Preference #31: You're Best Friends That Flirt

Will: “Hey beautiful,” Will said sitting down next to you, you smiled, “Hi,” you said. He wrapped his arm over your shoulder, “What are you up to?” he asked, you giggled, “What does it look like,” you said rolling your eyes. He shrugged, and picked up one of your fries. “I know you’re hot and all, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to touch my fries,” you said gulping down your iced tea. “You think I’m hot?” he asked taking another fry, “Will!” you said, “What?” he asked mouth full. You looked down at your fries, “Okay, okay I won’t take anymore,” he said getting up. Will grabbed a handful of fries, and kissed your cheek running away before you could say anything.

Cole: You were out shopping with Cole, at the moment the two of you were in Hot Topic, you wanted to get some superhero accessories. You picked up a Superman necklace , and examined it when Cole came up to you. “You should get this,” Cole said holding up a dress that was a black corset, the bottom was a tutu, and it showed off a lot of skin. “Want me to model it for you?” you asked him while giggling. He smiled “I wouldn’t mind that,” he said winking at you, you laughed some more. Going back to looking at the necklaces, “Put it back,” you told him.

Dalton: “How’s my favorite girl doing?” Dalton asked hugging you from behind. You smiled turning in his arms, “Good, and you?” you asked. “Same old, same old,” he said, Dalton let go of you. You and a couple of friends were at the beach. “Dalton can you rub this sunscreen on my back,” you asked handing him the bottle. You took off your cover up, Dalton stared at you, “Like what you see?” you asked posing for him. He chuckled, “Maybe,” he said squirting some of the sunscreen on his hand, and rubbing it on your back. “Now, come on let’s swim,” he said taking off his shirt, this time you stared. “Close your mouth,” he said chuckling. 

Dana: “I’m surprised they’re not dating yet,” Will told the other boys, they nodded in agreement. You and Dana were doing your usual banter of endless flirting. “Seriously it’s clear to everyone that they like each other,” Gabe said taking a sip from his drink. You slightly pushed Dana, “Stop cheating,” you said, “I’m not cheating you’re just not playing it right,” he said. “It’s Twister, I’m playing it right,” you said. Will spun the arrow, “Dana right arm blue,” Will said. Dana moved his arm, and looked down at you, “I like this position,” he said. You looked up at him, “So do I,” you said. Dana was hovering over you, his face only inches from yours.

Gabe: Gabe picked you up running around the park. You giggled, “Put me down you goof,” you said kicking your feet. Gabe walked up the steps to the playground, and set you down. “Go down the slide with me?” he asked, “Only for you,” you said sitting down. Gabe sat behind you, and held onto your waist, and the two of you slid down the slide. You stayed at the end of the slide just talking. “Look princess,” Gabe said, “Princess?” you said raising an eyebrow. He nodded, “Fine then, pauper,” you said. Gabe gasped, “Nope, I’m a prince. A prince to your princess,” he said. You laughed, “Was that a pick up line because it was cheesy,” you said getting up, and walking away. “It wasn’t cheesy,” Gabe shouted following you.