superman vs zod

the signs as excerpts from chris rewrite

tell that to zod’s snapped neck: cancer | libra | aries

you thought a pair of glasses could fool the world’s greatest detective: capricorn | taurus | leo

rain assaults the ground: gemini | scorpion | aquarius

batman’s eyes are visible now. tears. streaming down his face: pisces | virgo | saggitarius

Okay so spoiler-free BVS review


  • Music was incredible
  • Gal Gadot was the real superhero, she was awesome and ass kicking and her acting was topnotch, and so so beautiful, seeing her come in was an enjoyable and long awaited moment
  • Ben Affleck’s performance was really positively surprising and - dare I say it - dark/gritty
  • Ben Affleck’s body HUMMANAHUMMANA
  • Visually it was awesome, reminded me a lot of Watchmen in terms of cinematography, music and clothing etc.
  • First time I’ve ever thought ‘damn the Butler can get it
  • Fight scenes - combat and fist fighting - were better, more interesting to watch than buildings crumble
  • Henry Cavill’s weak spots and moments of vulnerability were more interesting than his highs/explosive ones.


  • Jesse Eisenberg (i’m sorry but wtf, i knew from the trailer i wouldn’t get him I really didn’t enjoy his performance)
  • They seemed to have put more effort and focus on Batman than Superman, especially the writing and time, thus Superman seemed a bit weaker (not physically hah) and not as ‘badass’ as Batman?? (it’s hard to phrase i hope you understand)

Long review short: Critics can kiss my superhero film loving female-ass bc BVS was awesome.


man of steel was an excellent film and I don’t know why people hate on the fact that Superman snapped Zod’s neck because he did it to save the humans.