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Is this the Sequel? - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Is this the Sequel?

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Henry Cavill x Reader

Word Count: —

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: @earthquackles actually once messaged me this: how about… henry cavill x reader?? are you a fan? Or maybe Jensen jealous of reader and Henry? Probably because he is in love with her and doesn’t want to lose the chance to say he loves her. 

I wasn’t a fan back then because I had not seen any of his movies and didn’t know him much but now oh damn yes! So of course I came up with this now! Enjoy!

“I insist though, it was clear. Batman so totally had it. I mean first; he had pinned him he could just as well kill him like that and second; dudes it’s batman! Even without seeing the movie I was sure he’d win!” Jensen mumbled next to you and you shared a look with Jared before you both chuckled.

“Hey Jensen, easy. Your Dean is showing.” Jared said laughing as Jensen only rolled his eyes at his friend.

“That and- I don’t really think it was that obvious. Maybe Superman could have won if the situation was slightly different.” you said with a smirk, taking a bite of your food. You loved acting, and you loved goofing around on set with the boys but lunch break when you actually had the time to talk was the best of all.

“Of course you’d say that.” he huffed “Everything for your Henry.” he seemed a little too annoyed and you knew it wasn’t for you teasing him or even disagreeing. No that had happened a few times before and his reaction wasn’t like this. You knew that it was about the person in specific.

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Manchester Black!!

Ok spoilers in case you haven’t read Superman 23 but I had no idea who Manchester Black was and had to look it up and  HOLY SHIT

So here’s a quick summary of who Manchester Black is. This is all from Pre 52 so who knows how they’ve changed his character but still:

Manchester Black is a Superman villain. He was an abused kid who loved super heroes but thought that superheroes should kill villains so they don’t keep coming back.

 He has some kind of tumor or growth in his brain that allows him telekinesis and telepathy. He created a group of villains called the elite and fought superman. Basically, he was challenging his ideals vs superman’s but superman won of course. He first appeared in action comics back in 2001.

So, now he has Jon. He’s clearly disappointed in Superman and sees potential in Jon to be a new, better Superman. He wants Jon to be willing to kill for the greater good. Manchester isn’t evil, just twisted. Back when he fought Superman and realized he crossed a line, he committed suicide. 

In his mind, this is all necessary for things to get better. Jon of course is scared and confused. I’ve dismissed a lot of Jon’s behavior because he’s only 10 but here’s how I see him shaping up to be so far:

The main reason he can’t stand Damian other than his arrogance is the fact that Damian ‘gets him in trouble’. Like in Supersons or when he and Damian team up to fight that weird sea creature and Jon used his laser vision on it to quell it. Superman reprimanded him, teaching that he shouldn’t respond with violence. So Jon blames Damian for encouraging him in the first place.

This is proof that it’s VERY important to Jon not to disappoint or go against his parents. This is probably purposefully instilled in him, as a precaution. After all, they are raising the strongest kid in, possibly, the universe. (he needs to chill with the laser vision tho like goddamn)

He’s 10 and acts out of fear and desperation. Obviously with Superman’s guidance, he’ll mature and become superman 2.0 but if Superman weren’t there and Jon were left to his own devices, then from what i’ve seen of him so far it wouldn’t surprise me that Jon would be more willing to cross that line.

Here are some examples from when Eradicator attacked in Superman 5:

Like I said, these are easily dismissed by the fact that he’s a scared kid but it’s all I have to go off of so /shrug

This whole kill/no kill rule has been a debate in superhero comics forever. I usually agree with the no kill rule precisely for the domino effect explored in Injustice :’) But it’s also hard justifying keeping people like the Joker alive.

Either way, I’m excited for Jon’s character to develop and see how all of his influences shape him. Between his parents and having a partner like Damian, I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Plus now there’s Manchester Black! 

@kalex-corner have a look! Just because it’s you. This are just little parts that I like so far but let me know what you think :P

@soul-wanderer This is what I’ve been writing. The thing I sent you a pic of. So after the huge amount of pain you made me endure this morning, have a read I guess. Just so you know that I love you indeed *clutches chest and cries dramatically…in Spanish.*

It’s not the first time she has to deal with something like this but, Alex wishes this is the last. To be honest, she knows it won’t. Superman doesn’t know when to shut up and his words always manage to get into Supergirl’s nerves. In the end, Alex is the one dealing with the aftermath of their battles. She’s getting tired of the Man of Steel and if Kara doesn’t do anything about it, Alex will.

Alex knows that Kal-El doesn’t mean any harm to his cousin but it’s funny how he talks about being “Stronger Together” when he left, abandoned, Kara with the Danvers without looking back. Really, it’s a funny thing how he appeared back into her life when Kara decided to be a hero but refused to follow his steps.

Kara is not all rainbows and Sunshine even when her facade is giggles and awkwardness. That’s a fake persona, the image Kara built to protect herself. That is an image of light born from darkness and pain. That is what everyone sees because Kara doesn’t want them to look deeper. She won’t let them get too close and know just how sad she truly is.

Kara is not a Danvers. Kara Zor-El is not hope and happiness. She can’t be because every time she closes her eyes she sees her world exploding and her life ending. Earth’s sun gives her abilities that go far beyond anyone’s imagination. They’re amazing and yet, when Kara flies above the clouds and looks at the stars, she’s able to find the black spot where her planet used to be.

Krypton is not longer part of the Universe but it still belongs to Kara. She’s broken, shattered and the pain won’t go away. She’s the last daughter of Krypton but that feels like a lie on Earth. Kara Danvers is a lie; a mask, always hiding, always scared of being her true self. Kara Zor-El is a memory, the past. She’s from Krypton, the lone survivor of a tragedy. Kara is lost.

Kara is an alien that stands out for all the things that don’t make her Kryptonian. She didn’t have powers back home. Those very same powers won’t let her forget, won’t let her be human enough. Her powers, extraordinaire as they were, gave her the chance to do everything she never wanted to do.

No one could ask Kara to follow her dreams when all of them became nightmares.

Supergirl wasn’t a hero because Kara wanted to be one. Kara couldn’t afford to lose yet another world, another home. She couldn’t lose Alex. Saving the plane was the beginning but her choice was born from fear. Being a hero was the best thing Kara could be on Earth.

“What are you making?“

“Your favorite.“

“You’re my favorite.“

“I’m glad because if you decided to pick Kal, I would kick your butt.“

Kara lips are soft but demanding when they kiss her. She’s asking for everything Alex has to offer, her teeth nibbling on her bottom lip and hands around her waist, keeping her close. As close as they can be.

Alex gives herself completely, without reservations, because there’s no one else she trusts more. She offers another little piece of her heart and soul with every kiss and touch and hopes that Kara takes it. She lets Kara take everything she wants while she buries her own  fingers on blonde hair and finds her place there.

Kara kisses her with so much love but also with longing, like they didn’t kiss just a few hours ago before Supergirl went on patrol. Kara kisses her with fear and a side of desperation because she can’t lose Alex. Not now. Not ever. And she’s afraid of losing Alex after every kiss.

They belong together, and together; they’re home.

An Extremely Short History of Mary Marvel

I saw at least one question asking “Who is Mary Marvel?” in response to my recent posts, so here’s an extremely short history lesson!

When Mary Batson says the name of the wizard Shazam, magic lightning turns her into Mary Marvel, the world’s mightiest girl, with powers imbued by six goddesses! (Mostly flying, punching, and invulnerability.) She’s the twin sister of Billy Batson, who becomes the mighty Captain Marvel when he utters the name of Shazam.

Mary debuted in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942), making her one of the first classic superheroines and one of the first female spinoffs of a male hero — and about 10 years earlier than Supergirl first appeared. 

Mary Marvel was extremely popular in the 1940s, with a fan club and mail-order fashion club and everything. She regularly appeared across three or four different titles, including Mary Marvel Comics, Wow Comics, and Whiz Comics. Like her brother, she has a cheesy goody-two-shoes personality, but she’s scrappy and quick to throw a punch.

The Captain Marvel/Shazam family comics were originally published by Fawcett Comics (no relation to the Marvel Comics of today). Fawcett had a fierce rivalry with DC Comics throughout the 1940s, as the more lighthearted, cartoony Captain Marvel began outselling Superman! The rivalry was so fierce that DC sued Fawcett for copyright infringement, claiming that Captain Marvel was an illegal ripoff of Superman.

DC won their long legal battle in 1951, causing Fawcett to go out of business. All Marvel Family books were cancelled — thus ensuring Superman’s place as the pre-eminent American superhero. 

DC later bought the rights to the Captain Marvel family in the 1970s and gradually integrated the characters into the DC universe. 

But! In the legal limbo after DC shut down Fawcett, Marvel Comics swooped in and created their own completely unrelated character called “Captain Marvel” and trademarked the name. So DC’s version of the old Fawcett character eventually became known only as “Shazam.”

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Jerry Ordway fully rebooted the entire Shazam family for DC in Power of Shazam! — and Mary Marvel enjoyed a brief heyday as a strong supporting character, now wearing a white costume.

Of course, DC in the 2000s … was not kind to their good-natured B-list properties, so Mary Marvel got a black costume, got beat up, went into a coma, got possessed by an evil god, turned evil and … I dunno, it gets very dark and overwrought and honestly I have not kept up with DC Comics very much in recent years.

But I hear that Mary Marvel has appeared in some newer Justice League books since DC’s reboot in 2011. I myself have not read them.

—Top image from Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942) by Otto Binder & Marc Swayze


Haru & Tablo with Lee Hwijae,Lee Seowon & Lee Seojun @ 140126 KBS Superman Is Back Ep 13!

I absolutely cannot be more pleased with how this came out.

When I moved, I found a sketch I had doodled from YEARS ago and some of my fans and followers “aggressively suggested” (haha) I take it to final pencils. So I let them vote on the couple (as it was just a piece between a couple figure originally). Superman and Wonder Woman won out. My inker Nicki Andrews knocked this out in a day and Eddy Swan just delivered this in 24 hours from receiving it. 

I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Seriously. I work with such talented people and I count my blessings everyday. 

Pencils: Me
Inks: NIcki Andrews @lahmiaraven
Colors: eddy-swan