superman vs spiderman

Marvel didn’t create comedy. They didn’t invent it, nor were they the first to introduce it to a Super Hero Movie. I’ve been seeing a bunch or ridiculous tweets and click bait articles claiming that DC is trying to be more like Marvel, just because the Justice League movie will have more sense of humor, and won’t be AS DARK as Batman v Superman.

Wasn’t that what every critic complained about when they decided to shit on it? “No joy!” “So dark!” “Why doesn’t Superman smile!?” “Why is Batman so mean?!” “This is why Marvel does it right!” So as a company would and should, they listened to these critics, and added more joy to a movie, THAT SHOULD BE DARK! The last time DC had joy and laughter and “a heart”, was when they released Batman and Robin in the late 90’s. And let’s not get into what a disaster that was….I mean it just ended Batman movies for 5-7 years.

It’s ridiculous to see these critics drool over Marvel and then trash on DC when they want to add new aspects to their movies. Barry Allen a cocky dude, he’s pretty Emo in the TV show, I’m 100% ELATED that Ezra Miller Flash will be funny and bring comedy to the team. What did I see yesterday about Ezra Miller Flash being cocky and funny in Justice league? “DC just copying Marvel and copying SPIDERMAN cameo in Civil War!” Waaaaah! Waaaaaah! I forgot Spiderman the only comic book character that’s allowed to have one liners and add comedy. The thing is, is that everyone wants Marvel to make the same comic book movies. Good job critics, let’s turn Super Hero Movies into the Western Movies, and make them all the same!

I want DC to stay the course. Stay the route they’re in. Be you’re own distinct genre. Give us something different. Add darkness and drama into our Comic Book Movies! Don’t sway away from it, and don’t let these critics force you to change characters because they want everyone to be like Robert Downey Iron Man and Chris Evans Captain America. Add more comedy, add more light, but let it be part of a story of Super Heroes coming together. Don’t let it be because critics all want to see the same Marvel movie.