superman vs iron man

The difference between Civil War and Batman vs Superman
  • Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans: *pretends they hate eachother for the press*
  • Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck: We're madly in love and sleeping together we're getting married soon

“My mother’s name is Martha, too!”, “Bucky killed my mom”, “You killed my mom, Ego!” looks like it’s mothers’ season in superhero movies

I’ve been thinking about this, and it’s starting to bug me…

With Cap’s heightened reflexes, he could easily have spun on his heel and grabbed or deflected the glass the second it connected with his pool cue..

Never mind that with both his speed and perception, Superman could easily have caught the glass. Or vaporised it with his heat vision.

Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Rogue.. all of them can move fast enough to stop it.

Both Spiderman and Batman have the instinct and tools to catch it, and if Green Lantern is paying attention he could easily grab it at the speed of thought.

The only explanation is that everyone in this bar has been waiting for something like this, and they’re spoiling for a fight.


You ever notice how the DCEU Superman and Batman represent everything both Steve AND Tony are opposed to in Civil War?

Steve is opposed to the accords because they ‘shift the blame‘ and remove freedom of choice from the Avengers. Superman’s very first action in BvS is to kill someone, and when confronted about it by his girlfriend, he says ‘I don’t care.’ And when she brings up the other people who died, he says ‘I didn’t kill those men‘. He shifts the blame. Even his dad hallucination is telling him to just not care if his actions bring harm to others. And everyone’s fear of Batman is because he seems to have more say in the justice system than the system itself. They are afraid because they feel he takes away their freedom of choice.

Meanwhile, Tony is for the Accords because he feels that without proper regulation and oversight, he and the rest of the Avengers are ‘no better than the bad guys’. Both Superman and Batman have no regulation, self imposed or otherwise. Batman murders several people throughout the film, some indirectly, some very directly. Yet no one calls him out on it. Not Alfred, not Clark, no one. And Superman starts the movie getting involved in a hostage situation and destroys a government drone, thus disrupting a government operation. The film does somewhat address this when Senator Finch says ‘I’m not saying he shouldn’t act. I’m saying he shouldn’t act unilaterally.‘ But only she brings this up, it’s only about Superman and Superman himself doesn’t acknowledge it beyond an angry scowl.

Did the writers of Civil War get a peak at the BvS script and go ‘OK, let’s make our heroes oppose everything these two stand for?‘ Or did the BvS writers miss the mark so badly that Civil War made a critique on the problematic elements of it’s title characters by chance?!