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And as hard as it is to look away from his perfect body, just look at that face too - pure perfection


The Chronological Superman 1963:

The Man of Steel’s romantic worries are solved when Lois Lane and Lana Lang accidentally blunder into an ultimately-fatal alien jewelry’s weird power. Fusing into the amalgamated “Lana Lane,” she proves too much for Superman’s resistance and is briefly engaged to her dreamboat, before their inevitable fission ruins everything and almost claims their lives.

That the amalgamated Lois/Lana has spawned a new human at the cost of two unique human lives is an ethical matter left unaddressed in the story (and, yes, I’ve seen the Star Trek:Voyager episode which deals with the same issue, if under protest. Sorry, I’m a Deep Space Nine kind of guy …)

(Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.41)

Random Musings on Superheroes

Random observation: Most superheroes, the big names at least, were borne of either the creators wanting to represent a marginalised group or to act as a proxy to make things better.

Superman was created by sons of Depression Era immigrants who’d stand up for the little guy (and gal, Supes first meets Lois by his totalling the car of some misogynists who decided to follow her home when she refuses to dance with them). He fights slumlords, gangsters and war profiteers. Lex Luthor in his initial appearance uses veiled Nazi imagery in his room decorations while trying to provoke a war in central Europe.

Similarly, Wonder Woman was created to be a role model for girls. The X-Men were a metaphor for not just teen alienation but also racial prejudice. Captain America was created by Jewish artists right around the time when there was a very vocal pro-Nazi movement within the United States.

Batman, however, is where this pattern kind of falls apart. Although he’s arguably one of the, if not THE, most famous superhero in these post-peak Superman days, he’s more a continuation of older adventure stories than a product of a creator having message of some sort.

Admittedly, this doesn’t mean that Batman himself didn’t eventually gain a progressive lean through later writers (most modern writers depict him as a man who actually uses his wealth to help people outside of just being Batman via scholarships, youth centres, employment for reformed criminals, improved mental health facilities etc.), but Batman was initally more of a straight up “fight crime!“ sort of character.

This is somewhat ironic, considering some of his influences, such as Zorro and Sherlock Holmes, did have progressive (for their time) themes in there at places. Holmes fought the KKK in one of his original adventures, for example, while Zorro’s entire deal was he was helping the poor fight an oppressive and corrupt government/dictatorship.


So I promised you guys an excerpt from the fic I’m working on, so here you are!


Kara looked lazily over at Lena.

The CEO looked content; she had her seat kicked back, boots propped up on the dashboard, looking up at the night sky. She had let her hair down with the onset of the cool desert night; soft raven waves tumbled down her shoulders and around her serene face, making it softer, somehow.

Kara smiled and sat back too, enjoying the clarity of the sky above her.

“Hey, Kara.”


“Can you see Krypton from here?”

Kara laughed. “Maybe with NASA’s telescope.” She sobered. “Even if you looked, I don’t think you could see it now; Kal said the debris from it’s destruction rained down on Earth some time ago.” She looked back up at the sky. “I know Rao is there still, our sun, but you still need a telescope to see it.”

“Where is it?”

Kara hummed as she scanned the sky. It was a habit she had long since formed; as a child, she would gaze out at the sky, especially as May slid into June, like now, and pretend she could still see Rao, shining brightly in the darkness. “How well do you know your constellations?”

“I’d say my astrology is extensive, but I’m rusty.” Lena chuckled.

“Well, there’s Virgo, here –” Kara reached out and traced the constellation with a finger, “–and then here, to the south, the sort of square of bright stars, is Corvus. Somewhere within that constellation lies Rao, and Daxam, and whatever may remain of Krypton.”

Lena gazed at the constellation for a long while. “I wish I could see it,” she finally said wistfully.

Kara chuckled and resumed her perusal of the sky. “You’ve said that about everything I’ve told you since you found me out.”

“Because there’s so much,” Lena said earnestly, a gleam in her eye. “You’ve been to so many places – there’s just so much to learn about the world still.”

Kara smiled. “I don’t know that we’ll ever know everything about the universe.”

“Maybe not, but I’d still like to learn all I can.”

Kara’s smile grew. “Me too.”

And she thought that maybe, this road trip wasn’t such a bad idea after all.