his blog*
  • Ben: *reblogs it* hey Henry I found a really good post about us! Look, I've reblogged it!
  • Henry: *screams internally* ohh funny!
  • Ben: Henry are ya ok? you're sweating!
  • Henry: yeeeeah *slowly leaves the room*